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Vaatu and raava ap and Ed question

Where are the scans for their environmental scaling, and calcs for it and why would this not scale to the ap?, “was going to cover the world in darkness and then reshape it”

this would change unalaq, raava and vaatu pages from what I see.
I agree that their 6-A rating doesn't really make sense. Raava stated multiple times that Vaatu was going to cover the world in darkness, that the world was going to be changed, or the "world as you know it will cease to exist". When he got to Republic City, he was starting to cover the world in spirit vines so that the planet would be more hospitable to dark spirits, before he was interrupted by Korra. Book 4 later shows that the vines have a symbiotic relationship to the ones in the swamp, and Toph was basically able to use the swamp's Banyon tree to see what was happening all over the world. So Vaatu could have used that connection to grow his vines all over the planet.

Even if you think that that's not enough for a higher rating, there's also the fact that Vaatu and Raava are referred to in-universe as the almighty and all-powerful spirits. So that would place their peak power above the moon and ocean spirits. Some people say that avatar's moon doesn't have moon-level ap because of it's unique connection to the koi, but in Book 3's premiere, we see that Yue does have the power to raise the ocean tides just like the moon irl.
I don’t mind if vaatu and raava become multi continental- moon level because scaling to the moon spirits and this, however “the reshaping and covering the world with darkness”, needs to be updated and needs evidence for this claim, then we should look into the spirits in avatar.