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Does the dream depot only have the dreams of Marios universe?


After thinking about the underwhere and overthere as the underworld and heaven for the whole Mario multiverse, does the dream depot have all the dreams in the Mario multiverse? Now why am I asking I mean there is nothing really supports this idea. But here is my reasoning the physics of each universe is very similar in fact only outerspace has different physics even the void that was once the sammer's kingdom, castle bleck, and dimension D so I think it's quite possible that all atoms are sentient and dreams are universes across the multiverse. Now what if the dream depot has all dreams in the multiverse that makes the dream stone, dark stone, star rod, and zeekeeper far stronger. Here is a second possibility there are multiple dream depots (everything here also work with either possibilities) the chaos and pure hearts get a huge upgrade. Also the dream machine probably fits here somewhere but don't know where. P.S can someone make a weapon profile for the dream machine.