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This match was made a while ago but never finished

Peridot vs. The Player (Minecraft)

Speed Equalized, Both are 9-A, Steve has all non-AP/Durability boosting equipment (Do I need to specify that?)

The Player is 0.016 Tons, Peridot is 0.0935 Tons

Rocks: 6? (WeeklyBattles, The Wright Way, SmilyWiki112, NoOneCanJustDeflectTheEmeraldSplash, GyroNutz, Jimboydejuan12)

Blocks: 1? (00potato)

Both get Banned from the server: 1? (Lou Change)
And Steve has durability negating decay potions that work on inorganic, and even ethereal beings
That was before she had mountain level durability.

Anywho, Steve literally has one win-condition. And Peridot could easily just toss them back. Or fly away.
Honestly it doesn't make any sense, why ppl keep using "toss them back" argument?

All Splash Potions (or Ender Charge) were design to explode on contact. It never meant to be a basketball or badminton unless it's interaction is like Fire Charge from Ghast which can be deflected and toss them back easily. Notice the difference of pressing "Q" (drops an item) and right click (throw item) also like dispenser (throws a splash potion and not drops them "item"). It can't be toss back since it's made of gunpowder essence which meant to "explode" and can't be deflected by any solid means. Do you know why "Q" (drops items) is completely different from right click (throwing)? Simple: Items floats, it never contact with a solid, it also means that the only way to deflect a throwing splash potion is through gas and liquid (something like wind and/or water manipulation the kind of elemental manipulation). Though just by holding an item(s) has no momentum as it was summoned through a hammer space. (I've learned this logic after all of watching redstone and water physics Minecraft mechanics in YT)
Does Steve have all of his Potions and on him? If so voting Steve due to speed amps+Invis Potion into decay potions. He should get some use out of Elytra to balance out her flight to.
That should work except when Steve began throwing a multiple splash potions with different directions simultaneously (Noticed that Splash Potions are instant status effect AoE) and teleportation into opposite side to throw splash potions to the other side.

(And hopefully ppl should stop the "toss them back" argument if his opponent have no way of tossing them back cuz ppl just used this "toss them back" argument in the past versus threads without knowledge of difference how Minecraft drops items and throwing things. It's ridiculous "using hand to throw it back" argument, wtf incarnate.)
00potato said:
Does Steve have all of his Potions and on him? If so voting Steve due to speed amps+Invis Potion into decay potions. He should get some use out of Elytra to balance out her flight to.
Steve's slower with speed unequal, so no speed amping
Also I'm pretty sure items floating when dropped are just game mechanics, as they can still interact with things on the ground despite supposedly never touching it (Such as pressure plates)
She won't really know where he is due to invis, which is either caused by dropping a glass canister, or drinking, that is quicker then pulling out, aiming and firing a tractor beam. She will also need to deal with dodging or tractoring the debuffs he throws at her, making this even harder for her.
Peridot's tractor beams are literally attached to her arms. It's just point and shoot, a lot faster than drinking something.
But slower then dropping something since he won't need to aim. Then she won't even know where to aim and will get slowed and/or withered.
Assuming he does that rather than just drinking a potion. Or that he'll already have a potion pulled out. Or that he'll start with a potion and not a sword or arrows or literally anything else.
Why wouldn't he? It makes the most sense in a fight. Fights rarely take enough time to warrant a full potion drinking (which leaves him open.) and Invisibility is a massive advantage. In most situations it is the ideal choice so why wouldn't he do it.
And why invisibility over any kind of stat amps or resistances? Those would also be ideal choices in most situations.

And, honestly, pulling out and dropping a potion is really not that faster than pointing and shooting. By the time he's invisible, Peridot will have already fired her tractor beam.

Actually, according to the profile, 9-A Steve doesn't have any sort of potions.
Because with invis he could use other amps without getting caught anyway. Speed pot is restricted anyway so he only has that, leaping (not helpful.) and strength.

It would be faster since he wouldn't need to aim it, just drop it. Mine craft Steven would not be a still target.
Steve has to pull out and drop an item, Peridot has to point and shoot. There's little difference in speed.

And, again, 9-A Steve doesn't have potions according to the profile.
Why wouldn't he have any?

Steve mostly just pulls things out of hammerspace so it wouldn't be slow and he isn't gonna need to aim against a moving and soon to be invisible opponent.
That isn't an argument. A wiki entry isn't a primary source. I meant actual reasoning/scans. Why wouldn't he have potions on this key?
...No. Wiki pages kinda are the main source of info for stats on here. If you want to argue that 9-A Steve has potions, make a CRT to give him potions.
No, we have rejected wiki articles as sources in the past. Primary sources or calcs are the main source of information here and in all situations. You have yet to prove your argument at all.
But, that completely defeats the point of profiles. Profiles should list everything specific key characters have. Also, you're asking me to prove a negative. How am I supposed to prove someone not showing an ability? You'd have to prove that 9-A Steve can use potions if you want to go against the profile.

Regardless, my argument remains unchanged. Oulling an object out of hammerspace and dropping it takes roughly thecsame amount of time as pointing and shooting.
Our profiles are primary sources. If they werent there would be no point in them existing. If you think something is wrong on his profile you need to make a crt and get it changed otherwise you cannot use it as a valid argument.
Soupywolf5 said:
Also I'm pretty sure items floating when dropped are just game mechanics, as they can still interact with things on the ground despite supposedly never touching it (Such as pressure plates)
Minecraft physics, also Minecraft gravity works differently than the normal gravity IRL and Minecraft blocks floats so that contradicts your logic since there's the difference of "placing blocks" and "dropping block items" which their only difference's by "placing" and "dropping" but still the blocks floats regardless which won't make sense for the "floating items" and "items has mass via pressure plate". By your logic it contradicts on how Steve drops splash potions items without even breaking them. It's ridiculous to think to include everything in Minecraft in existence turn into realistic Minecraft. Basically, everything in Minecraft is game mechanics, when you've memorised most of its feature because there's always an inconsistencies without ignoring other mechanics, but there's consistency as long it makes sense. Though the "floating items" proves consistent within the Gameplay, Minecraft Official Videos, Minecraft Official Instagram and even the items that don't float is considered a bug in the game so that the only consistencies in the game is everything that making sense except the argument that makes sense which provides inconsistency for most of part in the game. Also despite they can still interact with the things on the ground, let me clarify this because the items partially float since they have to follow Minecraft "gravity" and "mass" physics, and the so called "mass physics" in Minecraft to clarify this game mechanics: the item's "mass" is a game mechanics through "item stacking" which designed for redstone signals so there's that my realistic Minecraft sense of "items interacting with things on the ground" with "argument that makes sense which provides inconsistency" to your "items floating when dropped are just game mechanics" argument.
How is a wiki profile a primary source. Why wouldn't he be able to use potions? His tier jump is only due to armor/weapons and the potions don't change his tier. So he should be able to use those. You can use potions while still using 9-A gear so he should have them unless they are restricted. So disprove that.

And I already dealt with that other argument Wright aiming and shooting a moving target will take more time then crushing or dropping a potion.
Iirc potions aren't included for the 9-A key because it requires you to both have aquired diamond equipment and to have reached the neather, which are both considered mid game objectives
WeeklyBattles said:
I think someone should start making profile for Potions, Nether Portal, Leather, Gold Ingot, Iron Ingot, Diamond Ingot, Netherite Ingot and etc. just like Sword (Minecraft) and Axe (Minecraft) because it's getting annoying to (remind everyone repeatedly) what's included for these keys for tiering. (The profiles for ingot indicates what could be crafted through certain ingot which also indicates when the items were acquired via certain key)
Weekly is right, the keys are based on the stage in the game you get stuff. But the OP says that Steve gets all equipment that keeps him as 9-A, so that should include potions.

Also a profile for an Iron Ingot is completely unnecessary. At best a note/explanation blog could be made, but I don't think it requires either of those.