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dexter's laboratory

  1. RanaProGamer

    Cartoon Boy Geniuses | Dexter vs Jimmy Neutron

    Surprised this hasn't ever been done before, battle of boy geniuses Standard Battle Assumptions Both Jimmy and Dexter get 1 week of prep time Both have access to all their inventions Jimbo vs Dexter Who wins and why?
  2. Accelerated_Evolution

    Dexter´s Laboratory Massive CRT

    Original thread made by @DimeUhDozen AP upgrade: Dexter claims that his nuclear core if melted down has the capacity to destroy the Earth. Abilities upgrade: limited Attack Reflection (His glasses could deflect lasers), Energy Manipulation (Able to manipulate and harness the energy of the...
  3. DimeUhDozen

    Dexter's Laboratory Massive Revision

    Alrighty, this has been a long time coming. Inventions Proposal: Additional Attack Reflection (His glasses could deflect lasers), Energy Manipulation (Able to manipulate and harness the energy of the Neurotomic Protocore. Can create energy constructs with the Green Thumb-1. Created a new...
  4. Frieza_force_soldier_100

    Battle of the evil scientists. Eggman versus Mandark.

    These two evil geniuses are in conflict with each other over their mutual desires to conquer the world. As a twist, this is not a battle pitting their robots and weapons against each other. The two will be having a physical battle. Mandark gets his spellbook while Eggman gets a raygun. Battle is...
  5. Psychomaster35

    Dexter VS Jimmy Neutron: Prodigal Science

    This match now became in reach when Jimmy’s Nicktoons game profile was created, lol. Fight started when Jimmy and Dexter were participating in an international Science Fair, and when they saw each other’s inventions, they were jealous to a point where they decided to fight in a battle between...
  6. Oleggator

    Low 7-B tournament. Round 1 Match 4 Monkey vs Choco Bibi

    Tournament Round 1, Match 4: Monkey (Dexter's Laboratory) (@Psychomaster35) vs Choco Bibi (PVP Round) (Hardcore Levelling Warrior) (@Sir_Ovens) Rules: Equal Speed, today's location is Chimera Lab (which is inside of Murasaki Forest which you can count as forest with a lot of trees). Quick...
  7. The_Impress

    Hidden Genius: Dexter vs. Iron Man (1-0-0)

    Dexter vs. Iron Man All equipment up to 7-B allowed, speed equalized, in character. Battle takes place in Tokyo.
  8. AgentJojoBerserk

    Could someone please check this feat?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJ_kLnGJTB4 I need this feat checked, and I need to know if it's an outlier or not. It involves this Galactus parody eating the Solar System, and Monkey making him puke it out. I don't know if it'd scale to AP or Durabilty, but I need the feat to be checked to...
  9. GoCommitDi

    Dexter vs Johnny Test

    How was this never made? Dexter is High 8-C and Johnny is 8-B, however both have all their equipment Both have a year of prep and prior knowledge Speed is = Fight starts on a golf course, both 50 meters away
  10. GoCommitDi

    Dexter vs Chowder

    Or, as I like to call it: "Chowdah, get out of my lah-bor-a-toree!" Dexter has all of his inventions as well as a month of prep and some prior knowledge Speed is = Fight is at Six Flags New Orleans Both start 50m away from each other
  11. The_Smashor

    Low 7-B Bracket R4: Monkey (Dexter's Laboratory) vs Inuyasha (Character)

    Bracket Hub Current Standings Rules: Speed Equalized. Otherwise SBA. Monkey (Dexter's Laboratory): Inuyasha (Character): 4 (AquaWaifu, Genericstickma, ApiesDeathbyLazors, N Kardashev) Inconclusive:
  12. Qawsedf234

    Dexter downgrade

    So currently Dexter is rated at 5-A for the following listed reason Attack Potency: Dwarf Star level (Destroyed meteors and other threats which were going to destroy Earth, though he failed on one occasio) Except he did not destroy these meteors. He failed in both the comic 2and television...
  13. Stalker_Maggot

    Battle of geniuses - Dexter vs Zim

    Both have 3 years of prep Speed = Both have their full arsenal Dexter (Dexter's Laboratory): Zim: Inconclusive:
  14. GoCommitDi

    Two orange-haired short-tempered scientists fight (Dexter vs Dr Robotnik)

    Both High 8-C and have all their gadgets Speed is = Both have 1 week of prep Fight is in Wal-Mart Dexter: 0 SnoopING AS usual, I see!: 0 Incon: 0
  15. GoCommitDi

    Dexter vs Gumball Watterson

    Dexter is High 8-C and has all his gadgets (excluding the ones that don't go into the High 5-A tier for very, very obvious reasons) Gumball is also fully equipped both bloodlusted and start 60 meters away from each other fight is at Elon Musk's mansion Dexter: 7 Gumball: 0 Incon: 0...
  16. Tonygameman

    Dexter's Laboratory Discussion Thread

    This thread is about discussing anything about one of Cartoon Network's older popular cartoons, Dexter's Laboratory. Our topics here include: Talking about the series in whole. Potential upgrades (this prediction page got some feats here). Cleaning/fixing some pages. Adding more profiles. And...
  17. The_real_cal_howard

    Dexter vs Light Yagami

    Okay time for another battle of intelligence. I did this match when I realized that Dexter essentially has the Death Note but it mindwipes instead of kills. Dexter the Boy Genius vs Kira. They start in their hometowns and both are aware that someone's after them but they don't know who. The...
  18. Stalker_Maggot

    Dexter vs Stewie Griffin

    Rules: Both are 9-A Both have all gadgets (that aren't above the tier gap) Speed is equalized Both have a week of prep
  19. Insecurity97

    Dexter vs. Captain Hero

    Dexter is High 5-A and gets a day of prep. Speed is equalized Dexter: 0 Captain Hero: 0 McQueenie: 0
  20. Insecurity97

    Dexter vs. Powdered Toast Man

    Dexter is High 5-A and gets a day of prep. Speed is equalized Dr. Doofenshmirtz when he was a kid: 1 All toasters toast toast: 0 Disney buys both Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon: 0
  21. Tonygameman

    Bill Rizer VS Monkey

    Both are High 5-A and their speed is equalized. Bill Rizer: 0 Monkey (Dexter's Laboratory): 0 Inconclusive: 0
  22. Insecurity97

    About Dexter's 10-C key

    This is kinda like Perry the Platypus' old 9-C key since I don't think Dexter should have a 10-C key. He's consistently superhuman as he survives large explosions on a daily basis (mostly from Dee Dee destroying his inventions). He has also tanked blasts from his orbital laser cannon and has...
  23. Andytrenom

    Barbequor AP revision

    Currently Barbequor is 4-B because he dwarfs the solar system...except he doesn't. What he dwarfs is the celestial bodies in the solar system tightly squished together, the length of which should not be anywhere close to the actual diameter of the solar system as far as I know. I believe it...
  24. Insecurity97

    Dexter vs. Lisa Loud

    So this fight all started because Lisa told Dexter that he looks like Drew Carey, and Dexter said to Lisa that she sounds like Sid from Ice Age, so needless to say, the both of them are not pleased, and are out for each other's blood. Both are 9-A, which means Dexter is at his peak, and both...
  25. The_real_cal_howard

    Khârn vs Monkey

    Yes. You read that right. Khârn the Betrayer vs Monkey (Dexter's Laboratory). I mean, he already fought one flying monkey, why not another? Speed equalized.
  26. Christian_Higdon

    Monkey vs Godzilla (Composite)

    Both are at High 5-A Godzilla can't transform here Speed is equalized SBA Who wins? Monkey: 0 Composite Godzilla: 3
  27. Steel_Justice

    Cell Vs. Barbequor

    Cell (4-B) Vs. Galactus Speeds are equalized. Fight only ends in death or incapacitation.
  28. Eficiente

    Mr. Game & Watch vs Dexter

    I'm not gonna bump this. Dexter doesn't have his inventions and is at his peak. Mr. Game & Watch: 1 Dexter: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  29. Eficiente

    Major Dexter's Laboratory Revisions

    https://galacticattorney.deviantart.com/art/Dexter-tinkers-with-Death-Battle-679009232 I received permission from GalacticAttorney to post this here, all the credit is his. TL; DR: Powers and Abilities: Genius Intelligence, Toon Force, Vehicular Mastery and Weapon Mastery by himself...
  30. Dark649

    Dexter and Mandy Revisions

    Currently both pages are in bad conditions, but i have some informations to fix them. Dexter: Normally varies, he seems to be portrayed as 10-C, but in some episodes he fought with fodders with his suit and with Action Man. He destroyed a television with a fart, but it was after eating several...
  31. Firestorm808

    Update Dexter's Pictures and Keys

    I found much better pictures to use.
  32. SuperKamiNappa

    She-Hulk vs. Monkey

    Speed Equalized WHo wins and why?
  33. Soldier_Blue

    Dexter's Laboratory profiles and stats

    The profile of Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory has simply "unknown" for all stats. This makes it a candidate for deletion. We were discussing his feats and potential stats on this thread . Of course, the staff will not tolerate such off-topic discussion cluttering a thread. Discuss feats for...
  34. The_real_cal_howard

    Monkey profile creation help

    I think Monkey from Dexter's Laboratory deserves a page. Unfortunately, I don't know all of his feats. All I know is that he's FTL (or FTL+, whatever Barbequor is) and at the very least, CIty Block, but at the most, Solar System. Could any of you guys help me create this? Like, create a respect...