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Cole MacGrath vs Sigurd 5: Idk anymore (Grace)

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You may want to Unrestrict Gram that's like his best bet here.

I'll have a response up soon
Anyway, I'm under the assumption that Gram will be unrestricted.

There are a couple notable factors that swing this match around a bit, firstly Sigurd is coming with a slight AP disadvantage this time around as Cole scales way above 340 megatons while Sigurd scales around 500megatons after revisions.

Secondly, unlike the last match Speed is Equalized, which means Cole goes from being nearly screwed in CQC under the decent chance he can use his speed to dodge, to being utterly screwed because he no longer has that.

This Cole has actual flight, which allows him to play the range game flawlessly against Sigurd who's only ranged attack is the 6C Gram, which one shots Cole due to the AP difference, however, due to the massive distance, Speed Equalization+Precision to amp Cole's speed (Yes I am aware of Mana Burst)

On top of this Sigurd, of course, has the soul cutting Death Rune, meaning one hit will give him the win.

Basically, Sigurd needs to cover the massive difference in distance with either Gram or straight up charging him in CQC.

Now there are a couple ways that Sigurd can get around this, Runes for defensive shielding against the majority of Cole's projectiles although I'm not sure of how long they can stay up nor how high their AP is, I will highball it and say that they can stay up as long as he wants them too and have the AP to take minor hits. Cole can bypass this by using the RFI and it's constant source of energy to bombard the shit of Sigurd and using his flight to dodge Gram, both have enough stamina to fight for hours without tiring so stamina is no issue for both.

However, like said, Gram will not be able to reach Cole with it being non-homing and all. Due to this Sigurd will have to eventually stop turtling, and this is where Cole can really do some damage, as Cole no longer has the shielding to worry about.

Here's how I see it going.

Sigurd and Cole may not instantly see each other but they still know generally where their direction is, Cole immediately takes flight, as is extremely in character for him, he loves range spamming and spamming pseudo flight at any given turn and when he does get true flight he uses it instantly.

Sigurd immediately recognizes where Cole is and starts Gram Spamming and using Runes, Cole counters by merely sidestepping, or Side Flying in this case. Speed Equalization and massive distance means Gram won't hit him, runes means Cole can't do much to Sigurd.

Sigurd either eventually loses in the long run due to Cole's far superior range game and versatility with projectiles, or Sigurd attempts to close the distance, only to realize Cole hits him and hits incredibly hard, also Precision makes Sigurd look extremely slow by comparison which will allow Cole to get some good hits with his projectiles.

Now to counter a point that was made on previous Sigurd vs Cole threads, Magic Resistance, this is a moot point here, and I'm going to repost reasons why from previous threads.

"The problem then arises, if his lightning has Mystery and is thus magical, MR negs it to hell and back unless there is some explanation in verse that would prevent his lightning schtick from being verse equaled to thaumaturgy."

"Cole's lightning is, rather explicitly, non-magical. There's no magic to it, just Psuedoscience. But, under Nasuverse rules, Cole's abilities would have an absurd amount of mystery because of his unique nature, and the mystery of how he generates and controls it.

I don't think Sigurd's MR would block it. Mainly because, well, it isn't magic. It's just really strong electricity."

Verse Equalization is far too loose to go so far as to make something that's pretty explicitly Science and Biology in verse and make it magic, when it has about as much magic as reinforced Fists from Soichiro for example. (It's also just too loose in general, RIP Bleach Matches)

Cole takes this 9/10 times, only reason this isn't a stomp is due to Sigurd needing one hit, and I repeat, one hit with literally anything to win, but Cole simply crushes him in range combat due to the combination of true flight+Massive amounts of projectiles including homing stuff+Prescision to amp his speed. AP due to his scaling chain etc.
Primordial Runes OP. Remember using these can make him tank Surtr's sword. His swordmanship surpasses human's boundary too, so dodging can actually be harder than one thinks it is. He basically has AoF in form of runes
I'm not even taking at MR. Primordial Runes are that powerful, mind here. If Cole going for the long battle, Sigurd has more than the intelligence to spam his Runes to strengthen his own defense or make strong barriers with runes. Also END A+ is no joke. That's Herc level END
What does swordsmanship have to do with firing a non-homing projectile across a four kilometer distance?
To not missed it? He is literally good punching his sword away. Also he has dragon powered analyzer which increases his accuracy further. Tbh, how can Cole even hurt Sigurd? Sigurd can deflect bullets and missiles with ease, or just tank it through Primordial Runes or sheer endurance. Also prolong it is useless because Sigurd runs on Dragon Core which gives him very much of stamina and mana for a long time.
That has nothing to do with swordsmanship, punching your sword away for distance has to do with archery and range.

Also, Speed being equal and if having to cross 4KM before it hits Cole, who can fly, he dodges that shit.

Bullets and Missles are not in any way comparable to 7A Lightning and deflecting an attack that will explode if deflected is a terrible idea.

Sigurd doesn't have the AP to tank either, as Cole is stronger
That's why i'm talking about Primordial Runes and his Endurance here. Sigurd can fly with Runes (yes, you can use PR to make yourself fly like in Bleach).

To point how strong Sigurd's runes is, Brynhildr is limited by her low Divinity and curse from Odin and her runes are still very destructive to the point it's like her third NP itself. Now remove all that and that is Sigurd's runes power level

And Sigurd outright tanked an attack from Surtr which is high above 7-A
Endurance is stamina, it doesn't mitigate the damage he takes.

And what if he doesn't use runes and tries to close distance? Which is the only option he has?

That attack is getting downgraded actually and it's not as strong as Cole, at best that makes them both equal in strength
He will use runes looking at the situation. Because Cole will fly, then Sigurd will rune himself with runes to fly, and strengthening runes which makes him very durable, to the point like an armor NP even if he wants to, pretty much tanking everything Cole will throw at. Sigurd will win if it gets prolonged because Dragon Core. And also he can use runes to cast long ranged magic at Cole, which is still in character because he is not limiting himself to the sword only.
Why would Dragon Core win him in the prolonged fight? He doesn't have higher stamina then Cole.

His ranged magic is hundreds of meters at best, it hitting Cole will almost never happen

Also, flight runes aren't on his file.

He also can't use more then one rune.
Primeval Rune (Knight) is a set of rune. It just means he is more specialised in runes for knight, in other words, he literally is magic knight, not omnipotent like Skadi or Scathach. But his runes can still match Bryn's, if not even surpasses her because he is not limited like Bryn, which literally said can destroy Tokyo and what makes her fly in the first place. He literally can snipe with runes magic only. Far sight enhancement runes then very long range magic runes combination is a possible to use for Sigurd. He is clearly shown can use any rune he likes, just that his is specialised for rune knight purposes.

Dragon Core will provide him lots of mana by time, so he won't get tired even if he spams runes continuously.
Magic Runes haven't shown anywhere near the proper SBA distance, his profile even notes he's hundreds of meters with runes and kilometers with Gram

Even if he does hit Cole with a fine, Durability difference and Low Mid Regenerationn will keep him fighting just fine.

Dragon Core will give him lots of Mana sure, but Cole's RFI does the same and allows him too fight continuously, so neither can wear eachother out as I stated earlier.

Actually yeah, Sigurd doesn't have any form of Regenerationn that's fast enough to be applicable in this fight, so that's another advantage if it comes down to that.

I can see this being Incon in light of some good arguments like yours, but for now I'm sticking with Cole.
Actually why it's even only hundreds of meter anyway.,.. but fine...

Sigurd can still amp his durability and AP to the max end of 7-A with Runes, and his speed in battle if that is possible, so there is still that. So, from how see it, Sigurd will just spam his runes until he is close as possible to punish Cole. Though, it is also possible for Sigurd to launch a sneak attack using runes to camouflage himself in some way.
Servant AP is somewhere > 500 Megatons, only lower level servants edge around 500. Most of the higher level servants are probably still around 600-650 megatons. In other words, nothing actually changed regarding AP for 7A servants.

And yeah gonna say Cole absolutely abuses range here. Sigurd just, quite frankly, doesn't have any advantage at that range unless he immediately pulls Bolverk Gram at the start of the fight, which is out of character for him to do. If the fight was closer then Sigurd would probably take this but 4km is waaay to far for Sigurd's martial advantage to do much of anything.

Cole also has basically infinite energy to spam all of his powerful attacks too, but Sigurd does have a lot of energy he can use too, so eh.

Basically, Schnee got it in one. Cole FRA.
There's also the aspect that conduits grow stronger over time and unlock new abilities if overexposed to their favorite energy... and Cole is pumping out a lot of that energy so he's gonna be pulling a continuous Garou too. I agree with it being closer to a tie with your arguments, but Cole pulls through ahead
Cole's a bit more Archer than Caster

Casters are physically weak and just use magic, Cole can still fight hand to hand but prefers blasting people
I haz arrived.

Don't really care too much but I do wanna point out that once Sigurd makes a barrier, Cole is never touching him. Cu as a Lancer with B rank Runes makes barriers strong enough to block NPs (6-C). Sigurd has Primordial Runes which are so stupidly beyond Runes its not even funny so his barriers will stonewall anything Cole has.

He also doesn't need to punch Gram at Cole to use it. That is specifically for fighting cqc as its more effective (don't ask me how punching away your sword is the best option), at range he can just use it like a normal beam sword ala Excaliblast or Balmung and has very nice AOE scaling to the first and above the second.
You guys pick Caster and Archer, but I'm imagining Berserker Evil Cole and Rule Patron Saint of New Marais Cole.

And yeah the barrier makes Sigurd last very long against Cole.... But he might pull off what he did against other barriers in those hot air balloons or pull a Misaka with overheating him inside while the barrier's blocking the lightning.
The problem is I don't think it's in character for Sigurd to make a barrier? Though I'm no expert on his character so idk. But if I remember correctly he primarily uses Runes to strengthen his attacks and not defend himself.
Darn. I really like Sigurd and especially since I have him in FGO JP as my first SSR, but sadly I'll have to vote for the range spammer FRA.

If the distance was closer then this match would certainly go the other way around I think tho, so I can rest easy knowing Kaiba CAN win.
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