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Possible Base Thor upgrade, Resistance Addition, & Resistance Cleanup

1. Upgrade

Ok, so in a recent comic for Thor, serving as a Herald to Galactus, encounters his brother-in-arms Beta Ray Bill. Now he and Bill are at an impasse and have a fight. Now, Thor makes it clear from the get-go that he and Bill had been equals in the past. However, that's no long true. Thor goes on to state that not only does he the Power Cosmic now, he's got power worthy of an All-Father on top of his ow. See here.

Now, this is crucial for what comes next. Thor de-powers himself from his Herald state, giving up the power for the moment. However, even in this state Thor is powerful enough to break Stormbreaker with a single overhead blow. Remember, Bill with Stormbreaker was the equal to Thor with Mjolnir, with Stormbreaker being crafted in much the same way as Mjolnir was. That weapon was durable enough to survive countless battles and someone like Bill swinging it. Yet, Thor shattered it with one blow.

Based off this feat plus Thor's own description of his power and his acknowledgement of Bill as his former equal, I believe that Thor should be scaled as superior to Bill. This will not change Thor's tier and just add onto his AP justification. Also,

2. Resistance Addition

Thor shows he resistant to Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze's) Hellfire, shrugging it off.

Unaffected by an acid blast and plants that burn like acid.

When a person speaks the Disir name, they are cut to pieces. Thor invokes it multiple times and while hurt from the experience, is not cut to ribbons.

Not affected by a substance that instantly dehydrates a person. Thor was more worried about it trapping him. Water Manip resistance? Bio Manip resistnace? Both??

To sum up: Resistance to Hellfire, Acid, Curses, and possibly Water/Bio.

3. Resistance Cleanup

Simply put, some Thor resistances aren't linked to the apporiate pages of the abilities he resists, I'd like to change that.
Thor likely has a lot of resistances that aren't listed on his page that very well in need of it...or really needs a cleanup as you say.

IDK what VSBW's opinions are on respect threads made off-wikia like reddit so take it for what it's worth, but I found one made several years ago that has a bunch of stuff listed for main Marvel Thor as well as numerous things listed under "misc resistances" that could be useful.


It also has links of abilities that are listed on his page, and some that might not be on there but like I said you can take it for what it's worth or not as I think his profile needs a cleanup/update. At least on his base form, DK about the latter forms/power up forms he has.

That said, the rest in the OP looks fine.
I not good with any AP change unless it's shown to be semi-permanent at least like with Iron Man armors or the amps Post-Crisis Superman got. If we included a key for every temporary amp given to a comic character a lot of profiles would have like thirty keys.

For resistances

  • I'll have to look more into hellfire
  • Acid is fine
  • That seems more like durability than curse resistance
  • Resistance Water Manipulation probably covers it
Idk if more durability can make one withstand acid and (Marvel) hellfire, so I'm neutral on those resisntances.

They are always cut to pieces or something just happens to them?

Resistance to Water and Bio Manip is good.
Eficiente said:
Idk if more durability can make one withstand acid and (Marvel) hellfire, so I'm neutral on those resisntances.
They are always cut to pieces or something just happens to them?
Well, Thor's also tanked hellfire from Robbie Reyes as well, if that helps. Plus, Thanos got the resistance from tanking Cosmic Rider's as well.

In addition, Sentry got resistance to acid manip for this.

You just say the Disir's name and you get cut to pieces. Heck, in the comic Hela even refuses to say the name and just describes them. The moment after the guy said it *Boom*.
I know, but I'm not sure anymore.

Then again, maybe something bad just happens to the targets. This doesn't remove the resistance or anything, it just means that the wording of it needs to be careful, something like this; "Resistance to Deconstruction & Biological Manipulation (Uttered the Dísir's name, which Hela stated that must not be done and someone else doing so cut him to pieces)"

I don't see why this is a curse btw, someone says that they are cursed to show their full fury when someone says their name but that's as in they themselves are cursed, not stuff that happens then the name is said.