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other profiles of Pegasus Seiya must be created An original manga profile An episode G profile And an anime profile
Masami Kuromada interview states Episode G is cano


Q) Saint Seiya episode G comes as a real surprise. Why start episode G now?

My answer to this will be the same as that which Georges Lucas gave regarding the production of his episode 1 of Star Wars. The environment conducive to the materialization of what I imagine has simply happened. In the context of a film, this refers to digital imagery or new technologies, for a manga it designates the circumstances of the environment.


Q) So that was it! And concretely, what will this story tell?

Regarding the era, this will happen before the original work, and until the Golds are chosen by their Cloths . Of course, the 12 Gold Saints will appear in this story. We are going to see how they became Gold Saints and I also want this to be an opportunity to explore the personality of each of them, unlike the original manga. We will see how they met, what their friendships are, how they became Saints and there may even be fights between Golds. Isn't it exciting just to think about it?
The official Saint Seiya timeline also states it's canon, saying it's "A few years before" (alguns anos antes) the original manga.

In addition, the previews for it referred to it as "ÒÇîÞüûÚùÿÕú½µÿƒþƒóÒÇìÒü« µ¡úþÁ▒ Õñû õ╝Ø" meaning "The legendary super hit series "Saint Seiya" dominates the world with a new legitimate gaiden!"

Seito means legitimate which is the Japanese word used instead of canon.
Episode G may even be a canon, but they are separate universes, so a feat of one does not correlate to the other, who disagrees only has this right if refute this, which i think is difficult since with the new manga origin and destiny, already breaks any correlation that anyone can point out.

Ker exists in classic what made his (saga) events happen to become malignant, but in G it was cronus, so you are right, they are different without correlation and everything on the current pages is wrong.