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Varies from 9B to Low 1A for Thor

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It is a well known fact that Thor often holds back in fights which prevents him from fighting anywhere near his full level. It is also known as an asgardian-elder god hybrid he has incredible potential (Odin states that he has a power greater than Asgard), though he has great difficulty tapping into these powers and is only able to do so in extreme situations. In desperate situations we have seen him take on multiple Tier 2 and Tier 1 beings and do well against them. He is obviously tapping into his latent elder god-hybrid powers when he performs these feats. He also demonstrated higher dimensionality while breaking out of the tesseract and sometimes performs galaxy to universe level feats and was able to survive absolute zero due to brute strength alone.

I propose that Thor's tiering should be changed to Varies from 9B (was knocked out by a handgun) to Low 1A (mortally wounded the Chaos King) due to his propensity to hold back during fights and his ability to tap into his latent elder god powers in desperate situations.

Also it was probably just a brag but Thor in his base form recently said that no one in the universe was capable of defeating him so it could be argued he scales above everyone in the 616 universe at full potential.
That's the point of this CRT, it explains all outliers with a varies rating.

Unless you think the bottom end for the Varies should be another tier.
Pretty sure it's the same for a lot of comics characters tho; because of different continuities and stuff like that.
But Thor has specific reasons for this. He has a tendency to hold back and he had latent powers that he has difficulty tapping into.
Well, the same can be said for characters such as Superman or Hulk, who have similar reasons irrc.

Tho I think that asking for knowledgeable members' opinion would be better.
>9-B to Low 1-A.

No.... No it will be a no, being one that holds back means that your opponents won't scale to 100% of your blows (Which doesn't affect your durability). Then another complety different thing is shifting your durability from 9-B to ******* 40+ Tiers above, using low-end and high-end outliers as a reasoning.

No my dude.
No offense, but the argument is an insult to any thing that has to do with indexing, **** consistency or reliability, we are going to pack every single downplay and wank a character ever had into the profile and say is accurate.

It's almost as bad as what that guy a long time ago said about comic characters being 2-D.
Not open for further replies.