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  1. Hypertornado099

    Minor change to Incorporeality

    This is kinda nitpicky, but the Incorporeality page is wrong about energy. Energy is not non-physical. If it was, it would be metaphysical and physicists around the world would be studying something spiritual. Energy would be intangible (not immaterial which is also spiritual) I think this is...
  2. Natsu vs logia?

    Natsu should be able to hurt logia since he was able to burn time right?
  3. Deceived3596

    Small Acausality and Intangibility Example Revision

    Just like the previous threads I've made, i'm continuing on with revising our examples provided on some of our power and abilities pages, which in this case would be our Acausality and Intangibility pages. I've removed the bad examples that have no scans, bad explanations or a combination of the...
  4. Jinx666

    RWBY - Immaterial Non-Physical Interaction Review

    Hello This was previous derailed from another thread, but from that ive felt the need to have to elaborate on what i actually mean, since people were assuming I was absolutely dictating how the Geists intangibility works. First of all, the initial reasons for every character gaining NPI was due...
  5. Winter

    Asking Staff to Fix Intang Type 2 vs Incorp

    So a while back, some people (specifically Ultima and Saiko), were trying to fix the incorp vs intang issue, which never came across. Knowing powers can’t be revised by normal members (as far as I’m aware), I’m asking a staff member to make a revision to differentiate these. Trying to figure...

    What would be the AP and Tier for a character unable to physically interact with the world

    If a character has permanent intangibility and would just phase through every object they touch, what would their AP and Tier be?
  7. KingKenjo

    A couple Jojo questions

    First question I have is, I keep hearing about Stands having "layered Intangibility," but I'm not entire sure why. Is it because they're non-corporeal and have Phasing, or is it something different I missed? Second, how does King Crimson's Time Erasure interact with a generic Time Manip...
  8. Epsilon_R

    Which level of Regen

    A character that can turn his body into water and when he's destroyed, can reform his body from a nearby water spot
  9. Da_Lunge_Fish

    Phasing - is it really durability negation?

    So, as of now, phasing from somebody or turning intangible to attack their internal organs is considered durability negation, but is it, really? Yes, they should be more vulnerable in general, but I doubt you could just insta-killl anybody with it, even if their durability is higher than your...
  10. Greenshifter

    Intangibility vs Telekinesis and Gravity manipulation

    Would a character with phasing be automatically assumed to be able to counter telekinesis and gravity manipulation and if not would a feat such as being able to phase through high gravity, a forcefield or even a black hole for instance also imply it would work against telekinesis since both...
  11. Foxthefox1000

    Questions about intangibility and similar powers

    If a person is able to become intangible or non-corporeal, would this state of phasing through matter or not being made of quantum matter allow one to be immune to types of mattee manipulation?
  12. Iapitus_The_Impaler

    Does Non-Physical Interaction need to Be Explicitly mentioned for Non-Physical beings?

    I'll get straight to the point. Do characters with non-physical natures (such as Non-Corporeal, Nonexistence, etc.) need to have their ability to interact with themselves and beings of similar nature stated on their profile, or can it be naturally assumed? The discussion came up here. If Kama...
  13. The_Smashor

    Pokemon Non-Physical Interaction removal

    Basically, this is for the removal of Non-Physical Interaction from all Pokemon profiles (Within reason) and intangibility from ghost types (Once again, within reason). I'm terrible at making CRTs so I'll just quote some of the comments on the thread that inspired this. Let me put it this...
  14. XitSign

    Golden Sun: Djinn Cleanup and Possible Power Addition

    There's a few things to talk about with the Djinn I noticed while looking over the Golden Sun pages, so lets try to knock them all out and hope I didn't miss anything. First, I spotted a mistake, very minor one not a huge deal but: "Waft: Grants the targeted Adept temporary invulnerability."...
  15. TheUnshakableOne

    What type of intangibility, or hax is this?

    There is 3 characters for this. They will be A, B, and C. Character A is somewhere in hiding, and he is sealed away. However, his power has been leaking out. It leaked out enough that he can now generate Non- Corporal, intangible forms of himself. He is using this other form of himself to try...
  16. HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    So what are ghosts usually considered?

    Non-Corporeal, Intangible, or something else? Just wondering because some profiles consider ghosts as N-Cs.
  17. The_real_cal_howard

    A very very minor Giratina addition

    Legit, it's just adding immaterial intangibility for its avatar's natural state and spatial intangibility when using Shadow Force. That's all. Inb4 this is actually wrong and I have to defend this.
  18. Kiryu-MG3

    Which is better be Intangible or Non-Corporeal?

    I wanna know which power is better?
  19. DMB_1

    Non-Physical Interaction question

    Is it redundant to give already Intangible/Incorporeal/Non-Existent/Abstract entities this power if they can interact with/harm with other similar entities? Because I've already seen in a few profiles. Also, if it is, is it even if such a being is possessing a corporeal body, yet it can still...
  20. Schnee_One

    When did Goku block an intangible attack?

    Can someone point out when Goku blocked Hit's Heart attack? Because I'm pretty sure he didn't and was physically affected by it, he simply avoided the attack and dodged it. Also, does blocking an intangible attack mean he can hit one? Because I'm pretty sure it doesn't.
  21. Dargoo_Faust

    Intangibility vs. Non-Corporeal: Paranatural

    So, I want to get this straight: I want to know if the spirits and ghosts from Paranatural are intangible, or non-corporeal. They can't typically interact with the physical world as a state of being; although some can acheive this through seperate powers, and Spectrals can interact with both...
  22. Jinx666

    Ruby's "Intangibility"

    Hey there, its me again, ready to cause some more chaos amongst the RWBY section of this wiki. Its come to my attention that everyone thinks Ruby has 'Elemental Intangibility' when it comes to her semblance turning her into a burst of rose petals. Already confronted Weekly about this who still...
  23. DMB_1

    The difference between Intangibility and Incorporeality

    I do not really understand the complete difference between being Immaterial (type 2 Intangibility) and being outright Non-Corporeal I can kind of get it in some cases, but it confuses me the more when talking about ghosts, souls, and other spiritual beings. While in most cases we treat ghosts...
  24. DMB_1

    Infinite Zamasu downgrade

    Ok, after thinking a bit about one of the matches I made (Infinite Zamasu vs. Time Eater) I discovered how inappropriate that supposed incorporeality of his is. First of all, Zamasu became 4D after becoming one with the Universe, which shouldn't count as incorporeal, just as an higher...
  25. SomebodyData

    Intangibility and Ghosts

    It seems that defeating/killing a ghost = soul destruction in the wiki (or at least it seems to be commonly accepted), but from what I understood, its a bit more complex than that. Defeating a spirit: Being able to harm Intangible (Immaterial) beings but said spirit can go to its verse' form of...
  26. Sera_EX

    Intangibility (Again)

    Now I brought this up before (way back when), but there needs to be an explanation for the type of intangibility a character has. There's multiple variations and levels and as time goes by, we keep getting more and more pages making it difficult to discuss in vs matches. I know it would take...
  27. ShatteredNightMares

    Immortality and Intangibility

    So..i was gonna make a new profile on here and i'm on the last one i need to do (Powers and abilities cause that one takes me the longest.) and i was kinda confused on what to put for one of these. The point is this characters real form exists in another dimension while it has another form in...
  28. Lord_Hades_Prince_Of_Darkness

    Are individuals with Intangibility immune to telepathic or psychic attacks?

    Just want to hear some thoughts on this question.
  29. Sera_EX

    Intangibility Types

    Hello lovely VSBW community. I realized we don't have types of intangibility like we do for immortality and Regenerationn. So, I've written up some types: Type 1 - "Limited Intangibility" - refers to characters whose bodies are composed of an immaterial or energy substance (eg, fire or light)...
  30. -BANLK-

    Does turning into fog give intangibility?