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kamen rider ichigo

  1. ZeedKZ

    Showa Kamen Rider Revisions: Black RX

    Some of the stuff mentioned here were already accepted before the previous thread, so I'll just list the old version of the page that includes RX. Let me know if I have forgot something, since this was kinda rushed even though it took more than one month for this to be completed. Black Evolution...
  2. ZeedKZ

    Old vs. Older, Green vs. Black - Kamen Rider Ichigo vs. Kamen Rider Black

    SBA Speed equalized. High 6-C versions used. Rider Power is restricted. Location: Tokyo at night. Kamen Rider Ichigo (New Ichigo) scales to 539.1 Gigatons. Kamen Rider Black (Bilgenia Arc) scales to 325.1 Gigatons. Kamen Rider Ichigo: 6 (@MagiSinbad @BERRIES555 @Doggo @Jamesthetaker @Mr._Arabe...
  3. ZeedKZ

    Showa Kamen Rider Revisions: ZX

    No Super-1 revisions as the series adds nothing to scaling or powers, if you haven't seen the new profiles, here they are. Kamen Rider Super-1 Dogma Kingdom (General Megarl, Emperor Terror Macro) Jin Dogma (Marshal Demon) This revision will be extremely short as Kamen Rider ZX's first...
  4. ZeedKZ

    Showa Kamen Rider Upgrades: V to V

    In shadows deep, where darkness reigns There lurks a king with wicked aims His name is whispered, feared by all King Dark, the villain, standing tall Expected Super-1? ZX? WRONG. Get back at 74' with our X-Rider because we missed some good stuff. Kamen Rider X His new specs are out and with...
  5. ZeedKZ

    Showa Kamen Rider Revisions: Skyrider

    Sky... Henshin! Another Showa CRT, this time from one of my favorite Showa seasons, Skyrider. Expect some big changes in the stats of our Rider heroes. New Profiles Skyrider Neo Shocker General Monster Admiral Majin Great Leader GingaOh New Abilities The Seven Legendary Riders demonstrates some...
  6. ZeedKZ

    Showa Kamen Rider Revisions: Stronger

    Henshin... Stronger! Here with another Showa Kamen Rider revisions which took that long for two reasons; 1) Lack of sources, 2) Me lazy. First, I'll be presenting the new profiles, take note that I only had done sandboxes for actual relevant characters. I got no interest and will to create...
  7. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Hongo Takeshi and Hayato Ichimonji vs Yor Briar

    ALTERNATE TITLE: THE ASSASSIN TRIAL HAS APPEARED! IS IT A SHOCKER'S ACTION!? Yor being upgreaded mean there going to be a lot's of new matches presented for her right now, and one of them would an another fight with the Riders Human Form once again, this time with no very brutal versatility...
  8. DaReaperMan

    A Stats Equal Tournament" Terminated Edition: Kamen Rider Ichigo vs Baymax

    Good afternoon, gentlemen, and welcome to the third match of our tournament, this should be interesting... I have already given your chosen contestants the appropriate amount of preparation and the full appearance of their opponents, I do hope they dont disappoint." "Your contestants will fight...
  9. ZeedKZ

    Showa Kamen Rider Revisions: Amazon

    A-MA-ZON!!!!! This revision will be extremely short since no other Rider appears in this series! New Profiles Kamen Rider Amazon Gedon Jyumenki Golgos Mogura Beastman Garander Empire Zero the Great Ruler Speed Adjustment A fellow user has calculated Ichigo doding the Owl Man's Killer X-Ray...
  10. Kisaragi_Megumi

    An upgrade for the Showa Kamen Rider Human Form

    A simple revision to say but still pretty important, also credit and thanks to @Emerald who made the calc blog Okay so, for we what we know, Showa Riders in their human forms are rated in baseline 9-B scaled from the Shocker combatments But now with this feat where Hayato/Rider no.2 tanks an...
  11. ZeedKZ

    A quick Kamen Rider Ichigo, Nigo and V3 CRT

    Because X revision is taking too long. I decided to just pull this to not take more time, even tho the profiles are 99% done. Powers and Abilities For Ichigo and Nigo: Durability Negation - Many of their attacks are constantly confirmed in databooks to be capable of destroying Kaijins' internal...
  12. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Edelgard von Hræsvelgr vs Double Rider No.1 and No. 2

    ALTERNATE TITLE: GENEALOGY OF JUSTICE ~ THE LAST DAYS OF ADRESTIAN EMPIRE Well, looks like it's time for the old generation of Kamen Riders shine in this site, after we witnessed the bright star and annihilation that the new gen Riders has wrecked in this site (which is funny because we didn't...
  13. Mariogoods

    Kamen Rider Ichigo VS Captain America (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

    Rule: 1. Ichigo is in his Original (1-13) key (High 6-C, higher with Denko Rider Kick) while Captain America is with Mjölnir and Vibranium Shield (At least High 6-C, higher with shield and Mjölnir) 2. Speed is equalized. 3. SBA. Vote: Kamen Rider Ichigo: 0 Captain America (Marvel Cinematic...
  14. Mariogoods

    Kamen Rider Ichigo VS Captain America

    Rule: 1. SBA. 2. Speed is equalized. First: Kamen Rider Ichigo VS Post-Golden Age America Second: Kamen Rider Ichigo VS Ultimate America
  15. ZeedKZ

    Showa Kamen Rider Revisions: V3

    Went over the 52 episodes of Kamen Rider V3, and not gonna lie, I have forgot of how good this one is, but let's talk about how this might change the scaling of the Showa Riders. Before I introduce the new profiles, let's first talk about the main stuff (and what I have forgot on the previous...
  16. ZeedKZ

    Showa Kamen Rider Revisions: 1971 Series

    After going through all of the 98 episodes, our 3 profiles based on the 1971 series needed some HUGE updates. I'll be direct this time and add a small summary of the changes. Also shout out to @Metal Batta for allowing me to use his old sandbox. Kamen Rider Ichigo Current profile Updated...
  17. Mariogoods

    Kamen Rider Upgrade (Based on The V3 Nuke Feat)

    Recently, a new calculation regarding the nuke feat appeared in Kamen Rider V3 series. As the calculation seems accepted, here is the CRT which suggests for change the tier of profiles which scaled to this feat. Previous calculation suggests the feat is a 7-B feat and the recalculation suggests...
  18. Mariogoods

    Discussions For first three Kamen Riders

    Since the first wave of CRT about first three Kamen Riders is over, I decide to move the discussion regarding their feats here. The thread is specifically for the first three Kamen Rider: Kamen Rider Ichigo, Kamen Rider Nigo and Kamen Rider V3. The thread is for discussion and collection of...
  19. Mariogoods

    Kamen Rider Ichigo Revision

    First, Kamen Rider Ichigo's lifting strength should be massively upgraded since the official sources stated that he has 15 t Punch Power, 10 ~ 15 times human Gripping Power, Approx. 11.3 t → 22.5 t Kicking Power in Base key. (Thanks for Kamen Rider Wiki) Second, he should have [[Resistance]] to...