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  1. HonestlyBored24

    Getting Hit By A Vehicle Question

    If a person gets hit by a vehicle (a train for example), and they end up sticking to the front of it while it keeps moving, do they scale to the full kinetic energy of the vehicle?
  2. CNBA3

    Vehicle Durability Question. (WARNING: May have distressing footage)

    I was wondering, while I know that Durability in it's basics is the amount of damage and severity one can withstand before breaking. Here I am wondering how would one classify durability for vehicles if the stats between the former's dura compares to the attack's AP. I have been told just...
  3. CNBA3

    How durable is a standard Car?

    I was wondering, what is the average durability of a car based on this calc here which talks about betting hit by one? it is 1500 kg in mass from what it said. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/References_for_Common_Feats#Getting_Hit_by_a_Car
  4. Demigod Lifting Strength Changes (Removal of Class T from the weaker members of the Seven)

    I was looking through the pages for various Riordan verse demigods and noticed that some scalings don't quite add up. Lifting Strength in particular. Currently, all of the Seven scale off of each other on lifting strength in their respective pages due to them clashing with giants. Every member...
  5. Gamin_Yoon23

    Question on how creation feats are treated on this wiki.

    Since I'm new here I don't entirely know how things operate so I'd like to apologise if this is something that can be found easily within the Wiki or if it's a stupid question. Do creation feats correlate with physical attributes by default? If not by default do they require further context?
  6. HonestlyBored24

    Platformer Durability Question

    Is a platformer video game character falling a great distance during gameplay (like jumping from a floating platform to all the way down to the ground) a valid durability feat, or do we dismiss it as Game Mechanics?
  7. Gendolfgg1

    Upgrading the level of durability of Aggregor

    I do not know if this feat was investigated, but Professor Paradox said in one episode that if you activate the portal to Los Soledad again, then reality will explode within a radius of several light years. We know perfectly well what Aggregor did to get the Ultimate form: he activated this...
  8. Gendolfgg1

    Upgrading the level of physical durability of wizards

    So, let's start with the fact that, according to Newt Scamander's direct words, wizards are physically different from ordinary people. There were a lot of prerequisites in the books that wizards could not die in the usual ways. For example, when Hagrid was told that Harry's parents had died in a...
  9. CNBA3

    Durability in Physics sense?

    I would like just a quick confirmation as to what would be considered durability in a physics or scientific sense, that it is something that can resist damage. Would this include the concepts for matierals such as tensile strength, compressive strength, flexural strength, etc.?
  10. Benimōru

    Ben Tennyson Durability Revision

    Tennyson has High 5-A AP due to Ascalon, as accepted here. But we scale the swords AP to his durability for no reason. So either some evidence should be provided for why Ascalon's AP scales to Ben's durability, or it should be downgraded.
  11. Lloydblitzed

    Ninjago Strength and Durability update

    Ok so the Ninjago characters needs a lot of update specially in Strength and Durability Durability Pre Dragon Rising So the Ninjas durability and pretty much most villains should be upgraded to Star Level and here's why: In the pilots episodes, the Ninjas were all able to tank an explosion...
  12. CNBA3

    Collapsing into Singularities

    Question if this is either stats or abilities, a character when defeated collapses into a singularity, but still projects gravitational disturbances before being defeated. Would that make the character durable (based on mass) to withstand collapsing into a singularity or a resistance to...
  13. Hirotoswnn1x

    Questions about durability

    Character A creates energy that destroys the moon. Character B fights with Character A and the result is a small impact. It doesn't generate as much energy as when destroying the moon, which the C character was only slightly affected by, not receiving any direct energy. Should he be able to gain...
  14. Lloydblitzed

    Ninjago Attack Potency update

    DISCLAMER: Althought this CRT seems very big, its actually very simple (plz don't get discouraged😭🙏) Ok so many characters in the Ninjago (all have them) have been really ditched in terms of Attack Potency, Strength and Durability (the WHOLE VERSE IS DEPENDENT ON ONE MORRO FEAT) and there are...
  15. KingTempest

    KT's Surface Area Durability Scaling Thread

    Happy New Years Eve. Good to hear from you all. I've been tackling whether to make this thread or not, since it changes so much about what we know with calcing durability, but I agreed that it's fine to calculate the durability of certain phenomenons, yet scaling to them is the issue. We have...
  16. Isaiah_ZaMangaka

    Brief Question

    Curious question, what tier would a character be if they could withstand “all possible cosmic phenomena“, unless a statement like that is too vague?
  17. LeOuterCore

    Nnoitra Durability

    Hey y'all, just wanted to ask why Nnoitras Durability in base is not Multi-Continent level, since Starrk in base has Multi-Continent level Durability and Nnoitra's hierro is the hardest among all the Espada, making him more durable than Starrk. What do you think? lmk
  18. CNBA3

    Couple Questions about Scaling

    I have two questions on the nature of scaling which may sound specific but hear me out. an object that was hit by an attack that breaks targets down to mere particles was only broken into large or noticeable pieces, despite being damages would that be considered a form of durability or...
  19. Wikisource

    Endurance and Durability

    What is the difference between endurance and durability? Even though I read them on the wiki, I still feel quite confused about them.
  20. H3110l12345I20

    Why do we give fragmentation energy durability to real life objects and vehicles?

    I know that the real world has real physics, the same can be said about the guns' bullets. But vehicles like the Iowa-Class Battleship's armor is designed for guns weaker than 9-A ones & their hull is built to absorb 8-B explosions. I get that the Iowa-class's armor is Large Building level to...
  21. Marvel_Champion_07

    [MCU] Scarlet Witch Durability Upgrade

    Infinity War to Endgame Scarlet Witch's durability should scale to Proxima Midnight's AP for taking a direct strike from her and energy blasts from her spear. This would scale to her WandaVision key
  22. Large Terraria revision

    Ok so i gotta discuss low level bosses King slime has dura of city block Terrarian can harm him Terrarian city block level ap yes but how does king slime scale to the, well, terrarian's ap (king slime city block ap). King slime is the only one that has the dura feat, and terrarian is the only...
  23. Ingame HP and Durability Level

    So.... I just wanted to ask Can i calculate durability using the hp? Character A has 2000 hp Character B deals 250 hp per hit and each hit is worth 15 tons of tnt Would that make character A's durability 120 tons or 15 tons? Like... If his durability is 15 tons wouldnt that mean that he gets...
  24. Flashlight237

    Durability: Inflicting Pain Through Self-Damage

    So there is an actual research paper containing a study on 40 people on how much pressure it takes to hurt someone, both for hurting oneself and hurting others: https://journals.lww.com/pain/Fulltext/2021/05000/Predicting_pain__differential_pain_thresholds.25.aspx According to the study, the...
  25. RanaProGamer

    Tackling The Most Misused Ratings: 9-B and Class 1

    Yes, this will likely be a site-wide revision. I want to tackle what I think are the most misused ratings for AP, Striking Strength, Durability (Wall level) and Lifting Strength (Class 1). Lifting Strength Let's tackle the easier issue first which is Class 1 (545.2-1000 KG). I kid you not when...
  26. JohnCenaNation

    Does Baryon Mode ignore conventional durability?

    So I was rereading Boruto Chapter 52, and the way Kurama described Baryon Mode is something along the line "because all chakra is connected, the same power that is produced from bits of their lives also work to reduce the lifespan of opponents on contact". By contact, I am not sure if this means...
  27. Digital_Franz

    Tensura Web Novel Revision : Abilities, Durability and Speed for Rimuru and Yuuki

    Today I would like to talk about tensura more precisely the Web Novel. I would like some changes to be made to Rimuru's and Yuuki's abilities and stats. I'll start with abilities first. I would like to add immortality negation to Rimuru and Yuuki thanks to Beelzebub and Void God Azatoth. Indeed...
  28. AceOfSpaces3709

    What's the Durability of a Bulletproof Vest?

    As the title says...
  29. A question about durability

    I'm not a physicist because I'm not a nerd, and I don't wanna be, so I'm making this thread for my question to be answered. Can Character A survive and/or tank Character B's speed? Character A has Large Mountain level durability, while Character B has Massively FTL speed but has Large Building...
  30. Blackchocolate77

    continuous attack Can it damage someone with higher than durability?

    continuous attack Can it damage someone with higher than durability?
  31. Wrath_Of_Itachi

    Major Toriko Revision Pre Timeskip

    The long awaited revision for the Toriko verse is finally starting. For this revision, i will only be focusing on pre timeskip, so any post timeskip questions will have to wait until I post that thread. I have a sandbox here with all the scaling and new justifications for all relevant...
  32. TheGatememer

    Durability, kinda question

    So say there are two characters, Character A and Character B. There is an attack that Character A cannot survive, but Character B can. However, Character A is capable of both harming Character B, and survive attacks that can harm the latter. Would Character A physically scale to Character B?
  33. Striking strength question

    What level striking strength is needed to easily tear off a street level (durability) characters leg with 1 hand?
  34. Mr_Sugabz

    little things that make me a little confused

    Will a character who has AP 5 Joule be able to hurt a character whose durability is 20 Joules with 4 attacks?
  35. ActuallySpaceMan42

    What would be the Durability of these Sci-Fi Metals?

    So in this novel I'm working on adding there are two types of metal, one is called Absolute Zero Material and is described as such; What would its Durability Tier be? Secondly is Bastet Metal which is honestly just a bullshit Sci-FI Alloy but is described as such; What would its...
  36. Durability question

    How much durability is required to get out of a moab blast with only minor burns?
  37. MCU Thor Upgrade Calcs for Star Level Durability

    I am submitting the following evidence, science, and calculations to upgrade MCU Thor to Star Level Durability. (I'm new here, sincere apologies if the format / style is off.) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Thor_(Marvel_Cinematic_Universe)#Powers_and_Stats Thor 1 and Thor 4 define the...
  38. Thraetaona

    Question about Higher-D, "Smurf" Durability

    Would a higher-d "Smurf" durability be able to block hax as well? For example if a 9-B character has 1-A or higher durability would they also block hax since beings who are => 1-A usually for lack of a better wording "beyond physicial" and their AP comes from hax?
  39. CosmicWreck

    Tiering System Dimensions and Mathematics Revision

    Sorry for the click bait title, this is not actually the replacement of the tiering system that so many have requested for. It's merely the revision of our current tiering system. When I was in the midst of revising my favorite franchises I came to a truly horrible conclusion. The tiering...
  40. Second22

    How much durability must be higher than the opponent's attack power?

    How much durability must be higher than the opponent's attack power? Characters are not affected by opponent's attacks.