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VS Battles
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I've been meaning to do this for a while now

Walhart: At least Town level (Oneshotted almost everyone he has ever faced, who should at least be comparable to users of Meteor)

C. Anna: At least Town level (Is the secret final boss of Apotheosis, should be superior to Walhart)

Garon: At least Town level, possibly higher (Fought Corrin when he/she used the Blazing/Shadow Yato, which could damage him while the Noble/Grim Yato was unable to do so) | At least Town level, possibly far higher (Oneshotted Corrin and shattered the Blazing Yato)

Takumi: Town level (Base) | At least Town level, possibly far higher (Oneshotted Corrin and shattered the Shadow Yato)

Corrin: Town level | At least Town level (Should be superior to the Base Yato, had gained power from Fujin Yumi/Brynhildr) | At least Town level (Had gained power from both the Fujin Yumi and Brynhildr) | At least Town level, possibly higher (Could fight Garon, who was unable to take any damage from the Noble/Grim Yato, had its power increased by Raijinto/Siegfried) | At least Town level, possibly far higher (After reviving, he/she was capable of defeating Blight Dragon Garon/Infested Takumi, who were previously capable of killing him/her and shattering the Blazing/Shadow Yato in a single hit) | City level (Fought and defeated Anankos)

Keys: Base | Noble/Grim Yato | Alpha Yato | Blazing/Shadow Yato | Endgame Birthright/Conquest | Omega Yato/Endgame Revelatio

Also, these changes do not even assume a x2 difference in ratings, in order to be safe with our ratings, so I am entirely lowballing here
I suppose this seems reasonable, Bolganone is just a hair away from getting a "+" sign. Though 6 keys is a bit much for Corrin IMO.
Yeah, Dragon form was only that much stronger than human form the first time He/She transformed. And Omega Yato is still the strongest Corrin weapon. So I agree with Dragon form key being removed.
Keys: Base | Noble/Grim Yato | Alpha Yato (if it isn't in Noble/Grim or Blazing/Shadow Yato and requires a separate key) | Blazing/Shadow Yato | Endgame Birthright/Conquest | Omega Yato

So all that really needs to be decided is Alpha Yato's placement, in my opinion, it's stronger than the Noble/Grim Yato, but might not be exactly on the level of the Blazing or Shadow Yato

Omega Yato should be High 3-A because Fuga said it had limitless power
Perhaps likely Multi-City Block level+? Although, we might want to consider scaling characters from Meteor's 3.8 Kiloton calc at some point.

Edit: I have moved ProtoDude's calc to my blog
Please remember that the + sign should only be used if a character has been calculated to be above the average between the lower and upper energy borders of a tier.
True, but 531 tons isn't too far away from a "+" sign, and being overwhelmingly stronger than someone with that level of AP is most likely going to be in that range at bare minimum.
I should also mention that Multi-City Block level+ is entirely lowballed, as even assuming a x2 increase would make them Small Town level, even the Grim/Noble Yato's suggested At least Multi-City Block level is lowballing

Also, @Medeus, I meant where should the Alpha Yato be placed Key-wise
I suppose that this seems to make sense then, but I am not familiar with the series.
Thanks, the only thing that's really needed to know is what's on the CRT anyways
Oh yeah, probably in between the Noble/Grim Yato and the Blazing/Shadow Yato. It has Identical stats to the former, Revelations Corrin is canonically the route where Corrin is inherently stronger.

Though, we should probably wait for Zany to reply back to my meteor blog, we might upgrade the entire verse, again.
Well, if Meteor is accepted, we'd probably have to discuss the placements of everyone getting upgraded here anyway
Might as well put my thoughts down regarding meteor, considering the possibility that it gets accepted

Walhart - 7-C (A mere 1.3x increase is 6 Kilotons, and his AP comes from oneshotting people)

Comp. Anna - At least 7-C (Above Walhart)

Garon - 7-C (Base/Empty Vessel) (Once again, a mere 1.3x increase is Town level and he can fight Corrin with the Shadow/Blazing Yato, which could actually damage him) | At least 7-C (Blight Dragon)

Takumi - Low 7-C (Base) | At least 7-C (Infested) (Above Base/Empty Vessel Garon, oneshotted Shadow Yato Corrin)

Corrin - Low 7-C (Base) | At least Low 7-C (Grim/Noble) | At least Low 7-C, possibly 7-C (Alpha, probably either at the highest possible end of Low 7-C or Baseline 7-C) | 7-C (Shadow/Blazing) | At least 7-C (Endgame Conquest/Birthright) | 7-B (Omega Yato)

I can go more in-depth on justifications later, for now this is just in preparation

Also, I like how all of the feats we're using for the non-GBA games all come from FE4/Events from FE4
That looks good, and I also see you have plans to give Soul Manipulation to some FE characters?
Everyone in the main timeline, unless weapons suddenly have some special property in Valentia that I never knew about

(and Lilith's ghost can be defeated, but that's more of a supporting justification, it's much more blatant in Echoes)
Anyone in Radiant Dawn can also fight the Fire/Wind/Thunder Spirits; and they don't need to use the weapon to be blessed by Yune to do it.
Yea, I was also gonna do that for Tellius, but I'm unsure if it should just be a blatant "Can harm Non-Corporeal beings" or not, or if that should just be Ragnell and Alondite exclusive
Non-Corporeal should just be limited to Ashera and Yune's powers respectively. But Intangible ghosts are a different story.
So "Can harm Non-Corporeals" should just be for Ragnell and Alondite, given that they were made to kill Yune and the former was used to defeat Ashera, and everyone should just get Soul Manipulation

Soul Manipulation for everyone outside of the GBA games

But that's okay, since Tellius is the only continent left outside of the "Can survive with my soul taken" club
Sorry to double post, but there's another update on the meteor calc; it's strait up Town level as opposed to Small Town level+ now. Happened during the daytime which meteors are more like 20,000 m/s then. Additionally, it's not really an outlier for the same reason Bolting or Bolganone aren't. Dodging a Mach 58 meteor is a low end compared to Bolting's over Mach 100 calc. And characters can still consistently tank meteors.
Well, in that case everyone would just get an At least, assuming it's not taken for an outlier now that it's so much higher

I mean, I probably could've made like, everyone in this thread Low 7-C (or just Possibly Low 7-C) even before meteor, but I thought a lowball would be safer
Yeah, I also edited the post to provide more details why it isn't.
Also, I think we might have to upgrade Stamina based on the sheer size of the maps in FE4, for reference, here is Jugdral

The Prologue, for example, has you going from Chalphy to Jungby, and then to Evans

In Chapter 1, you go from Evans to Genoa to Marpha to Verdane

In Chapter 2, you go from Evans to Nordion to Amphony, back to Nodion, then back to Evans, and then to Mackily (having to pass by Nordion to get there, for those who haven't played FE4) to Agusty, I should also mention that someone, at some point in this chapter, had to fight 7 battles in the Arena to recruit Chulainn

FE4 shows blatantly superhuman stamina, traveling and fighting across actual countries should definitely lead to an upgrade, at least for FE4/5 characters
Oh yes, definitely. I agree with stamina having some upgrades as well.
Same here, though I do wanna ask: what about the Path of Radiance cast? They were able to go through the serene forest and withstood endless waves of soldiers hired by Oliver (AKA: the best FE waifu), especially for Ike since halfway through he had to carry an unconscious Heron with him.
Yeah, Ike is pretty much the most dominant Fire Emblem Protagonist; he should definitely have a stamina boost. Not to mention FE 9 and 10 cast might be Low 7-B once the storm calc revisions go through