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mister satan

  1. EnnardTrap1987

    Mister Satan VS LA Knight

    Both 9-B Speed equalised Fight takes place in a wrestling ring The ************* champ: YEAH: Inconclusive:
  2. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    World Martial Arts champion fights a Vtuber (Hercule Satan vs Hoshimachi Suisei) GRACE

    Mister Satan (@pineappleman, @Darkmon_cns) 2 Suisei Hoshimachi @Ikelaggan @GoldenScorpions @BEASTHEART880 @Peppersalt43 @CiscoTheSoto @Popted2 @DemonicDude,@God900, @Vizer04) 9 Rules (Satan Does not have his optional equipment/it's restricted) Speed equalized they start 3ft apart...
  3. JoshDoshMosh

    Leorio fights the champ

    Leorio Paradinight fights Hercule Satan (Speed is equalized, both are in character, 9B key is used) Who wins? Mystery Oreo: the man who beat Cell, Buu, and Beerus: Incon:
  4. sanicspood

    Sonic the Hedgehog vs Mister Satan (Promotional Comic Continuity vs Dragon Ball Z) (GRACE)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Sonic_the_Hedgehog_(Promotional_Comic): 7 https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Mister_Satan: 0 incon: 0
  5. KingTempest

    Martial Arts Battle: Teenage Demon vs Grown Man

    Sano Manjirō (268,379 Joules) vs Mister Satan (1,000,000 Joules) Speed Equalized Mikey: Hercule: Incon:
  6. JoshDoshMosh

    The strongest Jojo character fights the strongest Dragonball character

    Hercule ends up wandering into Ogre Street somehow and ends up getting jumped by the Ogre Street Gang’s leader. (Speed is equalized, both are in character, and they are both 10 meters apart from eachother) who will win? Mister Satan: 2(StekFence, Soulgizmo) Speedwagon: incon:
  7. RoTt35

    Mister Satan vs Jon Snow Rematch (0-2-0)

    Rematch of this versus from more than 4 years ago since Jon had many upgrades since then, also in the thread it is mentioned that Satan can fly and has a weapon, things that he doesn't have in his current profile. Speed is equalized, Satan doesn't have his optional equipment, Jon is in his...
  8. Vizer04

    Mister Satan vs Bane (0-0-0)

    Both at 9-B and Speed Equalized. Mark: Bane: Incon:
  9. Jackythejack

    Killbane vs. Hercule Satan

    Am I making too many fights? Eh, maybe. I like this though. Speed equalized. Fight takes place in standard boxing ring. Think like, WWE style shit, huh? Killbane doesn't have his RPG. Satan doesn't have any explosives. This is totally a fight that would happen in canon, if Killbane could...
  10. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    Mr. Satan vs Markus

    I'm making another markus match because i've decided that WOD (world of darkness) needs more attention and love. this time markus's opponent will be mister satan himself. mister satan: 4 (@Udlmaster, @God900, @RandomGuy2345, @Popted2) Markus Rules: 9-B for both (Mister satan does not have...
  11. Spinoirr

    Mister satan takes on The Strongest High School Primate

    Both 9-B, speed equalized, battle takes place at the DBZ Word Tournament Arena The Strongest High School Primate: 1 The world Champ: icon: Tsukasa Shishio's AP: 487.30968 Kilojoules Mister Satan's AP: 920 kilojoules A 1.88791652979x AP advantage
  12. RandomGuy2345

    Chris Jericho (WWE) vs Mr. Satan (DBZ/DBS)

    Let's see how this goes. In one corner, we got the The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla, Y2J, Chris Jericho! In the other corner, we got the Earth's Protector, Mister Satan! Fight is for the World Heavyweight Championship (to make it more thematic ig). Speed is equalized. Battle takes place in...
  13. KingKenjo

    Mr. Satan vs the Weakest Roshi

    Mr. Satan has been time warped back to the 21st Budokai, and surprisingly qualifies for it over Krillin. After a comedic bout against Bacterian, Mr. Satan faces Jackie Chun in the second round... Can he pull it off? Obviously tournament rules apply. Mr. Satan doesn't have his gun, any bombs or...
  14. Maverick_Zero_X

    Mister Satan beats up the elderly

    Mister Satan vs The Hateocracy Speed equalized
  15. Coolboy6

    Spider man vs mister satan

    After the events of TASM 2, Peter Parker didnt have enough money to get into college, so he decided to earn some by entering the world tournament. In the finals, Peter Parker and mister satan enter the stage and are about to fight Spidey doesn’t have his suit or web shooters, mister satan...
  16. Nullflowerblush

    Buu Saga Revisions (Videl, Mr. Satan, etc.)

    Mr. Satan's page relies on mostly anime material, and that is a no no, as the mainstream Dragon Ball pages are based on the manga. After coming up with some more justifications for Wall level, I kinda got lost in the flow and ended up recreating the pages for Mr. Satan, Videl, and Spopovich...
  17. Tots_Real

    Mister Satan Vs Ippo Makonouchi

    World Martial Arts rules Speed Equalized
  18. RashFaustinho

    Mister Satan VS Emilie de Rochefort - Lili (Low Tier DBZ VS Low Tier Tekken)

    Speed is equalized, otherwise Lili would just blitz. Mister Satan cannot use any equipement (guns, explosives etc. are forbidden). This is a pure fist fight. Mister Satan profile: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Mister_Sata Emilie de Rochefort Profile...
  19. Omegas03

    Mr Satan tries to convince your favourite character to let him win the World Martial Arts Tournament.

    Just your normal WMA tournament. like when Mr Satan fought 18, but this time Mr Satan is having a hard time in a fight with any of your favourite characters. Mid battle Mr Satan knowing he has no chance of winning due to X character being too strong or too haxed tries to convince his opponent to...
  20. Tots_Real

    Sandy Cheeks Vs Mister Satan

    Both have 2 hours of prep Fight takes place in a park
  21. Tots_Real

    Rey (Lego Star Wars) Vs Mister Satan

    Speed equalized Satan has a day of prep.
  22. Tots_Real

    Lancer (RWBY) Vs Mister Satan

    Both 9-B Satan has one week of prep Speed equalized
  23. Tots_Real

    Kool-Aid Man Vs Mister Satan

    Fight take place in a kool-aid factory Both 9-B
  24. Tots_Real

    Godzilla-Kun Vs Mister Satan

    Speed Equalized Both 9-B fight takes place on Tokyo Satan has a week in prep
  25. Tots_Real

    Bane (The Dark Knight Trilogy) Vs Mister Satan

    Both 9-B Speed Equalized
  26. Tots_Real

    Car Morty Vs Mister Satan

    Car morty Vs Mister Satan Speed equalized
  27. Tots_Real

    Satan Vs Shrek

    Mister Satan Vs Shrek (William Steig's Shrek!) Speedequalized Fight takes place in movie shecks swamp.
  28. Tots_Real

    Rick Sanchez Vs Mister Satan

    Speed equalized Rick has no equipment while satan has a sledge hammer
  29. Tots_Real

    The champ gets abducted.

    Aliens (Fallout) Vs Mister Satan Speed equalized Both are 9-B
  30. Tots_Real

    Mister Satan Vs Woodsie

    Normal Woodsie Both 9-B Speed equalized
  31. Soupywolf5

    A THIRD SU vs. DB match (Grace!)

    Connie Maheswaran vs. Mister Satan (Because Satan is such a sell-out that he needs to fight a 12 year old for money) Hercule had just won the world martial arts tournament, but then: Here comes a new challenger! A girl with a giant sword steps into the arena, so Hercule prepares to fight her...
  32. Stalker_Maggot

    Legosi vs Mister Satan (Grace)

    Cause frick you CV Both are 9-B Speed equalized Satan doesn't have explosives Hercule scales to 651 kilojoules Legosi is like 508.382 kilojoules Legosi: Mister Sata: Inconclusive:
  33. Zenkaibattery1

    Small ability for Satan

    Shouldn't mister Satan have "Extreme pain tolerance?" He has literally survived things that would kill regualr humans, like the chop from Cell for example and, abliet surpressed ki blasts. I think it has happened enough times for it to not be considered just a gag.
  34. Bob8999

    satan fights a robot (hercule vs atom)

    the world martial art´s tournament happens as usual, there are only two diffrences that make herceule nervous, 1: remote controlled robot´s will be competeing this time, 2: buu isnt there, a robot makes it to the final round and faces of with a now very nervous hercule. the champion of the...
  35. Tots_Real

    Mister Satan Vs Jason Voorhees

    Human Jason Vs Mister Satan Jason has a day of prep
  36. JohnCenaNation

    Hercule Satan vs Phoenix Wright

    Synopsis: Phoenix Wright woke up in the morning and turned on the television as he saw the news of Hercule Satan winning the World Martial Arts Tournament by beating the Holy Shonen Trinity main characters in a 1-on-3 match and claims himself to be an unbeatable champion. Maya's Magatama kicks...
  37. Tots_Real

    Mabel Pines Vs Mister Satan

    Both have blood lust Speed equalized Both are equiped with sleghammers.
  38. Pur2uit

    Mr. Satan (Dragonball) vs Takamura (Hajime No Ippo)

    - Satan gets no weapons or jet pack - Takamura isn't wearing boxing gloves - Takes places in the Cell Arena FIGHT! Mister Sata: 0 Mamoru Takamura: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  39. Tots_Real

    Mister Satan Vs Storm Shadow (G.I. Joe Movie)

    Speedequalized Both fully equiped though Storm Shadow lacks a gun Fight takes place on farm
  40. Tots_Real

    Mysterio (Marvel Cinematic Universe) Vs Mister Satan

    Satan has a week of prep with bulma Fight takes place in NYC SBA