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elsa granhiert

  1. Fezzih_007

    Akame vs Elsa

    EoS Akame ga Kill Key is used for Akame Speed equal They start 10 meters apart Location for the fight: In a hospital emergency room that is in the process of accepting dozens of victims from a Cyclone that is happening right now. Akame: 501.525 Megatons Elsa: 205.4 Megatons Votes: The girl...
  2. SatellaTheWoE

    The Bowel hunter takes on her first viltrumite (7-0-0) (grace)

    Elsa Granhiert: @Hiiilt @VortechsTG @Zabazab @SatellaTheWoE @MasterOwOgay @TheRustyOne @Fezzih_007 vs Invincible: Tier 7A key for both speed is equalized starting distance is 20m SBA
  3. SatellaTheWoE

    Ley Batenkaitos vs Spiderman (7-0-0) (grace)

    The Sin Archbishop of gluttony: @Hiiilt @Lloydblitzed @Epiccheev @VortechsTG @SatellaTheWoE @Fezzih_007 @Reiner04 vs Peter Parker (mark IV) vs
  4. SatellaTheWoE

    She-Hulk vs Valga Cromwell (Rom)

    The first tier 9A ReZero battle? Smash vs The female green Speed equalized SBA Fight takes place in the loot house and Subaru just ran off with Felt Rom: @Fezzih_007 @Zabazab @AThe1412 @V999 @ZoroNotZolo @SatellaTheWoE @noninho She-HUlk: Gojo backshots:
  5. Comiphorous

    8-B psychopathic tournament: Azula vs Elsa Granhiert

    8-B Psychopathic Tournament MATCH 6 Speed is equalized 10 meters apart Battle takes place in Madness Combat Nevada (pretend there's Azula here)(pretend there's Elsa here) Fire: Woman:
  6. SuperKamiNappa

    Elsa vs The Amazing Spider-Man (not what you think)

    Speed Equalized Andrew Spidey gets accidentally transported to the Re:Zero verse at the end of No Way Home. He arrived during arc 1. Let's do this while we still can Elsa Andrew Garfield Draw
  7. Phoenks

    (8-C Tournament R2 M12) El Chapulin Colorado vs Elsa Granhiert

    Oh boy, my entry might be stomped here. Guess we'll find out. El Chapulin Colorado (@MinecraftHater2011) vs Elsa Granhiert (@Phoenks ME) Attack Potency: El Chapulin: 0.987 Tons Elsa Granhiert: 1.12 Tons Elsa holds the AP advantage by a difference of 1.13x (Very Minor) Speed is equalized. El...
  8. Abstractions

    Elsa Granhiert's Regeneration and Immortality

    Currently we rate Elsa Granhiert's regeneration as Mid for having half her body shattered to pieces in the Light Novel, however, the Anime representation of this scene indicates it could be closer to High-Mid considering all we see of her body are the fragmented portions, which falls more in...
  9. Celestial_Pegasus

    A Few Changes After Re Zero Volume 15

    Roswaal should have power nullification, he can dispel magic: Immortality (Type 6):, He has been possessing his descendants for 400 years. Garfiel should have instinctive reaction? He can dodge attacks out of sheer instinct. Elsa's regen should be mid, she can regen from half her body...
  10. TheRustyOne

    Tomura Shigaraki vs Elsa Granhiert

    Let's see how this turns out. Starting distance is 20 meters. Tomura Speed: Mach 3.08 Elsa Speed: Mach 2.76 Who wins? Decay: MrDrProfessorPatricio, Yellowpig10, SpookyShadow, Schnee One, Spinoirr, JooCipher, Therefir, (7) Bowel Hunter: (0)
  11. TheRustyOne

    Hawks (MHA) vs Elsa (Re:Zero)

    Now that Hawks has been upgraded, I thought that this would be the perfect fight for him. Serial Killer vs No.2 Hero Speed is not equal. SBA Who wins? Hawks: Calaca Vs, Schnee One, DragonEmperor23, Starter Pack, Litentric Teon, ApiesDeathbtLazors, Therefir, AidenBrooks999, Veloxt1r0kore (8)...
  12. Celestial_Pegasus

    Re:Zero Revisions

    So the rating for re zero have been bugging me for a while. First of all, scaling characters like Elsa Granhiert to a feat Reinhard van Astrea performed is completely ridiculous, even if Reinhard was causal, he is so far above her she shouldn't scale at all, and the fight was plagued with PIS...
  13. SheevShezarrine

    Elsa (Re:Zero) vs the Chosen Undead

    Elsa Granhiert vs the Chosen Undead Both at 8-B Speed equalized Who wins and why?
  14. Xmark12

    DEATH! DEATH! DEATH! Guts vs Elsa Granhiert

    A man cloaked in black walked along a dead forest; a blade no regular man could possibly ever wield lay dormant on his back, looking more like a sheet of iron than a sword. Suddenly, the man heard footsteps... Coming closer... And closer... And- A blade barely misses its mark on the...
  15. Blademan9999

    Elsa Granhiert Downgrade.

    Her wikipage says She's CityBlock Level, on the otherhand NO EVIDENCE IS PROVIDED. Where THE HELL does her city block buster stat come from? Her wikipage says she scales from Garfield Tinsel. On the other hand HIS wikipage says he scales from Elsa. So in other word pure circular logic...
  16. The_real_cal_howard

    Zenkai battle--Son Goku vs Elsa Granhiert

    Both get stronger when they come close to death. Kid Goku, and 8-B. No res. Not even sure what to do with speed, as I have the suspicion that they're close to each other.
  17. -BANLK-

    Koyomi Araragi (Monogatari) vs Elsa Granhirte (Re:Zero)

    Which vampire will win this battle? Fight takes place in gotham city at night. Both of them are bloodlusted. Win by death or ko.
  18. AppleLord

    Elsa Granhiert vs Ichigo Kurosaki

    Both 8-B tiers, (Complete Fullbring Armor form for Ichigo) and Speed is equalized. Ichigo is killed by Ginjo and later awakens in RE: Zero world. Determine to help Emilia, he fights with Elsa to the death in the loot house. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Elsa_Granhirte...
  19. Celestial_Pegasus

    Re Zero Revisions

    Not sure if this is the time to be doing this considering the revisions the staff are doing with tier 6 but whatever the case the main purpose of this thread is to give some more attension to the blogs created by hienkel astrea. First proposed changed is for reinhard's speed to be changed to...
  20. Celestial_Pegasus

    Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Discussion Thread (aka rem: zero)

    Thread for discussing anything re zero related, be careful when discussing spoilers on events beyond the anime. Interview with the author: http://pastebin.com/8QTMKVDx This rem thread can be used to discuss explictly spoiler related content but be warned it contains massive spoilers so if you...