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  1. BrackishBrineBroth

    Legend of Korra: FTL for the God tiers

    Yes, you read that title correctly. As the title suggests, this would only qualify for Raava, Vaatu, Unavaatu, and Cosmic Korra. The rating would come from this scene: When Korra comes back into the spirit world after her fight with Unavaatu, she comes down in a beam of light, with all of her...
  2. BrackishBrineBroth

    Avatar and Korra: Conceptbending

    Aang already has large size listed under his "fused with La" key, but he should also get large size type 1 for his regular key, as he is capable of earthbending together several rocks to make a giant body while he's in the avatar state. Everyone who is capable of airbending should get...
  3. ProfessorKukui4Life

    Avatar / Legend of Korra 5-C Revisions

    It's been a while everyone. Havent done one of these in sometime, but figured this would be a good way to get the rust off a little bit. So as the title says, this is a misc revision for the Avatars & god tiers of the verse, who are currently rated at 5-C. This happened in this upgrade thread...
  4. Ayewale

    ATLA - 5-C Avatar is Dumb

    So this thread is barely 24 hours old; trying to undo it with a CRT is probably pretty cool. But from what I can tell, literally no one showed any opposition to such a massive upgrade and the thread's been locked, so all I can do is this. To summarize, the reasons behind the upgrade are as...
  5. foxhunter

    About avatar spirits (mostly vaatu and raava ap and ed)

    Yue, tui and la should get pages as they’re one of most important spirits in the avatar series and have done feats Raava and vaatu, environmental destructive make no sense, nor does it have a calc or any scans at all, I don’t see how covering the world in darkness and reshaping it will be...
  6. foxhunter

    Vaatu and raava ap and Ed question

    Where are the scans for their environmental scaling, and calcs for it and why would this not scale to the ap?, “was going to cover the world in darkness and then reshape it” this would change unalaq, raava and vaatu pages from what I see.
  7. BrackishBrineBroth

    An issue I have regarding Raava and Vatuu's profiles

    Under the weakness section of both Raava and Vatuu's profile, this is stated: "S/he can be temporarily killed if s/he is disintegrated, but s/he will revive, s/he probably can be killed if s/he fuses with a human and said human is killed in the Avatar State." This is pure speculation from...
  8. Meosos

    Avatar: Possible Vaatu and Raava Downgrade

    Vaatu and Raava are currently listed as "Likely Continent level via environmental destruction at full power (He was going to cover the world in darkness and then reshape it, when he possessed Unalaq he nearly managed to do so)" From what I remember Unalaq/Vaatu simply said that a new age for...
  9. Eric_Stormbringer

    Aku VS Vaatu

    Vaatu regenerates 10,000 years after the events in LoK and discovers the world ruled by Aku. He sets out to confront the demon to see who will be the true Master of Darkness. Conditions -Speed Equalized(since Vaatu's is unknown) -No BFR