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ichigo Kurosaki (pseudo bankai) vs monkey D. puffy (post-time skip ).

Stomp ichigo has his soul manipulation and shit, you're making a lot of one piece spite threads imo.
huh...yeah he does. Reiatsu that passively crush the soul from 22 kilometers all around him ,swords slashes that hurt and bfr souls and soul destruction with final getsuga tensho .
Dude , it's passive , wich mean it's already in use as soon as the fight start , luffy is already dead before he can even think .

it's a stomp and should be closed , just like all bleach matches against opponents that doesn't resist soul manip to a high degree.
You should use either another opponent than luffy , one that resist soul hax massively , use Quincies from bleach( they don't have the passive soul killing aura) or use another verse altogether .
still a stomp , BB doesn't resist soul manip so he still get crushed .

i don't think anyone in OP can resist their soul getting crushed , beside the kuma robots ( as they don't have souls to begin with)
nothing on his profile say this .

BB does have power nullification , but he need to touch his opponent to do this , but he will get his soul crushed instantly before even being able to think about activating his devil fruit .
^ Won't matter, as this Ichigo (if I understood right the form used here) is large island lvl while Luffy is only large mountain lvl +.

Basically, 1 Getsuga and Luffy dies.
Yes, in Shikai:

'Large' Mountain level, Large Island level with Bankai and Hollow Mask (Stronger than before, strong enough to fight against a released Grimmjow after overpowering his base form)