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Meliodas vs Bartolomeo

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Is the 7-B form his Demon Form or with his Sacred Treasure? - if it's the former Meliodas gets STOMPED.
PaChi2 said:
Isnt 7-B unsealed Base?
Unsealed base is when he gets his full power back from 10 years before the series.

Also, Primaris you mean sealed Base don't you?
Still, it's him launching a barrier, it's not a magical blast, explosion, shockwave, it's not an initiated attack that he can manipulate, it's an object that he moves.
Also, Unsealed Base is the Large Mountain Level one pachi, so we should add a Sealed Meliodas' Demon form, as the 7-B is him with sacred treasure.
Pachi, can i have your permission to add a demon meliodas for his unsealed base?

Edit: Nvm, i have to go to bedd.
ZERO7772 said:
You want one of those profiles with tons of keys but all the same tier?
Why not? he became significantly stronger even in the same tier, remember when he one shot Ban who already take all of sealed Mel base power with his demon power.
Dont think you can equalize Devil Fruits with Magic due to the fact that it should be a genetic type of power
In NnT magic is something tied to heritage (genes) too, tho?

Only demons can use black matter, only goddesses can use light magic, only Giants can use those dances...
I think energy equalization is only if the two verses abilities derive on an energy source, just like how Jutsus in Naruto needs Chakra while Bleach has Reiatsu.

Quirks in Boku No Hero Academia are genetic, and so are Devil Fruits in One Piece

I dont know if magic in NNT has an energy source though, so I cant pinpoint if NNT Magic = OP DF
I mean, hendrickson had to insert Demon cells in his body to attain the powers of a demon.
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