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Versus Thread Removal Requests 17

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This thread is created for the purpose of removing outdated or stomp versus threads from profiles that are administrator-protected.

Here are the regulations that need to be followed:

  • Kindly post links to the threads, along with the characters involved in the thread.
  • Provide reasons as to why you think it is a stomp match or if it doesn't follow our Versus Thread Rules.
  • Do not request a versus thread to be removed just because it's under your favorite character/verse profile.
  • Keep in mind that just because a match is decisive, or even has a unanimous vote, does not automatically make it stomp.
  • Remain patient regarding responses. Do not disturb other members with requests to look into this thread.
  • Do not derail the thread with off-topic posts. Persistent derailing, will likely result in a warning or perhaps even a block, depending upon the severity of the derailment.
  • Argument involving a versus thread to be removed that you don't agree with is allowed. Just be sensible about it.
The following on their own do not automatically mean a match is a stomp.

  • Being a decisive match doesn't make it a stomp.
    *Having a small array of hax isn't a stomp.
  • Having one hax to the opponent's none, or one hax being the deciding factor doesn't make it a stomp.
NOTE TO ALL STAFF: Please read through as much of a thread as you can before removing it. This will lessen the amount of people attempting to abuse this thread simply to remove losses from their favorite characters.
Mario vs Demigra should be removed. The reason is because Mario held an AP advantage back then. Now he has nothing that can put Demigra down.

The match is currently on both of their profiles.
Asriel vs Dimentio needs to be removed on Asriel's profile as his reason for winning was one-shotting by attacking the soul, however Undertale had a CRT about their soul hax not being able to negate durability.
Frank vs Dracula. AP stomp. 3 Megajoules vs Wolf Scaling

Frank vs Sportacus. This fights more a stomp cause Frank takes everything. Sport has no range, No combat experience, Is Physically weaker, Physically less durable, his only real arsenal was restricted, as far as we know, he doesn't have much combat skill either, Frank had dozens of meters in range, skill stomps, Way Way more experience, much much higher intelligence, had ice haxs which easily one shot, Ect. Basically, Frank can one shot, Skill and experience stomps, physically stronger both Lifting and attack wise, far more intelligent, with range weapons, which again, his range weapon would technically one shot.

Maggie vs Stewie. Wasn't supposed to be added. Never actually hit grace.
Umm, if a match is removed on one page, but not on the other, should I ask here for it to be removed, or should I ask it somewhere else?
I see, thank you.

On Goku's page we have a wi against Natsu and a loss against Cole.

Both fights seem to be outdated (I checked Natsu's and Cole's pages history; this fights were added, but then were removed).
Cole has another fight against Goku that needs to be added so yeah they should be removed
  • Frank vs Dracula. AP stomp. 3 Megajoules vs Wolf Scaling - I need the 3 Megajoules calculations first.
  • Maggie vs Stewie. - it looks grace was meet.
  • I removed the other match.
Well. It's not a calc. but here's the thread that says and links the feat as well as being accepted. It's an already calced thing. Just 3 sticks of dynamite he tanks.

Maggie vs Stewie didn't actually hit grace. It was assumed after 7 votes, it was in grace. Both neither had a 3 vote advantage on the other, so it was put in inconclusive, but that's not how inconclusive works (at least I've been told that).
@Oblivion Was it? There is nothing Jack can do to stop Golden King from staring though so might as well be passive, though it is passive.

It's explicitly said that simply by his presence in the sky, simply by directing his gaze, he brings death to all who opposes him, and his ability doesn't have heat, mass or pressure, things just get reduced to particles.

Not seeing what Jack can do.
Yeah, I agree that Jack and Golden King's match should be removed. I got to say I am about to be busy in real life soon so if I am to make the changes, it would likely be hours later.
Homer Simpson vs Richard Watterso

I made this when Homer had the same regen as Richard (High-Low) and Class 1 lifting strength, but considering Homer has had several massive additions and boosts lately (including Mid regen), Richard has no way to do anything to Homer, not even KOing since he's baseline

IG you could argue Richard has empathic manipulation, but it's not really combat applicable and it requires hugging Homer which he'd easily break out of (since his LS is now Class 50) and then smack him
Thor vs Superma

Simply put: the match had not actually concluded when it was said to. There was one actual argument for Superman with 6 FRA's.

But, after fact checking, the reasons for that original argument went out the window as they wouldn't work and two of the FRA's above recanted as inconclusive in the wake of that explanation and before the match was even submitted.

So really, the match has been added when the vote count was basically 0-0-2 at that moment. As it stands right now the vote is like 1-0-2. Nowhere near done.
They probably could have been due submission glitches; well, the matches are removed now.
WeeklyBattles said:
Jade vs Gelati

Not sure how this was passed but with unequalized speed Jade has no way to fight a sub-relativistic opponent
Gelatin is only Sub-Relativistic in attack speed, Jade had higher movement speed (and she greatly outranged Gelatin)
It was argued in that thread that the sub-rel scales to combat speed and reactions as they dodged the sub-rel attacks, menaing jade will never, ever hit Gelatin
Could've sworn that Psycho said it couldn't apply, well if it does scale then yeah, makes sense to remove it
Phoenix Wright vs Hercule

I noticed a Huge issue with this. It put Phoenix in a place that was basically impossible for him to win. As brought up in the reason Satan won, There is literally nothing illegal about exaggerating something to make yourself sound or look better. As well, he didn't actually lie about the fights he won. Phoenix can't prove he didn't win them because he Did win them. And these tournaments are heavily televised. So most people would have seen it. Add in the worlds extreme Bias towards Hercule, and that Phoenix is an honest man and wouldn't expose Hercule on something that wasn't true (aka, frame him), and this match was just flat out impossible for Phoenix to win. Hercule didn't do anything illegal that Phoenix can expose, he isn't really lying about what he did, and the worlds just flat out bias for Hercule. Wright has no case, and no actual way to win. He would up and have to start lying to prove him guilty of something he didn't actually do, which is highly unfair considering Phoenix in character wouldn't ever do that.
While I was looking at this match (which I totally aggree about removing), I stumbled across King vs. Phoenix match. Shouldn't it be removed as well? King has literally no way to convince that he is "the real deal".

That makes sense. The literal moment he spits out a lie, Phoenix knows he is full of garbage due to the Magatama. So since King had to convince Phoenix specifically he was the real deal, that doesn't sound exactly fair. I agree, probably should be removed.
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