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Theater Battle of Wits: How About a Shave, Marquis?

Sweeney Todd vs Marquis de Lafayette


  • MDL's gun is restricted
  • Fight takes place in Sweeney's parlor
  • They do not start out fighting, but rather this scenario: Sweeney is trying to convince Marquis to sit for a shave (which would lead to death), while Marquis is trying to see if Sweeney is the reason people have been disappearing and only then will he attack Sweeney (in which case Marquis would have the reach advantage due to his saber). TL;DR they are trying to get their opponent in a situation where they play into their hands. Also Sweeney can use the trap door as they are in his parlor, though he couldn't really use it unless ol' Marquis was on it.

  • Demon Barber of Fleet Street:
  • Frenchman:
  • Incon: