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one piece

  1. MonkeyOfLife

    Minor Observation Haki addition

    Observation Haki has many times been shown to be able to react at superior speeds to their base reactions, especially with Doffy and Aisa. Some already have it in their speed rating, but it's better and faster to add it on the Haki page instead Would look something like this
  2. Mr.Cinos15

    One Piece Chapter 1108 Spoilers

    Friday the thread will be updated with fan translations for the chapter and on Sunday the official release will be out. Link to Spoilers: https://worstgen.alwaysdata.net/forum/threads/one-piece-chapter-1108-spoiler-summaries-and-images.53550/ Discussions not related to the chapter should be...
  3. That_moron2

    Big Mom vs Yamato

    Battle location is Onigashima Rooftop Big Mom: Yamato: Incon:
  4. That_moron2

    Lesbian Sex? Boa Hancock vs Makima

    Speed Equal. Starting Distance is 50 meters Makima: 10 (@Robo432343, @XxZetsuxX, @GunshyFever, @JJSliderman, @Hiiilt, @That_moron2, @The_man_with_the_Midas_touch, @TauanVictor, @Adem_Warlock69, @Kisaragi_Megumi) Boa Hancock: 3 (@SatellaTheWoE, @MonkeyOfLife, @Kachon123) :
  5. Vzearr

    One Piece downgrade thread

    Finally finished my Naruto thread, now I get to move onto one piece. Calculation 1: Kaido's Thunder Bagua The problems: 1. It's calc stacking. 2. It's not actually a blitz? Why are we using blitz timeframes for something that isn't a blitz. Calculation 2: Bajrang Gun The problem: 1. I don't...
  6. DaMonkeMan

    One Piece 1107 Spoilers

    Link to the spoilers: https://worstgen.alwaysdata.net/forum/threads/one-piece-chapter-1107-spoiler-summaries-and-images.53074/ Discussion not related to spoilers should go in the General Discussion Thread.
  7. Deceived3596

    Boa Hancock Note Removal

    This should be a pretty simple thread given how self-evidently useless this note is. On Boa Hancock's profile, we have a note that explains the following: Now, I don't believe I have to really explain why John Hancock and Boa Hancock aren't the same names, they just share similar last names...
  8. Battle of the Human Sharks: Kisame Hoshigaki (Naruto) vs Jinbei (One piece)

    First Son of the Sea, Jinbei vs Monster of the Hidden Mist, Kisame Hoshigaki Starting distance: 30 meters Location: Water 7 Speed Equalized Keys: PTS jinbei and Part II Kisame K.O, Incap, or death Kisame: Jinbei:
  9. Brogeefrong

    Whitebeard vs Boros | 8-2-0 (Grace Completed)

    Marineford Whitebeard in his 5-C key is used (33.6 Exatons) Boros starts in his Released form, can transform, and is High 6-A (Scales massively above 5.68 Exatons) <5.9x Gap Speed is equalized Likely Mid-High Regeneration Negation for Whitebeard is restricted Fight takes place at Marineford...
  10. Starter_Pack

    An Electrifying Battle Of Man And Mouse (Enel vs. Pikachu)

    Within the vast expanse of Viridian Forest, a bolt of lightning struck within the heart of the forest, knocking over many trees and injuring many Pokémon that had been existing peacefully in the woods. Stepping over the bodies of these creatures, a man smiled and thrust his golden staff into the...
  11. Abysswalker2126

    Naruto vs One Piece youtube vid scaling Whack or Fact?

    I saw several videos on YouTube talking about One piece vs Naruto matchups and they had some supposed calcs and scaling and wanted to know if there was any merit to what they are saying or if they’re full of holes errors and fallacies and just assumptions and don’t know what they’re talking about
  12. The Ice Queen battles The King of Beasts(Esdeath{Akame ga kill} vs Kaidou{One Piece})

    Esdeath Kaidou Distance: 100 meters Speed Equal Esdeath has prior knowledge regarding Kaidou SBA for the rest
  13. Ryuga21

    Jaganshi Hiei vs Sanji Vinsmoke

    The Forbidden Child Vs. The Pervert Cook Both at 6-A (Post awakening Sanji); Both have knowledge and speed is equalized; Battle takes place at Makai; They starts at 20 meters to each other. Black Flames (Hiei): Blue Flames (Sanji): Inconclusive:
  14. Mr.Cinos15

    One Piece Chapter 1106 Spoilers

    Friday the thread will be updated with fan translations for the chapter and on Sunday the official release will be out. Link to Spoilers: https://worstgen.alwaysdata.net/forum/threads/one-piece-chapter-1106-spoiler-summaries-and-images.52856/ Discussions not related to the chapter should be...
  15. The_Pink_God

    I had an idea (Buggy the Clown vs Ryomen Sukuna)

    SBA 2/3 Fingers Sukuna vs East Blue Saga Buggy Speed Equal https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Buggy_the_Clown Vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ryomen_Sukuna
  16. Giannysmag

    Magma Guy Vs Ice Lady (Akainu Vs Esdeath)

    Speed Equalized Both are 6-A (Akainu is 2.5975 Petatons and Esdeath is 1.58 Petatons) Fight takes place in Marineford HIM: 0 Mommy: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  17. Ryuga21

    Zoro and Law curse resistance

    Roronoa Zoro: In Loguetown One Piece introduces the concept of cursed blades. The sword called "Sandai Kitetsu" aroused the interest of Roronoa Zoro, who defied the curse of the sword, and defeated it, even though this curse was responsible for the tragic death of it's two predecessor users...
  18. YeahhBoyee

    Jewelry Bonney profile update (One Piece)

    The reason for this thread is that Jewelry Bonney's profile is very outdated. I have submitted some changes here. Almost everything needs to be updated, starting with her Summary; Here is my proposed new summary, including her Flashback's information: Her age is listed as; This is based...
  19. TauanVictor

    (GRACE) Law VS Broly

    "Captain of the Heart Pirates" Trafalgar Law VS "Saiyan" Broly (Toei) Starting Distance: 15m Both in-character Equalized speed Onigashima Raid Law | Legendary Super Saiyan Broly LOCATION: Law: 11 (@noninho, @Fezzih_007, @SlendVeny, @Hasty12345, @Popbum, @Robo432343, @Dark_Soul20189...
  20. Mr.Cinos15

    One Piece Chapter 1105 Spoilers

    Friday the thread will be updated with fan translations for the chapter and on Sunday the official release will be out. Link to Spoilers: https://worstgen.alwaysdata.net/forum/threads/one-piece-chapter-1105-spoiler-summaries-and-images.52618/ Discussions not related to the chapter should be...
  21. noninho

    The Musician could...so can the Doctor? - Tony Tony Chopper vs Charlotte Perospero

    Later today will be ending the grace period for Brook's revenge on Perospero...Let's see if Chopper can do it too! Speed is =, Monster Point is restricted due to leaving a humongous AP gap battle's on an infinite superflat minecraft world, Chopper starts in Horn Point. Strawhat Pirates' Doctor...
  22. The Sword Breaker takes on a Marine Captain (Shichiya vs Tashigi)

    Tashigi(Post-Timeskip) Shichika(Complete Deviant Blade) Distance: 10 meters Speed equal SBA for the rest Note: To those who have seen this thread before: The reason why I'm redoing this is because the other one didn't get any attention due to me not putting any tags.
  23. Tots_Real

    Infinite vs Boobies (Gojo vs Boa Hancock)

    Satoru Gojo vs Boa Hancock https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Satoru_Gojo https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Boa_Hancock Speed Equalized
  24. Natsu vs logia?

    Natsu should be able to hurt logia since he was able to burn time right?
  25. Quibster

    Anakin Skywalker vs. Shanks

    (insert cool art here) Legends Anakin (Revenge of the Sith) is utilized (5-B), Shanks is 5-C, far higher with Haōshoku Infusion Fight takes place at Pirate Island (One Piece) Starting distance is 30 feet away from one another Speed is not equal Anakin Skywalker: "Red Hair" Shanks...
  26. Mr.Cinos15

    One Piece Chapter 1104 Spoilers

    Friday the thread will be updated with fan translations for the chapter and on Sunday the official release will be out. Link to Spoilers: https://worstgen.alwaysdata.net/forum/threads/one-piece-chapter-1104-spoiler-summaries-and-images.52098/ Discussions not related to the chapter should be...
  27. Saqphire

    Two Luffy victimizers Duke It Out [Kizaru vs. Kaido]

    • Location: Central Park • Both in-character • Both with full health, stamina, basically they’re both at their prime • Speed not equalized • Win conditions is death or incapacitation via either knock-outs or hax that makes one unable to fight. First to 7 votes will win after grace: Kaidou (14)...
  28. One piece resistances

    Shouldn’t characters like doflamingo and kaido have radiation resistance since both have been exposed to law's gamma knife internally with no sign of poisoning?
  29. Kachon123

    One Piece: Dressrosa Calc Additions

    The new Dressrosa size from this thread has been accepted. These two calcs have also been accepted. [/SPOILER] Updated One Piece verse page: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User:Kachon123/One_Piece_Verse_Page_Notes
  30. Recon1511

    Black Sperm vs Roronoa Zoro (One Punch Man vs One Piece) (10-3-0)

    Why not? Black Sperm faces off against another swordmaster, will he make Zoro his new sandbag? Black Sperm VS Roronoa Zoro Zoro's Thriller Bark Arc key will be used (1.87 Gigatons) Asura isn't restricted (3.75 Gigatons) Black Sperm's first key will be used (1.03 Gigatons) Golden and...
  31. Fezzih_007

    The Big 3 (Naruto, Luffy and Ichigo) vs The Dynamic Duo (Goku Ul and Vegeta UE) Stats equal!

    I see this on Reddit, so i got a little curious if in this site is a stomp or not. Stats equalized Everyone start already transformed in they lastest strongest form (Gear 5, Ultra Instict goku etc..) excluding Naruto, who is not on Baryon Mode for this fight. Manga version of Goku and Vegeta is...
  32. Apollonir.Scale

    Two redheads who are the main character's tough rivals are fighting

    Edo Nagato vs Katakuri speed equalized SBA Battlefield: Konoha Village Battle Theme: Orochimaru Theme Nagato: Kailone, Spectra, LuffyRuffy46307, Godernet, MintyBoi1, Deceived3596, Raiden38, Apollonir, Kidkinsey, Loyd, karo_senpaii, TuanVictor Katakuri: Kachon123, MonkeyOfLife, That_moron2...
  33. Robo432343

    Mihawk vs Sasuke

  34. Robo432343

    Gol D. Roger vs Hashirama Senju

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Gol_D._Roger vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Hashirama_Senju SBA Both 6-B Speed Equal fight!!!
  35. Mr.Cinos15

    One Piece Chapter 1103 Spoilers

    Friday the thread will be updated with fan translations for the chapter and on Sunday the official release will be out. Link to Spoilers: https://worstgen.alwaysdata.net/forum/threads/one-piece-chapter-1103-spoiler-summaries-and-images.51825/ Discussions not related to the chapter should be...
  36. Deceived3596

    Can August (Fairy Tail) Solo All Of One Piece

    An interesting, and goofy thread idea I just thought about. So I decided to make this thread to see if August is capable of soloing all of One Piece by himself or not. SBA Equal Stats (AP, Speed, Durability etc) Bloodlusted Composite One Piece is used Vs
  37. Arc7Kuroi

    One Piece Thunder Bagua Calc Stacking

    Calc This calc calculates Kaido's speed using a timeframe of 1 m / speed of light in m/s. Calc Stacking From my understanding, taking a stated speed from a separate scene than the feat in question, and using that to calculate a time frame to use that in a separate feat is calc stacking. As such...
  38. Ryuga21

    Oars ability removal

    Its "limited elasticity", damage boost, BFR and Body control should be removed completely. Oars cannot stretch, he was only able to do so because Gecko Moriaa was manipulating his physical form through the universal rule of shadows-body interaction. Therefore, there is really no elasticity, he...
  39. Mr.Cinos15

    One Piece Chapter 1102 Spoilers

    Friday the thread will be updated with fan translations for the chapter and on Sunday the official release will be out. Link to Spoilers: https://worstgen.alwaysdata.net/forum/threads/one-piece-chapter-1102-spoiler-summaries-and-images.51308/ Discussions not related to the chapter should be...
  40. Fezzih_007

    The Dragon Slayer try goes against the Pirate of them (Reid vs Kaidou) 3-1-1

    Both 5-C Speed equal They start 10 meters apart. They fight In a wharf side warehouse, in a roped-off ring, surrounded by dozens of hard-nosed spectators screaming for blood Kaidou zoan form are restricted He have a lot of Sake Votes: 3- SatellaTheWoE, theheavenlysword, VortechsTG Pablo...