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Sasuke vs Kaguya

To be honest...

I don't think Sasuke is likely to win.

Sure, he got much better control over powers, and has more knowledge, but e still doesn't have the AP and Kaguya also has some ways to one-shot, likely has an AP advantage and her immortality could keep her alive.
Would Sasuke's power be enough for CT? It took both Naruto and Sasuke to make the moon, in which case he'd simply need to be twice as strong. Plus his variation of CT makes the target the core, just like the six paths version.
Pretty sure they plain needed the moon and sun seal, and he doesnt have both.

But no, he is unlikely to pull of a sealing that can keep kaguya from teleporting away
We mostly scale him to 200~400 due eto momo managing to get and overpower him in direct confrontation of AP, with him being far more skilled
I mean, Sasuke was able to injure Momoshiki by taking out his Rinnegan on his hands. I think at this point, he could pull some shit like making Kaguya get hit by one of her own disintegrating bones with some clever use of Amenotejikara.
Momo could do it, with her only power (that I think he should be able to reflect) that she can use to win is easily dodged.
Gargoyle One said:

Define how good of a chance Momo has
All but one of her powers he can absorb or resist, he outskills her, has an AP advantage, and getting past low-mid regen isn't that hard.

Plus his black recievers could make naruto unable to move and fight, so those too would work against kaguya, at wich point he could do what he did to thw other jinchuuriki
Why do people always forget that Kaguya can absorb Momoshiki's ninjutsu?

As for the Regenerationn, no one can kill Juubi jinchuuriki with brute force as far as we currently know. Momoshiki isn't special, and he doesn't have an AP advantage. That's just based on opinion.

Black receivers don't work on Rinnegan users.

Anyway, we've done this dance dozens of times so I won't bother.
I didnt, but he either knows it, or simply realizes it. He does have some pretty good H2H too.

There was a whole thread on it, and most agreed that we scale him above her burning. And you know that he only needs to damage her enough that he can absorb the tailed beasts, right? And again, she isnt going to come back from decapitation, that is speculation that wasnt accepted.

Plus, he can use shadow possesion to stop her, as sasuke couldnt absorb it while immobilzed either.
"Most agreed that we scale him above her"

I don't agree with scaling him above Prime Kaguya.

"And you know that he only needs to damage her enough that he can absorb the tailed beasts, right?"

Damage her with attacks that can be absorbed? Kaguya became unstable as a result of the chakra of all the Bijuu in Naruto's move, which Momoshiki doesn't have. Also, you remember that this guy has crap amount of chakra, right? He can't use sustained ninjutsu on his own. And Kaguya can absorb chakra.

"And again, she isnt going to come back from decapitation, that is speculation that wasnt accepted."

I never said that.

"Plus, he can use shadow possesion to stop her, as sasuke couldnt absorb it while immobilzed either."

Naruto and Sasuke were nerfed, and didn't use their abilities to the fullest. We know that:

  • Naruto can use his cloak without movements. Why didn't he activate it, and use chakra arms to launch an attack to counter Momoshiki's or try and defend the others with Kurama Avatar?
  • Sasuke doesn't need movements to use Amenotejikara, and he can teleport things with it. Why didn't he do so?
  • Sasuke can also neutralize ninjutsu with the Preta Path. Why didn't he do so against Momoshiki?
  • Sasuke can also use PS without the need for movements. It comes from his eyes. Again, why didn't he do so and combine it with Kurama Avatar to protect the others?
Momoshiki got wasted by Kurama Avatar + PS combo and he was already exhausted and without enough chakra for ninjutsu. Nerfed Base Naruto's Rasengan clashed with his strongest move, and even vaporized him. He's very overrated, in my opinion.

Seriously though, I won't say anything on this again. Everyone can have their own opinions.
I personally think it wouldn't make sense for Kaguya to die from being decapitated....but hey, that's just me....


I have actual canon reasons why it wouldn't make sense too. Honestly Kaguya's lack of screen time really hurts her when it comes to things like this, and her character writing.

I understand that we can't give characters abilities based on speculation, but if Kaguya can't at least regen from decapitation, it would be a huge plot hole that would make no sense within the context of the Naruto story.
I agree with Burning Full Fingers, tbh. In a scenario where Sasuke isn't clearly trying to set things up for Boruto to play a part in order to grow and develop him as a pupil, Sasuke could have teleported out of the range of the Shadow Possession, and/or used PS.

Same with Naruto and his Kurama Avatar. I believe that if Kaguya fought Adult Sasuke, it'd probably be inconclusive.
And several diagreed with that as well burning.

Momo with crap amount of chakra? He needs to absorb something to send it back, but the amount of chakra has nothing to do with it. If not he couldnt absorb a bunch of 7-C attacks and amp them to his own level. And he also does have the chakra of the bijuu.

The base being vaporized is either due to pis or boruto being an otdutsuki, and you know that that isnt usable to debate against him. Especialy after he was stated to be planning to oneshot them all.

Plus, there are others that could lill her in her own verse, like hagoromo at his peak or maybe our new otsutsuki with his sealing
I dont think it would be an easy fight for Kaguya, but I dont think Sasuke actualy has a clear way to put her down.

Also there is no way Sasuke has the strength to decapitate her. He probably could with a Ssusanoo, but that would never land as we have seen in the manga. He is likely faster now as well. But I still doubt that without the Sasuke and Naruto coordination hax(1+1=8), that he can ever do so.