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Calculation Group
The Mother Boxes and Superman are currently rated as High 6-A, for when the 3 Mother Boxes combine they can terraform a planet.

However, both times Steppenwolf went to Earth, when the 3 Mother Boxes were combined, it took minutes and it still hadn't finish terraforming the Earth, and the Olympians/Justice League could stop him in time.

So shouldn't that be less than High 6-A if it takes over minutes?
Well, they do also say that one Mother Box can do it, and the reason Superman wasn't destroyed by the Mother Box, whereas a planet's surface would, was because he was more durable than it. I do admit it's a bit weird to quantify.

But from what we can see it seems that it takes a little while initially charging / firin into the planet, but then Terraforms it very quickly once its fully "activated".
Well I am fine with Superman being High 6-A based on that quote, but I don't think the Mother Box should be. It is always slowly terraforming the planet.

What is the proof that it has to "activate" though? IIRC both times Steppenwolf tried terraforming Earth. was stopped.
Terraforming a Planet is High 6-A, okay, but how many Petatons/Exatons, exactly ?

I guess it depends on the timeframe, right ?
I'm pretty sure i saw storyboard(snyder) where the planet is transformed really fast but we may not use it . I will address this in the massive revision i'm planning
I think that the motherboxes completely transforms the planet when the unity is completed. Judging by the storyboard i think it works like the power stone
I'm not sure if we can use story boards

Also I think we assumed it to be a standard world razing calc in this (It's probably lower tho but we need a timeframe)
But we see that when 3 boxes combine it still does not terraform Earth quickly.

Btw post a link on my wall when you make that big revision.
The thing is, the Mother Boxes terraform the planet starting from a single point. Then it spreads around said point on a 360┬║ radius that grows exponentially larger. It will eventually be covering most of the planet.
I think the boxes should be completely unified into one to be activated. Snyder's version could've given more info, i hope it gets released someday
Well if the storyboard is anything to go by the boxes completely tansforms earth once fully unified. We also gpt a shot a big flash of light like in storyboard in the trailer(which obviously never made it the final cut)