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In shadows deep, where darkness reigns
There lurks a king with wicked aims
His name is whispered, feared by all
King Dark, the villain, standing tall

Expected Super-1? ZX? WRONG. Get back at 74' with our X-Rider because we missed some good stuff.

Kamen Rider X​

His new specs are out and with some new stuff for him. I'll first address the additions of already existing powers in his P&A section. Source is of course his Zukan page.
Now, for the new abilities.
Cruiser section
Also, remove the "Possibly" from his Existence Erasure, he blatantly deletes those Warfare Agents without leaving any trace, could be no thing other than EE.

King Dark and the RS Device​

The RS Device is a superdevice created to convert all matter on Earth into energy, said to be a demonic weapon in G.O.D.'s hand and King Dark had clear intentions of using it destroy Earth. Even the power and effects of hydrogen bombs are nothing, but a joke compared to the output of an incomplete RS Device. Guidebooks and official sites also support the same concept, see here.

キングダークを暴れさせたRS装置 南原博士が発明した、 すべて の物質をエネルギー化するRS 装置は、 原水爆とは比較に ならないほどのエネルギーを 持ち、 この装置を体内にセッ トすることで、 キングダークは 無限に活動することが可能と なる。 サソリジェロニモJr.が 最後の設計図を手に入れ、 最終回となる第35話で、 遂にキングダークは本格的な破壊活動を始めた。

The RS device that made King Dark go berserk The RS device invented by Dr. Minamihara, which converts all matter into energy, has an energy level unmatched by the atomic and hydrogen bombs. Saso Geronimo Jr. obtained the final blueprints, and in the 35th and final episode of the series, King Dark finally began its full-scale destructive activities.
GODは、南原博士に命じて悪魔 の兵器・RS装置を開発させた。この 装置がキングダークにセットされれば、 あらゆる物質をエネルギーに変換し、 無限に暴れ回ることが可能になる。 GODを脱走した南原からRS装置の 設計図を手に入れるため、盗みと忍 初の天才 GOD怪人ガマゴエモン が暗躍を始めた。 第23話より。

GOD ordered Dr. Minamihara to develop a demonic weapon, the RS device. Once this device is set in King Dark, it will be able to convert any substance into energy and run amok without limit. To obtain the blueprints for the RS device from Nanbara, who has escaped from GOD, the GOD monster Gamagoemon, a genius of theft and ninja, begins his dark deeds. From Episode 23.
アポロガイストが倒れると同時に、その姿を見せたGODの新 幹部。巨大な姿を横たえたまま、部下の悪人軍団の怪人たちに 指令を下す。その目的は南原博士が開発したRS 設計図 を入手し、装置を完成させること。RS装置がキングダークの体 に組み込まれれば、あらゆる物質をエネルギーに変換し、無限に 活動できるようになる。(第2~3話登場 声/和田文男)

The new leader of GOD appears at the same time as Apollo Geist falls. While lying in his gigantic form, he issues orders to his subordinate monsters of the Evil Legion. His goal is to obtain the RS blueprints developed by Dr. Minamihara and complete the device, which, once incorporated into King Dark's body, will be able to convert any matter into energy for unlimited activity. (Appears in episodes 2~3 Voice: Fumio Wada)
【 RS装置 】



[RS device]
A device that converts all matter on earth into energy. It was developed by Soichiro Minamihara, the head of the Scientific Development Bureau of the secret organization "GOD Agency".

Upon completion of the blueprints for the RS Device, Minamihara, wishing to utilize it for the peace and happiness of mankind, fled the GOD Agency and divided the blueprints into nine parts and sent them to his trusted associates.

King Dark, a high-ranking member of the GOD Agency, had the GOD Evil Legion track down the blueprints in order to incorporate the RS device into his own body, and he and Masked Rider X, who was also searching for the blueprints, clashed violently with each other. [#23-35]
Given how King Dark was powered by the RS Device by the final episode (which was the only reason he could even get out of his hideout cave), and it has the power to turn all matter on Earth into pure energy, using this mass-energy conversion tabel, it gets to Small Star level+ by turning Earth into energy, which is the most plausible end as King Dark intended to destroy Earth with that device.

X-Rider will downscale to King Dark due to being able to survive a destructive ray strike and physical strikes, although the same cannot cause any damage to the big robot, which could be due to his invulerability (or just being a stone wall). Check the final fight here.

King Dark will also get some new powers and abilities.
  • Teleportation (Shown here)
  • Matter Manipulation, Energy Manipulation and Transmutation (Planetary; RS Device can turn all matter on Earth into pure energy, which even a lesser and incomplete version of the device could affect matter at molecular level and make hydrogen bombs look like nothing)
  • Possibly Invulnerability (King Dark described himself as "invulnerable", although it is unknown whether he is truly invulnerable or just too much durable for Kamen Rider X)

Scaling Changes​

X-Rider gets upgraded, so does every other Showa Rider and anyone who scales to Kamen Rider Ghost. You can check the new scaling chain here. But with a brief summary, X to Amazon gets Small Star level+, Stronger gets Small Star level+ to Large Star level, Skyrider gets Large Star level. Every Rider scales to each other, they can get Solar System level through stronger techniques or power-ups.

Kamen Rider Stronger's keys should be readjusted to "Shigeru Jo | Beginning of Series (1-13) | Middle of Series (14-34) | End of Series (35-39)", as by the Middle of Series he gets to fight to a standstill with Hyakume Titan, who is two times stronger than BoS Stronger, becoming 4-C.

For now, Post-Series Showa Rider and Kamen Rider Ghost will become Large Star level.


Kamen Rider Ryuki​

Kamen Rider Wizard

Kamen Rider Gaim​

Kamen Rider Drive​

Kamen Rider Ghost​

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid​

Kamen Rider Build​


  • Kamen Rider X gets the Powers and Abilities listed above, and some of the existing gets some additions. "Possibly" from Existence Erasure is removed.
  • King Dark gets the Powers and Abilities listed above, and becomes Low 4-C. X-Rider downscales to that.
  • Post-Series Showa Rider and anyone who scales to Kamen Rider Ghost becomes High 4-C.


As two staff members and multiple knowledgeable members agreed with the revisions, I'll apply them.
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