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  1. LuffyRuffy46307


    If a certain character reacts to a teleport does he get some kind of speed? What if that teleportation isn't really instantaneous, but takes a certain amount of time to channel other characters to go in that dimension and go to different places (through energy) Would I be able to get a speed...
  2. Spectral69420

    Small Omnitrix addition

    This is very simple really. The Omnitrix was able to teleport the trio from Earth to Primus, this should grant the Omnitrix teleportation as an ability.
  3. omegabronic

    Ben 10: Ghosfreak additions

    pretty simple, ghostfreak demonstrated some neat abilities in this video: Teleportation: pretty blatant, he is instantly moving from one place to another, we know it isn't speed since darkstar was keeping up with him moments prior, so should be blatant teleportation Regeneration (Mid-high)...

    Art the Clown minor CRT

    After the most recent revision to Art's page, I noticed that a couple of his abilities from both the Terrifier and All Hallow's Eve continuities have been removed and should probably be added back on. These abilities include: Dream Manipulation and Mind Manipulation - Was able to make a victim...
  5. Naruto Teleportation

    In this specific scan, Boruto says that Naruto teleported to him. Should Naruto be given Teleportation in his new era profile?
  6. LUX

    Does teleporting through infinite universes individually give you infinite speed?

    So I was scaling rick sanchez, and there was a scan showing that he explored infinite universes. I was discussing it with someone and they brought up the possibility that (while there is no evidence to confirm it outside of rick using it often) rick teleported, so it would not count as infinite...
  7. CNBA3

    When does Teleportation start to give speed feats?

    From what I understand and believe, Teleportation while can in most cases not be considered speed related as it bypasses physical objects and distance. What I would like to ask is when that is not the case and can be used to get speed feat? for me, it would be based on a criteria of...
  8. SamanPatou

    Is teleporting others always BFR?

    What do we give to characters who can not only teleport themselves, but also others? Like, to allow other people to follow them. Is it still considered BFR?
  9. LordGriffin1000

    W.I.T.C.H. Speed of Light Teleportation?

    So I plan on adding profiles for the W.I.T.C.H. verse and while it's a work in progress, I've hit a snag regarding the characters teleportation ability and decided to create this thread in order to come to a conclusion. Teleportation Spell The Guardians possess what they call a teleportation...
  10. LordGriffin1000

    Instant Teleportation or High Speed Movement?

    I'm trying to figure out whether this is Teleportation or moving as light, here is the description with scans. Just then, two guardians begin teleporting... Irma, Hay Lin, and Taranee: Three rays of light traveling through space in an instant to find themselves in Riddlescott, mid-fight...
  11. Alucard omnipresence downgrade

    I have seen that several users have agreed on old threads here, but it remains the same: why does Alucard continue to have its "omnipresence"? Well, he doesn't have good feats about that, only the phrase "i'm everywhere and nowhere", but it may be simple hyperbole or something, not seem to be...
  12. RoRl62

    Attack Pottency Questions about Multiple Bodies and Teleportation

    So I have a few questions about attack potency 1. If a character has an attack that is 8-C using a single body, but can use 5,000 seperate bodies to launch that attack at the same time, would that attack still be considered 8-C or would it be higher? 2. Can teleportation be considered an...
  13. Agnaa

    Teleportation & Vaporization

    If a verse with Teleportation states that it leaves the original bodies vaporized, would that scale to AP for characters who can teleport themselves and others?
  14. Clyde_McReady

    Shouldn't Pyramid Head get teleportation?

    May not be very explicit about it but there's instances in both movie and games where he seems to just randomly spawn when needed. He forms from the scum and bits of the town in the movie when following the protagonists to the church and in the games he crosses long distances off screen in no...
  15. Epichaxboi


    If a game dev makes a villain in his/her game teleport only to kill players who didn't follow the games instructions, what kind of teleportation would that be? Or would that not count?
  16. Theblack6host96

    Additional powers

    In S2 ep 2 of American Gods, Mad Sweeney teleported himself and Laura to Shadow's location. Sweeney was able to do this by having Laura think about/focus on Shadow. He also explains that its "similar to the backstage (shown in ep 1), but he calls it his "horde". you see them slip into another...
  17. Pepper14832

    Question about teleportation.

    Does simply "vanishing" count as teleportation? For example, Character A is talking. Character B listens and right when they turn to face Character A they vanish. Character A Claims "It was like as if he was gone like the wind."
  18. Sir_Ovens

    Teleportation hax

    If a character teleports an object, does the size of said object equate to tier, or is it just hax? For example, if a character teleports an island, does that make the character Island level? Or is that simply hax with island level range?
  19. Dargoo_Faust

    What power is Flipping Manipulation?

    So yeah, in regards to the title, I plan to post a profile for Isabel Guerra, a character in the webcomic Paranatural. Long story short, she gains the ability to "flip things" later in the story, and I wanted to know what this power would qualify as (Limited Spatial Manipulation, Teleportaion?)...
  20. The_real_cal_howard

    How powerful is this?

    A character directly compares his teleportation to E=mc^2, where m is the mass of the things being teleported, and the total energy is multiplied by the distance travelled in meters. The character is then has to teleport six people, including himself (three 18 yo girls, three 18 yo boys), and...
  21. Heilergott

    Overlooked Nico Robin Teleportation Feat

    If you look here: http://www.***********.net/one-piece/643/4 You can see Robin dissapearing from inside the Net and reapearing on the back of a Fishman. I think this was overlooked because of her creation of a Clone. Might get that added.
  22. Question about this teleportation

    So Satou has a teleportation ability which is Unit Arrangement which allows him to teleport anywhere in the multiverse.But there's a realm called Gods Realm where it is impossible even for unit arrangement to reach, but a teleportation spell called World Teleportation can reach this place. What...
  23. Crazylatin77

    Teleportation - Game Mechanics

    If the game doesn't allow me to teleport more then often, is that a weakness or just game mechanics?
  24. ProspectX

    Regarding this.

    Would this to be a minor resistance to reality warping. ? And his next statement. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-MjEmEI48n1Q/WBf-aOb4kYI/AAAAAAEgt_E/PXZVJf_aT0I/w1900/MR-19559-304875-5.jpg
  25. Zaploz

    The absurdly difficulty of teleporting

    I was thinking about teleport abilities, for one example, Goku's, he senses a ki and he appears there, the backstory of that technique is the he learns it from some people in the planet he lands after his battle with frieza it's know he stayed a lot at that planet ( cant remember exactly) text...