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General Grievous VS Senator Armstrong - General VS Senator

Grievous is 271 kilotons to Armstrong's 121 and lightsabers arent physical so armstrong's nanomachines wouldnt harden in response to being cut by them
They dont need to, Grievous is over 2x stronger and since theyre not physical blades the nanomachines wouldnt harden in response to being cut by them
So, idk Armstrong, but why aren't lightsabers physical? The heat they make creates a laser-like thing that is tangible/concrete, it you burn you but you can still touch it. Am I missing something?
@Spooky Grievous has dealt with opponents who use material that is specifically made to be lightsaber resistant, hell even his magnaguards use armor and weapons that are resistant to lightsabers

Also its not out of character for grievous to sneak attack opponents with his two extra arms to activate two more lightsabers

Grievous is also immensely, vastly more skilled
Why is plasma not physical? I obviously get that it's not easily touched, but it's still small stuff that gets slowed down when colliding with physical matter.

Edit: Well, this takes me by surprise. I'll later make a CRT about it and if I'm told to be wrong then I guess Legends SW characters should have NPI via absorbing lightsabers and blocking them with the Force.
Eficiente said:
Why is plasma not physical? I obviously get that it's not easily touched, but it's still small stuff that gets slowed down when colliding with physical matter.
You could say the same thing about lightning, light, and wind but we still treat plasma as non-physical

There isnt a single instance i can think of where a lightsaber has been touched by something or someone that wasnt using specifically lightsaber-resistan material or the Force
More skilled than all of Jack's incarnations in MGS2, MGS4 and MGR:R? You can give me his respect thread or something.

Also, Armstrong literally breaks modern laws of physics with his nanomachines, and EXCELSUS uses plasma cannons and Jack can withstand them. Armstrong's dura is superior to Jack's.


Also from his own page:

"Having been personally trained by Count Dooku, one of the greatest lightsaber duelists ever produced by the Jedi Order, Grievous is a master of multiple forms of lightsaber combat and could overwhelm multiple Jedi at once. Feared as a Jedi hunter, his collection of dozens of lightsabers proved his effectiveness in combat, easily adapting to various Jedi tactics before going in for the kill."

Light has no mass. The others you mentioned are physical, just low density. Well lightning itself isn't but it leaves behind a plasma trail.

Don't Armstrong's nanomachines react to the fire he summons, though?
Not that i recall no

Also Grievous has used his lightsabers to easily cut through material that not only was lightsaber resistant, but that other lightsaber users were consistently unable to cut through. Even if Armstrong hardens his body there's still a good chance Grievous would be able to cut him.

Also also Armstrong's body uses up a ton of energy to harden, the only reason he was able to do it so much against raiden was because he absorbed a ton of electricity beforehand
Pretty sure we use characters at their peak so it's Armstrong after absorbing machinery.

Regarding the skill statement, yeah Jack is literally the same, being trained by greatest swordsman in Metal Gear for his entire childhood and later defeating him
Except Grievous is a master of multiple forms of lightsaber combat, where most master lightsaber duelists are only able to use one or MAYBE two depending on their skill and mastery of one takes decades of training
Where is it stated that canon Grievous masters multiple forms of lightsaber? "Overwhelm multiple Jedi at once" was the thing Legends Grievous did and even enjoyed, the only time I can think of Grievous fighting more than 2 Jedi was that duel with Fisto and a young Jedi, and he loses by having his legs cut. "Easily adapting to various Jedi tactics before going in for the kill" is also a Legends only thing.
It was stated in Ultimate Star Wars, a guidebook for canon SW. Him being able to adapt to fighting styles is also from this book.

You might want to make a CRT for that then because thats whats listed for his canon self
Armstrong is not merely 121kt, that's simply his best feat, he no-sold the explosion and can demolish people who can tank that with no problem while half dead.

A part of Armstrong's nanomachines is thought based and not automatic, which means that he can activate them even without physical trauma actually accuring, that's how he can harden his fists while punching or how he can simply turn his whole body solid for no reason during the bossfight.

Armstrong's key already considers him after absorbing energy because we have no idea what his tier is without absorbing machinery around him.

Sam is a master of 3 martial arts, all extremely unconventional and one that is traditional to his family and Armstrong had no problem fighting with him, and Sam was also faster than him.
We need to also consider the fact that Armstrong's dura > Jack's dura, and he can withstand MASSIVE plasma shots shot at him from EXCELSUS
He still can't get past Armstrong's college ball experience, and nanomachines, son!

Grievous has less experience because he didn't go to some cushy ivy league school, which Armstrong went to.
The book was from Legends as it was made before disney owned SW, it got a special edition and that text more fitting for Legends Grievous just got redirected to his canon version. Thing is canon Grievous never showed anything like that so it needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

I do very much agree with most of what you are saying here, I just needed to express the things said before about those few matters.
Grievous' armor is made of Duranium, a metal with an extremely high melting point, so much so that lightsabers have trouble cutting through it, so heat and fire shouldnt be an issue
Well, his fire can damage someone who's >>>> EXCELSUS in durability, and we already explained what EXCELSUS is made of.