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rainbow dash

  1. MinatoSparkle

    Rarity Upgrade

    Rarity scales to Applejack in combat speed as they matched each other in a pillow fight, and reacted to AJ's lasso toss, which AJ has a likely far higher rating in, scaling to Rainbow Dash's flight speed, so Rarity with magic should also have a far higher rating.
  2. Coolboy6

    MLP: Restoring the low 6-B horses back to their full glory. (Sort of)

    Rainbow Dash and those that scale above should scale to baseline 6-B. Here’s why Dashie’s feat she scales to is the sonic rainboom. Dashie first did it as a child and pretty much ever since then, she has done the rainboom Pretty much effortlessly at this point. Considering how effortlessly...
  3. Coolboy6

    Even more MLP ability additions

    Yep, here we go again. first of all, unicorn Twilight should get Creation and Matter manipulation minor reality warping because Twilight created a mouth for pinkie pie after she lost it and put it where it should be without any issue at the same time. Twilight turned an apple into eggs that...
  4. Pikachu942

    My Little Pony: Rainbow Dash Massively FTL Travel Speed

    In the newest comic that just released, MLP Comic #100, Rainbow Dash had to fly back to Equestria from another country far away immediately, in order to warn them of the impending Knights of Harmony. To do this, she had to go faster than she ever had before, and in doing so reached ludicrous...
  5. Coolboy6

    A legendary Pokémon fights a rainbow horse (0-0-0)

    Both 6-B, speed equalized Lugia: Rainbow Dash:
  6. Coolboy6

    A cool monkey fights a cool pony (0-0-0)

    Both 6-B, speed equalized Rainbow dash: Funky Kong: Funky’s AP: 7.8 teratons Rainbow dash’s AP: 26.25 teratons
  7. Coolboy6

    MLP 6-B CRT

    Alright, so the 6-B characters in that verse scale to rainbow dash’s sonic rainboom even though she hasn’t used it for combat reasons. Therefore, I feel like the sonic rainboom is combat inapplicable because none of the characters that scale to rainbow dash have been hit by it, and rainbow dash...
  8. Coolboy6

    Rainbow dash fights an annoying rainbow (2-0-0)

    Rainbow power rainbow dash used, speed equalized A rainbow horse: 2 Most annoying rainbow ever:
  9. Coolboy6

    Goku vs rainbow dash (yes I’m serious)

    Both 6-B, fully synced goku used, speed equalized Bad dragon ball movie: Some rainbow horse:
  10. Coolboy6

    Rainbow dash speed

    Ok so rainbow dash is rated as FTL, where does that come from?
  11. Bowser-us

    Parasprite (can we have a new profile?)

    these insect-like creatures can eat any objects (even if it is larger than Parasprite itself), such as materials and food. They can also multiply very quickly. Maybe it will be IDW profile if they have other feats or even scaling from other characters. about their some feats (maybe it...
  12. Ahmed_berserker

    The Mane Six Tries to Friend/Solo Your Verse

    This is similar to my My little Pony Tries to Friend Your verse thread But this time there will be things are going Different on this Thread (Still Have no Idea what Happened to my My Little Pony Tries to Friend Your Verse thread Tho) Anyways the rules are: 1-The Ponies On their rainbow powered...
  13. Maksim_Zagoskin

    Rainbow Dash and Four - Who Would Win In Games

  14. Maksim_Zagoskin

    Rainbow Dash VS DIO

  15. Iisdude1

    Rainbow Dash vs Pinkie Pie

    Both in base Rainbow: 1 Pinkie pie: 7 Who is more awesome?
  16. DeviousDiesel091

    Jolteon vs Rainbow Dash

    Okay hear me out...
  17. Xenomorphios

    Goku vs Rainbow Horse

    Both have long hair, are the most important characters (Goku for saving everyone many times and also Rainbowdash for connecting the mane 6 together) (Buu saga) Goku is at full power ssj3 and Rainbowdash is with her rainbow form Speed is equalized, both in character. Fight to the death...
  18. Ahmed_berserker

    Rainbow Dash vs Gate

    4-B Rainbow Dash Is Used
  19. Water2fires

    Mario vs rainbow dash

    both high 4-C speed equalized both bloodlust rainbow: plumber:1 (Kenzielash) mario rainbow dash
  20. Bluethedragon233

    Can thanos beat down 2 ponies?

    Rainbow Dash and Apple jack (high 4-C) vs Thanos 4-B Rainbow-Powered Thanos
  21. Buttersamuri

    Super Zombie vs Super Pony

    Today we have a classic we'll know debate between zombies vs Ponies. And in this instance. Super Brainz of Plans vs Zombies vs Rainbow Dash of MLP. Here's the agreements Takes place in the neighborhood of Plants vs Zombies Speed is unequal Both are 6-B Who is gonna take this fight? Super...
  22. EMagoIorSouI

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic revisions! (Part 2)

    And so we transition into my second part of revisions of the verse. This thread is going to go over a lot more stuff than my previous one, so read through boyyos and girlos. Also, revisions on Grogar on my part are not to happen until the halfway point of the final season so we don't go back and...
  23. Lightbuster30

    A Rainbow Horse vs The God Tree

    Rainbow Dash vs First Form Juubi Speed Equalized. In character, from 50 meters. SBA for everything else. Rainbow Dash: Shinju (Jubi):
  24. Amelia_Lonelyheart

    Small Equestria Girls general upgrades

    Completely forgot to do this earlier, but I decided I should knock it out before I revise the pony profiles for the 4th time (wouldn't want to do it for a fifth time so soon...). Anyway. Let's talk about upgrading Equestria Girls to Wall level. There are two major calcs for this, and another...
  25. GyroNutz

    Golisopod vs Rainbow Dash

    I wanted to do Drampa vs MLP, but quickly realised that Drampa was Low 7-B. So I decided to make this matchup instead, with an under-utilised Pokemon. Yes, it's a High 6-C vs 6-C, but said 6-C is very high into her tier so it's not an AP stomp gap. Full SBA, cept that this is 6-C Rainbow Dash...
  26. Firestorm808

    MLP Speed Revision

    Currently, the profiles have their base form similar to: Rainbow Dash as an example At least Relativistic (Consistently defeated Twilight Sparkle as an Alicorn in races. Presumed to be the fastest pony in Equestria. Can fly faster with the Sonic Rainboom.) A more accurate statement would be...
  27. GyroNutz

    Rabbit vs Pony

    Rainbow Dash vs Azumarill. Azumarill has all its moves Who wins and why? Rainbow Dash: 1 Azumarill: Inconclusive:
  28. Bowser-us

    Rainbow Dash vs Undyne

    Both in Base Form. Speed equalized
  29. Jinsye

    Sonic and RD have a rematch

    Blue Animals that gotta go fast 2 Speed Equalized. High 4-C versions used. Who wins? Sonic: 0 Rainbow Dash: 0
  30. MinatoSparkle

    Rainbow Dash Speed upgrade

    Many of the god tier speedsters in MLP are listed as Relativistic, and while that works for some, I don't think it does for Rainbow. Twilight and Luna with their high end feats are really far into relativistic, and it's heavily implied that at least Twilight (if not Luna as well) are...
  31. Jinsye

    Rainbow Dash vs. All Might

    Rainbow Dash Powers and Stats Tier: At least 6-C. Higher with Sonic Rainboom Name: Rainbow Dash Origin: My Little Pony Gender: Female Age: Early 20s Classification: Pegasus Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Flight, Super Speed, Weather Manipulation (Can create...
  32. Jinsye

    Sonic vs. Rainbow Dash

    Sonic (Archie Pre-Genesis Wave) Powers and Stats Tier: 4-B Name: Sonic Maurice Hedgehog Origin: Archie's Sonic The Hedgehog Comics Gender: Male Age: 17 Classification: Mobian Hedgehog, Embodiment of Chaos Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Skilled Hand-to-Hand...
  33. Jinsye

    Class K MLP

    So I made a calc which Darkanine promptly fixed here This would upgrade Pinkie, AJ, RD and others who scale to Class K. Thoughts?
  34. MinatoSparkle

    Possible Rainbow Dash Upgrade

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbs3IVYPV9U I was wondering, does anybody know how fast the feat is here at 1:04? Because a few of the ponies here are relativistic and/or have relativistic reaction speed. The fact that absolutely nobody noticed Rainbow sending the pie flying or even saw her...
  35. WeeklyBattles

    Rainbow Dash vs Arzon

    Rainbow Dash ==Powers and Stats== Tier: At least 7-B. At least 7-A with Sonic Rainboom Name: Rainbow Dash Origin: My Little Pony Gender: Female Age: Early 20s Classification: Pegasus Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Flight, Super Speed, Weather Manipulation...
  36. Kiryu2012

    Rainbow Dash vs Raven Branwen

    Rainbow Dash vs Raven Branwe Rules: Speed equalized Base RD vs Spring Maiden Raven Otherwise SBA
  37. Jinsye

    MLP Possible Upgrades

    So as discussed here. People have suggested that the High 7-Cs of MLP become 7-A via scaling to Rainbow Dash. Rainbow Dash survived at the epicentre her own Sonic Rainboom, which is Mountain Level. Since most of the other main cast can hurt her casually, they should scale, also scales to...
  38. Jinsye

    Rainbow Dash vs. King Slime

    Rainbow Horse vs. King Ninja Blob Both High 7-C Sonic Rainboom restricted. Fight takes place in Ponyville Speed Equalized. Rainbow Dash: 1 King Slime: 0
  39. Amelia_Lonelyheart

    Slight MLP lifting strength upgrade

    In a rush so I'll keep this brief. A few days ago, I did this calc that put the lifting strength of Pegasus at Class 25 for halting the descent of a cloud made of ice. They didn't completely stop it, but severely slowed it down. They had the help of the princesses, but they had their magic...
  40. The Flash (CW) vs Rainbow Dash

    The Scarlet Speedster vs Rainbow Dash High 7-C forms Speed Equalized RD is bloodlusted Barry's time travel and RD's Sonic Rainboom are both restricted Battle starts out in Ponyville Barry: 1 RD: 1 Inconclusive: