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The batman who laughs prep time tier

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so in the new justice league:Hell Arisen it has now been confirmed that batman who laughs has killed the spectre of his earth after scouring countless dark tomes.


this should put batman at 2C with perp time
I suppose that this seems to make sense, but you should ask PrinceOfTheMorning to comment here.
that would also give him dark magic since he had to investigate a lot about the dark arts to destroy it but that only puts him as unknown since it is not specified as he did exactly
Well, he's referencing the Spectre of his earth. First we need Spectre's feats before applying any changes to Batman who Laughs, and all we know so far is that he's dead.

Adding magic to Batman Who Laughs' profile seems fine tho
Normal multiverse Spectre can be brought down by certain types of magic that channel the power of God, so I don't think we should assume a tier at all for BWL's feat. Just that he can do magic. He's probably capable of very impressive magic though, since the latest Hell Arisen (which takes place after this week's JL#39 btw, I won't spoil the ending for people that haven't read it) revealed he's captured the Phantom Stranger.
Thank you. Should we close this thread then?
Not open for further replies.