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A girl with desire for none but herself VS A man with desire for all but himself

Fine. I'll do it myself.

This match's theme is basically desire for others VS desire for one's self (And both are purple)

So, let it commence.

It's Default level Meltryllis VS Post-Movie War Megamax Eiji

Eiji starts as PuToTyrannosaurus

Fight takes place in the Mooncell

Both sides start 25 Meters from eachother

Speed: Equalized

For herself:

For others: 2 (Nicetoderp, Veloxt1r0kore)


62849911 p0
Kamen rider ooo ankh hino eiji and izumi hina kamen rider and 1 more drawn by shinonoko tubamecider sample-dd18a092e223d26cd7ce5f33fecb8074
Artist : Shinnoko Tubamecider
Her Explosion Manip is passive. From Gods manifesting and making normal humans explode. But Servants resist it for being in their presence just fine.

Other stuffs are mostly active, and are mostly part of her Melt Virus.
Eiji has a clear wincon: He hits, Melt dies.

And if Melt hits: Melt Virus + Saraswati Authority

I'm actually afraid the former is more likely. And no. Melt's passive won't likely kill Eiji, as he won't die with his Type 8. That's what I think the match will be about.
Nicetoderp said:
Well what does she start with? And how dows her Melt virus work again?
When she wanna toy, she'll just head in and beat you up.

But when she wanna kill, she'll apply Melt Virus on you. She can inflict it through the slightest connection (She infected Sakura with it. TWICE. Despite Sakura being in the Student Council Room, and Melt in the Sakura Labyrinth, which was separated by the Imaginary Number Space)

The Melt Virus is a lot of haxes in itself. It's Transmutation + Disease Manipulation + Absorption + Mind Manipulation
She uses it in her Noble Phantasm, Saraswati Meltout. But as an Authority, the user can use it whenever they want, I think.
If she let him hit her once then shoulndt she just died?

If she doesnt allow him to hit her then it is sill a stomp.
I mean, both are more likely to just come up and close combat eachother.

But Melt in her "willing to kill" mindstate will likely employ her Melt Virus.
And that's what I'm saying. Depend on what Melt start off with.

If she try to trade blow with Eiji with her Melt virus then it should be either an incon due to stat difference. Or a stomp because Melt start off with paralysis.
Manipulating movement?

Don't she still have to apply the virus on him?

Like, I only remember when her Melt Virus keeps Robin from suicide.
Melt is more likely to kill, especially against strong enemies. At any rate she will go to Melt Virus on Eiji. If Eiji got virus'd, then she will melt Eiji, or steal/seal Eiji abilities.
Eiji himself is more than ready to kill, and even if he didnt want to kill her, that stat different will probably cause him to one-shot her anyway.

How does she transmit her Melt Virus anyway?
She can transmit it through any of her attacks. Though, for some reason it can't be transmitted airborn but through her energy slashes.
In that case then I would lean onto Eiji. While any of her attack could transmit the Melt Virus, he could still freeze her solid and Eiji in Putotyra form is aggressive as well.
Is that a vote?

Beware tho.

She can also transmit Melt Virus through the ice.

Sakura set a spycam on her, and Melt transmit the Virus through that.
If she goes for it from the get go then sure.

But the profile said it themseleve that Melt is very arrogance and prolong combat could cause her to be reckless. So I suspect that she would at least eat 1-2 of Eiji attack before she became serious/piss off. And by that point I could very much see being heavily cripple from tanking 2 High 6-C attack with very potent void hax,EE,conceptual manip.

I would vote for Eiji, but she could definitely turn this around for sure.
Being arrogant is more of being reckless. And before her Sadistic Predisposition Skill makes her completely reckless, she'd likely use Saraswati Meltout before then, as in-game, she uses it around 5 turns in.
Melt usually goes physical at first when she doesn't know her enemy powers first. When she goes serious, it's likely that she would use all of her abilities especially when cornered. Can Eiji handle her skills and Authorities?
I want to ask is melt has a origin and is her ability tied to it because we also need to look at fate franchise perspective of how the greeed and eiji power work in their world . In fate , aside of true magic , other abilty or magic is defide by someone origin . one of example will be shirou. He didn't get unlimited blades work because he broken prespective of the world , he got it because of his origin of sword . other such example will be ryogu shiki , because her origin is [ ] or nothingness she got a connetion to the root which is nonthingness it self . For eiji his void/conceptual/or whatever you gona call is very potent because it can destroy core medal that represent desire of living thing that are preaty much eaither unbreakable or hard to break , one of example will be gamel , because of his desire to love and protect mezool , his core medal is "Unbreakable" because even facing death of himself to protect mezool , he still do it because his desire of protecting and loving mezool , and why I am saying this. I'm saying this because i want to make a different betwen a cell medal and a core medal. Like i say core medal is desire of a living thing while a cell medal just the concept of desire, it didn't have concept like love , greed , justice and other stuff just blank desire and because it do not have thing to"support" it , it can be easily been destroyed . If you want to know core medal are cell medal before it turn to core medal . If i remember corectly in the movie where eiji do the iconic clone combo , we got to see a scene where the alchemist making the core medal , there you got to see they are using the cell medal to make the core medal, core medal are preaty much a cell medal + a concept of a livng thing such as a hawk, condor and other animal in other core medal. In the movie were we got anhk conceptual minupaliton where he pull the concept of imagin (in fate case origin) out of momotaros as a core medal and also in the same movie we got to see that shocker make a shocker core medal by using that one cell medal that miss to get using the concept os shocker . Where I going here is that Eiji can probably destroyed melt origin and killing her in the process . Also can we do a revision on shocker because for an organition that can make a time warping and reality wraping machine they are only at tier 7B . I want to say sorry because english is not my first language.
You're just... saying a ten lines long version of "Eiji can do conceptual destruction" and "Why is Shocker at 7-B, when they can do reality warping stuffs"

Anyways, destroying her origin isn't that easy, when Melt has Sarawati, Lotan, and Benzaiten's Authority, which should be able to resist conceptual things, for being Authority. But that's not really relevant, when Melt takes a hit and die from the sheer diff in AP
I mean, Melt can hax him to death. It is just that if she get a hit in, then so does Eiji, he also have overall experience is much longer than Melt here.
erm... Soooo...if Melt gonna goes for physical attack first, doesnt that mean she's gonna toast once Eiji get the first hit on her ? Does Melt has anyway to defend herself from Eiji's attack ?