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one piece

  1. Mukaddes

    Viego Vs Shanks

    Without changing Isolde, Viego passed through the portal to a land he had never known. Shanks, who took part in Isolde's soul in his own soul, became Viego's target. Ap= Speed= (Please remember Type3 Purification in Viego.) Viego: Shanks: İncon:
  2. Giannysmag

    The pirate hunter Vs the sorcerer killer (Roronoa Zoro Vs Toji Fushiguro)

    Alabasta Zoro is used Speed is equalized Toji Fushiguro: 1 Roronoa Zoro: 3 HIM (inconclusive): 0
  3. Mr.Cinos15

    One Piece Chapter 1094 Spoilers

    Friday the thread will be updated with fan translations for the chapter and on Sunday the official release will be out. Link to Spoilers: https://worstgen.alwaysdata.net/forum/threads/one-piece-chapter-1094-spoiler-summaries-and-images.47862/ Discussions not related to the chapter should be...
  4. Propellus

    Streaky vs Tony Tony Chopper

    My first match-up with a One Piece character, so it better count. Both are 7-C. Tony Tony's first key is being used. Streaky massively upscales from 18.15 Kilotons Tony Tony scales to 33.6 Kilotons Range is 10 meters. Speed is equalized. Who would win or why? Streaky the...
  5. TauanVictor

    Law VS Mob

    "Captain of the Heart Pirates" VS "Psycho Helmet" Starting Distance: 1km Both in-character Equalized speed Onigashima Raid Law | 6-B ???% Mob LOCATION: COMBATANTS: Law: Mob: Inconclusive:
  6. Dalesean027


    Wealth. Fame. Power. The man who had everything in this world... The Pirate King, Gold Roger. The great treasure he left behind, One Piece has opened the curtain on a grand era! An era that has awakened a great Live Action Netflix adaptation. Welcome all we're finally introducing the Live...
  7. KingTempest

    One Piece: Issho Range

    Very simple. Issho can yank meteors from outside of the planet and pull them to earth with his gravity. I'm not about to start copying and pasting links over and over so I stole this from his respect thread on reddit We already accept the minimum distance of him pulling meteors from out the...
  8. Ryuga21

    Shanks possible upgrade

    I will go straight to my proposal. Basically, I don't know how this should scale or if it should scale to anyone other than Shanks. But let's go. Shanks was able to put down Eustass Kid and Killer with a single Kamusari. We see that Shanks landed the attack squarely on Kid's chest, however...
  9. Monkey D. Luffy vs Sunset Shimmer (Matchups with Unequalized Speed)

    Yeah, I have absolutely nothing to say here. This was probably a horrible idea Post Haoshoku Advancement Luffy vs Pony Sunset Shimmer Starting distance is 200 meters Speed is unequalized Luffy (8.74c) Sunset Shimmer (Immensely superior to 3.56c) Both are 6-B, Luffy is allowed to go into...
  10. Deceived3596

    Trafalgar Law vs Zagred

    SBA Speed Equalized Both 6-B Battle for 9th placement of 6-B on the Non-Smurf thread Voting: Trafalgar Law: Zagred: Incon:
  11. SuperStar

    Yuno Grinberryall Vs Roronoa Zoro

    Yuno Grinberryall Vs. Roronoa Zoro Fight Location: SBA Battle Music Heart Kingdom Joint Struggle Arc Yuno will be used Post Mink Medicine Zoro will be used Starting Distance: 1 Kilometer Speed Equal Both in character Win by any means Yuno's AP is 31.44 Teratons, higher with Spirit Magic, far...
  12. GoldExPoints

    World's Strongest Swordsman vs. World's Strongest Creature (Mihawk vs. Kaido)

    Mihawk hears news of the Raid and decides he wants in on that action too, for some reason. Kaido starts in base Starting distance is 10 meters Arena is Onigashima Both are in character SBA otherwise Swordsman: Creature: Both are Pirate King victims (Incon):
  13. SlendVeny

    Mochi Man vs the Symbol of Peace

    As the Straw Hats make their way toward the wedding on Whole Cake, Katakuri prepares himself, but is distracted by something. A Marine battleship is attacking the island. As he and a group of followers approach, someone leaps from the sky, knocking Oven into a nearby pool of water. "I AM HERE!!"...
  14. Brook vs Kevin 11 (Matchups with Unequalized Speed) (0-0-0)

    Yeah, I have absolutely no idea how this will end Pre-Timeskip Brook vs Ultimate Kevin Both of their speeds are in the Relativistic range so it's unequalized for now (I assume Brook's faster) Edit: Apparently under the Calculations section for Ben 10, Kevin's speed is at FTL, but the members...
  15. Vinsmoke Sanji vs Finn the Human

    This was a bad idea Fishman Island Saga to Early Whole Cake Island Saga Sanji vs Dad's Dungeon - Apple Wedding Finn Speed is equalized Starting distance is 20 meters Both are High 7-A Who wins? Sanji: Finn: Inconclusive:
  16. Just_Butchering

    So this can be a thing huh? - Deku vs Luffy

    Funny that this is possible lmao Final War Deku vs Post-Timeskip Luffy Final War Arc Deku vs Post-Udon Prison Luffy Speed is equalized Both in-character Fight takes place in Onigashima Starting distance is 100 meters 6-B Versions Luffy scales to 12.64 Teratons, while Deku is above 8.36 Teratons...
  17. WrongIdea21

    One Piece Chapter 1093 : Luffy vs Kizaru (Official Translation)

    Friday the thread will be updated with fan translations for the chapter and on Sunday the official release will be out. Link to Official Translation: https://mangaplus.shueisha.co.jp/viewer/1018737 Link to...
  18. Yuuki158

    Zorro (One Piece) vs Princia Funnybunny (Black Clover)

    VS Basic Knowledge 50m (Distance) Current Key for Zorro Local: Skypeia Zoro Princia
  19. Uzukeas

    Luffy vs Gojo

    You already know what it is. Luffy(Wano)?vs Gojo( 28 Years old) Let’s go, Speed Equalised Luffy starts in base and G5 is applicable upon death Luffy: Gojo: Ben 10 steps in(incon):
  20. Vinsmoke Sanji vs Travis Touchdown

    This is probably going to be a stomp but I don't know who for so let's find out Fishman Island Saga to Early Whole Cake Island Saga Sanji vs Glastonbury Travis Speed is equalized Starting distance is 50 meters Both are High 7-A Who wins? Sanji: Kachon123, Knifeman29 Travis: Inconclusive:
  21. Mr.Cinos15

    One Piece Chapter 1092: "The Tyrant Kuma's Rampage Through The Holy Land" (Fan Translation)

    Friday the thread will be updated with fan translations for the chapter and on Sunday the official release will be out. Link to Fan Translation: https://tcbscans.com/chapters/7484/one-piece-chapter-1092?date=14-9-2023-12 Link to Spoilers...
  22. Armorchompy

    Low 7-B Tournament - Victor vs Roronoa Zoro

    Speed Equalized, fight takes place outside a parking lot. Victor is 1.67 Megatons, Zoro is >1.979 Megatons, >1.19 AP difference in Zoro's favor Victor: 0 Zoro: 6 Saman, Kachon, 3ggman, Me, James, Dragonite Incon: 0
  23. noninho

    Blonde Edgy Fella vs White Cartoon Monkey

    both Luffy and Cloud are high 6-A, w/ the first entering g5 right when the fight begins. = speed Genkai wo kaeru: I'll be the king of pirates: Incon:
  24. noninho

    What if toon monkey vs another angry immortal? (1-0-2)

    Monkey D. Luffy starts by entering Gear 5, High 6-A, and Asura is at his 1st key, 6-armed. Speed is = and Luffy has prior knowledge about Asura being immortal. Shishishishi: 1 (Ryuga21) simply :mad:: Incon: 2 (noninho, ItsOnlyDanny3)
  25. Ryuga21

    Trafalgar Law vs Thanos (MCU)

    Mad Titan Vs. Surgeon of Death Both in-character. Law has fully knowledge on Thanos and his abilites with the IG; Thanos knows that Law is a pirate with spatial powers; Onigashima Raid and Infinity War keys. Speed is Equalized. Both start at 20 meters apart; Battle takes place at Onigashima...
  26. Maverick_Zero_X

    Live Action One Piece Discussion Thread

  27. AnAverageUsername

    Mash Burnedead and the King of the Beasts [Mash vs Kaido]

    I'm feeling a little devious today COMBATANTS Mash Burnedead "Even if my chance of success is one in a thousand I'll make sure that one time is the first time. I know I can.": 0 Kaidou "I don't care if this boring world is destroyed! Let's start the greatest war the world has ever seen!": 0...
  28. noninho

    Luffy vs Tigger (please hear me out) (0-9-0)

    Might not be "addable" (i hope so bad that it can be), but i think it would be a nice discuss like that "Kira vs. L but 5d chess". No fists thrown today! Tigger and Luffy are nice bois, so how would they set it? Luffy was hangin' out with Sora, Pooh and Tigger, inside 100-Acre Wood's book, and...
  29. Mr.Cinos15

    One Piece Chapter 1091: "Sentomaru" (Fan Translation)

    Friday the thread will be updated with fan translations for the chapter and on Sunday the official release will be out. Link to Fan Translation: https://tcbscans.com/chapters/7477/one-piece-chapter-1091?date=30-8-2023-10 Link to Spoilers...
  30. Expectro2000xxx

    Luffy faces another electric enemy (Luffy vs Cole)

    Was sort of bored and thought in this match so I'm giving it a try. Infamour 2 Cole and Beginning of Timeskip Luffy, speed unequal as both of them are Relativistic+, starting distance 100 meters, fight takes place in a desolated Empire City, in beginning Gear 4 is restricted but I can change...
  31. Uzukeas

    The Creation of One Piece TOEI profiles.

    Alright. One Piece Films has presented us with new feats which can't be added to their actual profiles due to not being canon, So I present the option of creating TOEI profiles in similar fashion to Dragon Ball Profiles. Reasonings -Luffys absurd powerlevel which he has in the movies, Being...
  32. Uzukeas

    Why is there no One Piece Film: Red profiles

    There should be profiles for Film Red, preferable a whole different one for TOEI versions.
  33. Darkvie123

    The Dark King faces off against the Oni Princess

    Dark King Rayleigh vs Oni Princess Yamato who takes the win and why? • Current Versions are used • Location: Onigashima • Both Start at 15 Meters • SBA https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Silvers_Rayleigh https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Yamato_(One_Piece)?so=search Rayleigh: @KingTempest...
  34. Ryuga21

    Trafalgar Law vs Irene Belserion

    Mom slayer Vs. Dragon slayer Dragon Form Irene and Wano Arc Law; Both have prior knowledge; Battle takes place at Tenrou Island; They starts at 200m. Surgeon of Death: 7 (Kachon123, King Tempest, XDragnoir, TheMonkeMan, Deceived, Kisaragi Megumi, Eseseso) Scarlet Despair: 4 (1997KD, Nierre...
  35. noninho

    Can i post this as an actual "battle"?

    As we all know, we cannot put Tigger in actual fights, so how about this?
  36. noninho

    Luffy vs Tigger (hear me out)

    Luffy and Tigger are nice bois, no fists are being thrown today, instead we're at Tigger's nicest place possible: his minigame in KH2. I'd like to post this on the serious battles place but idk if it would be closed... EDIT: Took the risk, here it is Aight, for detailing: = speed for easing...
  37. YmTheSuper

    Enel vs Black Fire (Battle for 7th Strongest Non-Smurf Low 7-B)

    Both Low 7-B. Sun Power Black Fire is used. Speed Equalized. All SBA apply. Enel:1(Ryuga21,Dragonite007) Black Fire: Incon:
  38. Kingur_RG3


    Don't know if this is a decent pairing but hey it's here both 7-A of something has to do on this side the reincarnated sorcerer from more than 400 years ago. He met good women with strong men, he doesn't have any special regrets but he still looks for a dessert in this new life...
  39. Ryuga21

    Aragorn vs. Roronoa Zoro

    -Both at Low 7-B; -Both start at 30 meters and fight bloodlust (speed equal); -The battle will be on Mount Doom/Orodruin. Aragorn (5.17MT): Zoro (1.54MT): Incon:
  40. Deceived3596

    Big Mom vs Medusa Gorgon - "Loving Mothers" Edition

    SBA Speed Equalized Post-Timeskip Medusa is used AP: Medusa: 34.1 Teratons - Big Mom: 12.6 Teratons vs Matriarch of The Big Mom Pirates: Matriarch of The Black Blood Brothers: Matriarch of The Otsutsuki:
  41. Armorchompy

    Low 7-B Tournament - Deku vs Wyper

    Speed equalized. Fight takes place in a McDonalds parking lot. Deku= 1.66 Megatons. Wyper= 1.979 Megatons. 1.192x advantage for Wyper. Deku (30%): 0 Wyper: 0 Incon: 0
  42. Arceus0x

    I'll make you a wanted poster

    Send me an image of your PFP, only one, and then I'll send it over to ya
  43. Eseseso

    Zoro Wano Keys Revision

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Eseseso/Zoro_Wano_keys_sandbox. Long story short, Zoro's two Wano keys are a mess, and I'm largely to blame for that. Thus, I have made a sandbox with how it should look. Feel free to ask questions if something isn't clear.
  44. Deceived3596

    HST Showdown - (Round 7 - Prodigies)

    ==Introduction== I decided to create this pseudo tournament between the HST because I believe It will breed fun and (generally) contentious debates between supporters of all three series. This “tournament” will be a best of 5, meaning I’ll continue creating these matchups until one of these...
  45. Deceived3596

    Charlotte Brulee vs Gauche Adlai - Mirror Match

    I can't believe this match up hasn't been done yet. SBA Elf Reincarnation Arc Gauche is used Profile Links are in linked in the pictures themselves, clicking them will take you to each respective profiles. Vs Brother-Con: Sister-Con: In-Con:
  46. BasedNecoScaler69

    Easy Luffy Durability Buff omg?!11

    not really, but I think we should add tankman to the durability section of his keys after the post kata fight. Even though luffy only activates it once, he could theoretically use it at any time. eg :
  47. Luffy vs Alien X

    Battle takes place in an empty field Starting distance is 20m Gear 5 Luffy vs High 6-A Alien X (Reboot) Speed is unqeualized Who wins? Rubber Man: Lenyo456 Alien L: Nami shows up and one shots both of them: Spectral69420, Spilxson2
  48. Kachon123

    One Piece: King the Wildfire Justification Edits

    Changing/Fixing some of King's AP and Speed justifications. AP Proposal 1: Proposal - Removing Imperial Flame Justification from King's Profile Reasoning - The current justification for King's AP with Imperial Flames that he "Burned Zoro with a kick," lacks evidence to support the notion of...
  49. Mr.Cinos15

    One Piece Chapter 1090: Kizaru (Fan Translation)

    Friday the thread will be updated with fan translations for the chapter and on Sunday the official release will be out. Link to Fan Translation: https://tcbscans.com/chapters/7465/one-piece-chapter-1090?date=17-8-2023-13 Link to Spoilers...
  50. Kachon123

    One Piece: Sanji's Enhanced Speed

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Kachon123/One_Piece:_Sanji_Disappears Sanji's speed section on his profile would look like this: Sanji is the only character who scales to this right now, so his profile is the only one effected by this.
  51. Damage3245

    One Piece Top Tiers and God Tiers Revision

    The purpose of this thread is to continue the revisions set in motion by the removal of the High 6-A calcs from the Strong World film as last covered in this thread. Without the High 6-A calcs, we need something new to scale the God Tiers to, and by extension everyone who scales fully or...
  52. Ryuga21

    Nico Robin vs Trafalgar Law

    Devil Child vs. Surgeon of Death Battle takes place at Arlong Park; Both have prior knowledge; They starts at 30 meters; Wano-Arc Robin VS. Dresrossa-Arc Law. Nico Robin: Trafalgar Law: Tie:
  53. Arcker123

    More HST Headassery

    Cult Leader Vs The Surgeon Of Death Both High 6-A Speed = SBA Otherwise Aura: @EldemadeDityjon, @AppleLord, @zylieo Law: Spilxson2, @Thatmoron, Kachon Incon:
  54. Mr.Cinos15

    One Piece Chapter 1089: "Under Siege" (Fan Translation)

    Friday the thread will be updated with fan translations for the chapter and on Sunday the official release will be out. Link to Fan Translation: https://tcbscans.com/chapters/7451/one-piece-chapter-1089?date=2-8-2023-12 Link to Spoilers...
  55. Deceived3596

    Trafalgar Law vs Arthas Menethil - Battle for the 7th Strongest 7-A (Non-Smurf)

    Conditions: SBA Speed Equalized Punk Hazard Law and Death Knight Arthas are used Profile Links: Trafalgar Law vs Arthas Menethil Voting: Law: Arthas: Incon:
  56. Deceived3596

    Ranking HST Intelligence

    I wanted to do another HST related thread, but not one that's based on combat. So I decided to make this thread, here we will rank the top 5 smartest characters for each category of intelligence. The verse with the most amount of characters listed wins. Note this accounting for the collection...
  57. BasedNecoScaler69

    "Minor" Mihawk > Shanks

    In an sbs, Oda reveals the name of Shanks's sword, but curiously adds, "But how does he actually fight? Considering that Shanks can paralyze people from several miles away, and Garp can casually do city level dc with haki emission, there's a lot of nuance. Due to this , i think the...
  58. Ryuga21

    Dracule Mihawk vs World's Strongest Swordsman

    Mihawk vs. Ditto Ditto has time to transform Mihawk is in-character Battle takes place at Green Hill Zone They start at 1km Hawk eyes - 4 Impostor - Tie -
  59. ZoroNotZolo

    Black Maria VS Tsunade

    Zoan Black Maria VS Part I and II Tsunade Byakugō is restricted. Speed equalized. Starting Distance - 5 Meters Blonde Spider Lady - 3 (Kachon123, TheMonkeMan, RoronoaxRobin) Blonde Slug Lady - 7 (Yoh_Asakura8, Nierre, Deceived3596, Eseseso, Stryker861, TauanVictor, Godernet) Sanji and...
  60. Mr.Cinos15

    One Piece Chapter 1088: "The Final Lesson" (Fan Translation)

    Friday the thread will be updated with fan translations for the chapter and on Sunday the official release will be out. Link to Fan Translation: https://tcbscans.com/chapters/7441/one-piece-chapter-1088?date=20-7-2023-14 Link to Spoilers...
  61. Eseseso

    Non-Canon OP fight but now with canon scaling.

    Awakened Lucci vs Sabo Location: Reverie SBA Pigeon Guy: Imu's whipping boy: Incon:
  62. Ryuga21

    Katakuri faces another Snakeman (Orochimaru vs Kata)

    Orochimaru versus Charlotte Katakuri Both starts at 60 meters; Both have prior knowledge; Speed is Equalized; Strongest Key for Orochi; Battle takes place at Mirror-World. Orochi: Dogtooth: Inconclusive:
  63. XDragnoir

    Chinese MC vs Japanese MC

    Luffy is Brazilian, but let's say he is Japanese for a second. Speed equal, 6C Ning vs Post Katakuri Fight G4 Luffy https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ji_Ning_(Three_Realms) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Monkey_D._Luffy_(Post-Timeskip)?so=search
  64. Eminiteable

    One Piece: Shanks Profile Revamp

    Revamp for the Shanks profile. Main changes: Many Justification Updates with added references (The Sandbox should be self-explanatory):Power and Abilities, Stamina, Range, Standard Equipment, Intelligence, Weaknesses and Notable Attacks/Techniques. The only thing I feel is worth explaining...
  65. Ryuga21

    Minor One Piece ability additions

    Just a few unnoticed abilities that need to be added to some profiles Charlotte Katakuri: Attack Speed-Boost (With Fire-Mochi — Luffy couldn't react to or even block this. Subsequently, this attack equals the speed of a snakeman attack by Luffy, when he was already very stretched with...
  66. SeijiSetto

    Taekwondo v... Cooking? (Mori Jin v Sanji) [0-0-0]

    Adventure Arc Mori Jin (>2.22 Megatons) vs Skypiea Saga Sanji (>1.54 Megatons) Speed equal. Combatants start 5 metres apart. Battle takes place in That One Room You Fight Dark Link In (essentially a flat floor with some shallow water on it.) Monkey King Mode is restricted for Mori. SBA...
  67. Kachon123

    One Piece: Queen Scaling

    Queen's Current AP, Speed, Lifting Strength, and Durability scaling: New Changes: What Changed: -Added scans and references across Queen's entire profile -Added new justifications across Queen's entire profile -Cleaned up old justifications, such as changing "Slightly superior to...
  68. Excel616

    Hulk Vs Trafalgar Law

    Hulk Vs Trafalgar Law ★ Both start 87 meters apart ★ Onigashima Raid Arc Law is being used ★ Savage Hulk is being used (his 5-B key) ★ The battle takes place in Asgard ★ Both have prior knowledge Speed are equalized. The Strongest One There Is: Surgeon of Death: Inconclusive:
  69. One Piece: Zoro and Mihawk IQ rework.

    Should be a simple thread given the fact that neither character will be receiving a change in stats or abilities. Rather this thread will aim to bump the intelligence of the two most renowned swordsmen, shout-out to @UchihaSlayer96 and @Eminiteable for the helping either providing the...
  70. Finn vs Zoro

    An idiot swordsman fights another idiot swordsman Skypiea Saga Zoro vs Dungeon Train - Dad's Dungeon Finn Both are low 7-B Finn has access to the Root Sword and his crossbow Starting distance is 50 meters and speed is unequalized Who wins? Zoro: Kachon123, Eminiteable, Tots_Real, Nierre...
  71. Zoro vs Yang

    Enie's Lobby Pre-Timeskip Zoro vs Atlas Yang Both are Low 7-B and starting distance is 80 meters Speed is equalized Who wins? Zoro: Yang: Inconclusive:
  72. Kenbunshoku Haki: Low tier addition

    Simple and straightforward thread. Kenbunshoku Haki ability additions. The lower to mid tiers of Kenbunshoku Haki users should have Analytical Prediction rather than precognition, as that's confirmed to be exclusive for Advanced Kenbunshoku. The difference being that those with low to mid...
  73. Deceived3596

    Itachi Releases True Goon Energy and Vaporizes Akainu

    Akainu < those trees around the Uchiha hideout. Premise: As of now we consider Akainu's feat of burning away this pirate's sword as vaporization since we don't visually see ash particles above the upper half of the blade, and since this was done through heat, it could be because of...
  74. ZKillerz

    Law vs Akainu

    Location: Onigashima rooftop Distance: 50 meters Magma Squirt: Surgeon of death: Darkvie123, Nierre, Eseseso Incon:
  75. Kachon123

    One Piece: Post-Timeskip Sanji Key Changes

    Sanji's Current Page Keys and Ratings + Justifications: New Changes: What changed: -Merged the Keys "Late Whole Cake island Saga" and "Early Wano Arc" alongside some of their respective justifications into one key; "Late Whole Cake Island Saga to Early Act 2" -Created a new Key "Late...
  76. Ryuga21

    Shanks Haki CRT

    Shanks should have Beyond Advanced Busoshoku Haki. When Shanks hits Kidd with his Divine Departure, it does no damage to Kidd's exterior (even his clothes are clean). We see his entire body wihtout wounds or bleeding other than from his mouth (which could indicates a internal damage). For me...
  77. Deceived3596

    HST Showdown - (Round 6 - Villainous Façades)

    ==Introduction== I decided to create this pseudo tournament between the HST because I believe It will breed fun and (generally) contentious debates between supporters of all three series. This “tournament” will be a best of 5, meaning I’ll continue creating these matchups until one of these...
  78. Ryuga21

    Trafalgar Law vs Kaguya Ōtsutsuki

    Kaguya vs Trafalgar Law Both start 50 meters apart Wano Arc Law is being used The battle takes place in Konoha Both have prior knowledge Rabbit Goddess: 22 (Trihexa102, Stryker861, Godernet, Excel616, Acker123, kaydee, KidKinsey, Mamaroza, BadSystems, Popbum, YungManzi, speedster352, Padaruyo...
  79. Yoh_Asakura8

    A King takes on a King, battle of Kings.

    Here we have King from One piece taking on a King from Monsterverse. Which one of these dragons Kings will become victor? Both High 6-A keys & Speed equalized unless. Amps allowed. KING: KING GHIDORA: Incon:
  80. Arc7Kuroi

    One Piece Zanpa Recalc

    Intro So, I made a recalc of Shiki's Zanpa using the water scaling to Shiki's size here, as opposed to the size of his islands calculated from the Mammoth walking statement. This thread is to discuss, the validity of the calcs, or anything else that pertains to more accurately calculating this...
  81. Hidan vs Buggy

    This is a totally fair and serious matchup Pre-Timeskip Impel Down Buggy vs Hidan Speed is equalized Who wins? The Clown: Ryuga21 Number 1 Jashin fan: Goku shows up and nukes both of them: Yoh_Asakura8
  82. RanaProGamer

    Kurama Mode Naruto VS Gear 4th Luffy

    I realized this is possible now, so let's do this. The most debated battle of all time. Standard Battle Assumptions Speed Equalized Revolution Naruto and Post Udon Prison Training Luffy are being used. High 6-A Versions. Naruto scales to 646.57 Petatons Luffy scales to 1.479 Exatons Kurama...
  83. Pedonar

    Meliodas vs Luffy

    Both at their Strongest Stats Unequalized SBA rules Luffy: Meliodas:
  84. Deceived3596

    HST Showdown - (Round 5 - Sharks)

    ==Introduction== I decided to create this pseudo tournament between the HST because I believe It will breed fun and (generally) contentious debates between supporters of all three series. This “tournament” will be a best of 5, meaning I’ll continue creating these matchups until one of these...
  85. Eseseso

    Pre-TS Base Luffy revision.

    For all of Pre-TS Luffy's keys after Enies Lobby, we list him as 7-A in Base, but give no reason besides him being stronger than before. This is an issue since his Enies Lobby key is only 7-B in base via matching Rokushiki Blueno. Thus, the 7-A for his Base should be reduced to 7-B. However...
  86. Eseseso

    One Piece: Off-screen Anime Fight Revisions

    Currently we don't allow for anime showings of the off-screen parts of manga fights to be canon. However, I disagree with this. If we look at statements mentioned in the CRT 2 years ago that forbade this from the anime staff: But recently, we've gotten a statement from the staff of the...
  87. edutyn

    Tier 7 Biggest Tournament: Bartholomew Kuma Vs Kumoko

    Greatsage13th Vs DontTalkDT Bartholomew Kuma Vs Kumoko Tournament Round 1. Match 2 Rules: Equal Speed, SBA Kuma: Kumoko: Incon:
  88. ZKillerz

    One Piece: Removing some of Aramaki's scaling

    Why do we scale Gb to Yamato/Scabbards and Queen/King when they were injured? These feats should be removed from his profile First off its pretty much implied that nobody's injuries were healed due to the fact they reapplied their bandages after taking showers: Even for awakened zoans like...
  89. Deceived3596

    HST Showdown - (Round 4 - Tainted Dreams)

    ==Introduction== I decided to create this pseudo tournament between the HST because I believe It will breed fun and (generally) contentious debates between supporters of all three series. This “tournament” will be a best of 5, meaning I’ll continue creating these matchups until one of these...
  90. Saitama vs Luffy

    High 7-C during training Saitama and Water 7 Arc Luffy are used Starting distance is 40 meters and speed is equalized Who wins? Luffy: Saitama: Inconclusive:
  91. Gear 5 Luffy vs Well-Rested Kaido

    Luffy (Post-Haōshoku Advancement and has access to Gear 5) vs Kaido (no restrictions) -Both start in base. -Knowledge of each other gained during their canon fight is restricted. -Battle takes place on a grounded Onigashima. One of the criticisms about Kaido during his fight was that he was...
  92. Ryuga21

    Passionate Kicks vs Fearless Fists: Sanji vs Douren

    Pls don't Flop. Sanji (One Piece) vs Douren (Sengoku Youko). Both at Pre-timeskip versions (Thriller Bark Sanji) Endless fists are restricted. They gonna fight into a nightclub (yesh) Sanji (217MT?): Douren (379MT): Tie:
  93. Ryuga21

    Zoro tries to slay another Dragon Man

    Roronoa Zoro V.S Jinun (Sengoku Youko) Thriller Bark Zoro vs Pre-Awakening Jinun Speed is Equal Both will fight in Wano Kuni beach Roronoa Zoro (217MT): 1 (SlendyVeny). Jinun (379MT):
  94. Bernkastelll

    Garou (OPM) vs Magellan (One Piece)

    Garou (his second 7-A key, from Awakening Bang fight) vs Magellan Speed equal, they are fighting inside of the Monster Association. Both are in Character
  95. Eminiteable

    One Piece: Minor Sabo Edit

    Said I'd make this a while ago (I forgot). Currently Sabo's profile contains this justification for his scaling: With the recent flashback this justification is no longer valid as the circumstances are now known: Sabo never fought Fujitora or Ryokugyu during the Reverie. (Source) Fujitora and...
  96. Deceived3596

    HST Showdown - (Round 3 - Doctors)

    ==Introduction== I decided to create this pseudo tournament between the HST because I believe It will breed fun and (generally) contentious debates between supporters of all three series. This “tournament” will be a best of 5, meaning I’ll continue creating these matchups until one of these...
  97. Logia and dragon slayer interaction

    If laxus was to eat enel would that kill him?
  98. Eseseso

    King vs Issho

    King goes to rescue Doflamingo in Jack's place. Realizing how strong he is, Issho tells Tsuru not to interfere. Location: Where Jack fought Issho in canon. In-character. King: Issho: Incon:
  99. Mr.Cinos15

    One Piece Chapter 1086: The Five Elder Planets (Fan Translation)

    Friday the thread will be updated with fan translations for the chapter and on Sunday the official release will be out. Link to Fan Translation: https://tcbscans.com/chapters/7389/one-piece-chapter-1086?t=1686168000000 Link to Spoilers...
  100. MonkeyOfLife

    One Piece Marineford Size Updated, Updated

    Continuation from here Made another updated calculation on the size of Marineford https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:MonkeyOfLife/Marineford%27s_Size_(UpdatedOfUpdated) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:KingTempest16/Marineford_Size_Calc Again the current one uses character...