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They have the same powerset and AP/Dura. The difference is that Zod is more than likely the better fighter and Ultraman has problems against those who are actually on his level of power. Not mention that Zod has him beat logistic wise. Zod has basically infinite stamina while we don't know how long Ultraman can actually fight. Worse for Ultraman, if the fight goes on long enough, he'll start to weaken as he need to get kyrptonite to maintain his powers while Zod just need sunlight/moonlight, which he can easily get.
Ultraman is laughably incompetent against those on equal footing and he's gonna have a tough time keeping up with a guy with essentially endless stamina once his supply of Kryptonite based fuel runs out.

Zod yeets with ease
Listentomyrhytm said:
Zod FRA, I would say stomp but Ultraman can probably keep up with Zod for a bit so not a stomp
I would say this isn't even close to a stomp.

They are both fully capable of hurting each other and neither possesses powers that the other doesn't. Zod being the better fighter and having better stamina doesn't make for an overwhelming advantage, just a decisive one.

Ultraman is fully capable of killing Zod and is definitely a threat, it's just not likely that he'd actually win.