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indominus rex

  1. VAVADevil32

    Xenomorph vs Indominus Rex

    The Ultimate Hostile Hunter vs the Genetically-Engineered Dinosaur Arena: Jurassic Park (Jurassic Park) Adult Xenomorph (Warrior), 9-B (If needs to be changed, inform me.) Speed Equalized. Xenomorph Page Indominus Rex Page Round 1: In-Character Round 2: Bloodlusted Xenomorph Votes: 1...
  2. DemonicDude

    Tier 9-B Enter the Octagon Tournament: Indominus Rex vs Violet Evergarden

    Round 1 Match 7: Rules: Same Rules as stated in the Tournament. Speed Equalized Distance: Fighting distance for every matchup will be 6 meters. Location: The Octagon UFC Ring. Exit it and you lose. Results: Violet Evergarden: 4 (Random, Noneless21, Bruthelho, Veloxt) Indominus Rex...

    Indominus Rex vs Future Predator. (7-0-0)

    The Future Predator's First Key is being used, Speed Equalized, fight takes place in the forest of Isla Nublar and they're both within 200 Meters of each other so they can use all their hunting skills to find each other. Indominus Rex : 7 Future Predator : Incon:
  4. Dusty_Raider

    Robosaurus vs Indominus Rex

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Robosaurus https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Indominus_Rex Robosaurur’s pilot has prior knowledge. Speed equalized I: R: In:
  5. GodzillaTPP

    Indominus Rex VS SCP-096

    Both are in character even though bloodlusted wouldn't make a difference. The hybrid dinosaur that kills for sport: 0 The tall pale man who kills to hide his face: 0 Inconclusive: 0

    Indominus Rex vs Indominus Rex.

    Canon Indominus Rex and Jurassic World Alive Indominus Rex are being used. Will Non-Canon hax push through sheer power? Speed Unequalized. Canon: Non-Canon:

    Can Indominus kill this Sauropod?

    Speed Equal Both at 9-A Indominus:0 Amargospinus:0
  8. Roachman40

    The White Beast Vs The Spore Beast

    Both 9-A Speed Equalized Spore Mantis: Indominus Rex: Inconclusive:
  9. Dusty_Raider

    Battle of the man made beasts V2

    A large Deathclaw was taken to a strange snowy place it had never seen before. As it walked on it saw a large albino creature wandering around seemingly as lost as it was but the moment the two spotted each other their instincts kicked in and they ran at each other ready to brawl...
  10. Sans2345

    Spinosaurus vs Indominus Rex

    Both 9-A win via by death or KO SBA battle takes place in a jungle win via by death, incap, or KO both are in-character Spinosaurus: 7 (Kiryu2012) (GojiBoyForever) (Christian Higdon) (Walker21232123) (Demon Takumo 31) (The pen or the sword) (Apex Predator X) Indominus Rex: 1...
  11. Christian_Higdon

    Mothra Larva vs Indominus

    No stories, sadly, I'm lacking ideas. Speed Equalized. Both are 9-A and in-character. They start 4 meters away. Battle is in New York. Win via KO, incap or death. Who wins? Indominous: 0 Larvae: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  12. Ruminas_Valentine

    Vastatosaurus-Rex (kong movie 2005) vs Indominus Rex (Jurassic world)

    Vastosaurus rex from the king kong movie from 2005 vs Indominus Rex from the Jurassic world movie. Both starts 200 meters apart Fight in an open plain Here are the profiles Indominus-Rex https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Indominus_Rex Vastosaurus-Rex...
  13. Shadowbokunohero

    Geralt of Rivia vs The Indominus Rex

    Both 9-A Speed = Witcher 3 nolstalgia Hit me again so i decided to make this. "Rarghhh" ~ Indominus "Winds Howling"~ Geralt.
  14. Sans2345

    Indomius Rex vs Mama Scarface

    Both 9-A tier Speed equalized battle takes place in a forest win via death or KO both bloodlusted SBA Mama Scarface: 5 (Christian Higdon) (Shen Saiya) (Stalker Maggot) (Kiryu2012) (Anttron224) Indominus Rex: 0 Inconclusive: 0 VS
  15. EmbalmerMaster9000

    Hybrid vs Hybrid - Indominus Rex versus Avinychus

    o╠Âh╠ ╠Âg╠Âo╠Âd╠ ╠Âi╠ ╠Âh╠Âo╠Âp╠Âe╠ ╠Ât╠Âh╠Âi╠Âs╠ ╠Âi╠Âs╠Ân╠Â'╠Ât╠ ╠Âa╠ ╠Âs╠Ât╠Âo╠Âm╠Âp╠ The freakish mish-mash between a tyrannosaurus, velociraptor, carnotaurus, rugops, giganotosaurus, majungasaurus, cuttlefish, tree frog and a pit viper gets into a physical disagreement with the...
  16. Kiryu2012

    Saxton Hale vs Indominus Rex

    Saxton Hale vs Indominus Rex Fight takes place in the Australian outback Rules: Speed equalized SBA Australian bad ass
  17. Kiryu2012

    Ash Ketchum vs Indominus Rex

    Ash Ketchum vs Indominus Rex Ash is by himself SBA
  18. Kiryu2012

    Shrek vs Indominus Rex

    Yup. Shrek vs Indominus Rex Fight takes place in Shrek's swamp SBA What are you doing in my swamp?!
  19. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    NOT Owen Brady vs Indominus Rex

    vs 9-A versions, speed equalized, weapons restricted NOT Owen Brady:5 Indominus Rex: Tie: FIGHT!!!!
  20. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    V-rex vs I-Rex

    vs 9-A versions V-Rex:2 I-Rex: Tie: FIGHT!!!!
  21. Bobsican

    Indominus Rex Vs. Barney

    Because my brother wants to know if Barney can solo Jurassic Park Both at their peak, speed equalized. Rwwwwaaaaaaa! I love you, you love me!
  22. RoaringRexe

    Indominus Rex VS Spinosaurus (Jurassic Park)

    When creating two hybrid dinosaurs, don't go overboard. I-Rex's profile Spino's profile Untameable King votes: Spine Lizard votes: 1 Takes place in battle arena from Jurassic World the mobile game.
  23. Stefano4444

    Remake Match, King Kong (2005) vs Indominus Rex

    King Kong: 2 (Huesito88, Kiryu2012) Indominus Rex: 0 () Inconclusive: 0 () All credits go to Mechafire1234
  24. Stefano4444

    Indominus Rex Downgrade.

    There is no valid reason to put her at 8-C. - She had demolish several buildings during her fight with Rexy, but those where very small with the bigger ones be just two-story in size. - While the Indominus Rex was able to push the large metal gate, i don't think such feat if calculated would...
  25. Kiryu2012

    George vs Indominus Rex

    George vs Indominus Rex Fight takes place in Jurassic World SBA
  26. Kiryu2012

    King Taijitu vs Indominus Rex

    King Taijitu vs Indominus Rex Fight takes place on Isla Sorna Rules: Speed equalized Bloodlusted Base Taijitu Otherwise SBA
  27. Hyper_Anon

    Fire Dude fights a Dinosaur

    vs SBA
  28. Kiryu2012

    Indominus Rex vs Beowolf (RWBY)

    Indominus Rex vs Beowolf Fight takes place in Menagerie Rules: Base Beowolf Speed equalized Otherwise SBA
  29. Hyper_Anon

    Indominus Rex vs Vastatosaurus Rex

    vs Fight takes place in Jurassic Park. Basically the Vastatosaurus Rex is bred on the island and it and the indominus rex break out. SBA
  30. Kiryu2012

    Who Can Beat This Team? (8-C Kaiju)

    Who can beat this team of 8-C kaiju/monsters? King Kong, Manticore, Indominus Rex, Epic Creature Scenario 1: Speed equalized Scenario 2: Speed unequalized Win by death, KO, or incapacitation. No BFRs. All monsters are bloodlusted 8-C characters only
  31. Durrentz

    Indominus Rex VS Gigantosaurus (Dino Crisis)

    Who wins? Bloodlusted as heck.
  32. Jinsye

    Indominus Rex vs. Xenomorph

    Freak of Nature vs. Freak of Space. Praetorian Xenomorph vs. Indominus Rex Speed Equalized. Who wins? Xenomorph: 3 Indominus Rex: 0 Praetorian from Alien vs Predator (2010)
  33. Jinsye

    Double T. Rex vs. I-Rex.

    So yeah, I'm gonna put two T-Rexes against an I-Rex and see how that goes. The T-Rexes are Real World, and the Jurassic Park version. Jurassic T-Rex is 9-A. TWO MOTHER*bleep*ING T-REXES, YEAH!: 1 Big White Raptor Rex: 1 (plz don't be a stomp, plz don't be a stomp, all my other matches were...
  34. Kiryu2012

    Indominus Rex with Witch Time vs Rexy with Ultra Instinct

    ...Yeah... Indominus Rex with Witch Time vs Rexy with Ultra Instinct Fight takes place in Jurassic World like in the film's finale battle. Both Indominus and Rexy are fully aware of their newfound powers and can use them to their fullest.
  35. Antoniofer

    Turok takes a Dinosaur Gauntlet

    The Dinosaur Hunter, Tal'Set, goes for some hunting: V-Rex, I-Rex and the Giganotosaurus. Individuals fights, Tal'Set possesses all his weapons minus the Chronoscepter, Nuke and the Dark Matter Cube.
  36. Sans2345

    Spinosaurus (Jurassic Park) Vs Indomius Rex

    Fight will take place in a empty field Both Have Same Speed I.Rex=0 Spino=0
  37. Shadowbokunohero

    Jurassic Park vs Dino Crisis >_> Finally

    Yesh finally 8-C both speed equalized Dinosaurs representing each verse https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Giganotosaurus_(Dino_Crisis) for DC and https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Indominus_Rex for JP
  38. Huesito88

    Godzillasaurus vs Indominus Rex

    This looks even and this is a nice simple thread with not 2 haxed characters Morals are on Battle takes place in a big island Godzillasaurus: Apex PredatorX, Entetainment T Zu den f, Kiryu-MG3, and Eva132, Kiryu2012, Chu Minh Duy, BattleReview 7 Indominus Rex: SITHISIT
  39. DoctorDetectiveCommissionerComics

    Nepeta Leijon vs Indominus Rex

    Nepeta Leijon vs Indominus Rex Speed equalized.
  40. SolBadgay300

    Epic Creature (Spore) vs. Indominus Rex (Jurassic Park)

    8-C battle, seems fair Epic Creature - 7 Indominus Rex - 1 Tie - 0