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yoko littner

  1. BluudyManikin777

    Small Name Changes: TTGL

    Basically, the profile names of two of the characters are wrong "The Anti-Spiral"? In his official profile in Final Drill, the translation of アンチスパイラル (Anchisupairaru) is Antispiral. Similar to how its Lordgenome and NOT Lord Genome, it's Antispiral not Anti-Spiral. However, Anti-Spiral IS an...
  2. BluudyManikin777

    God Tier Upgrade: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

    Attack Potency Via this scaling chain, certain characters will be upgraded in this regard Most of these profiles have justifications which are really long, and unnecessary Certain characters’ AP justifications will be changed accordingly Boota (Post-Multiverse Labyrinth): Universe level...
  3. Spinoirr

    Yoko Littner vs Lady Nagant

    Speed is = and pre-time skip Yoko is being used, both of them are 100 meters from one another Yoko: Nagant:
  4. BluudyManikin777

    Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Immeasurable Speed

    I believe the god tiers to be Immeasurable this is why Simon, after integrating the Multiverse with himself is comparable to The Anti-Spiral, who’s stated to transcended time and space, Blue Text “Simon's greatest enemy is this universe itself.The greatest, strongest, and most fearsome enemy...
  5. BluudyManikin777

    Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Characters’ Combat Skill

    Just how skilled exactly are these characters when it comes to combat? This is something that should preferably discussed, as we don’t have anything that tells us this stuff This would also be applied to a CRT if there’s something new that is unanimously agreed upon Conclusions: None so far
  6. BluudyManikin777

    TTGL Bottom Tier Speed Revision

    Travel Speed All characters comparable to Viral, or comparable to those who scale to him, will be rated at Subsonic via moving fast enough to appear as a blur Characters who scale: Kamina, who could keep up with Viral in a fight Simon for same reasons above Yoko, for slightly being inferior to...
  7. BluudyManikin777

    A Battle of Two Characters I Revised

    These two characters already know each other, and I've been curious for the longest time. If they actually fought who would win? Nia Teppelin (Messenger Nia) vs Yoko Littner (Post-Timeskip) [Base] Rules: Win by killing the opponent Yoko does have her rifle obviously Does Nia win via speed...
  8. BluudyManikin777

    Yoko Littner Revision

    The title speaks for itself, Yoko's profile needs a revision since her profile is cringe to look at Powers and Abilities: Pre-Timeskip Base: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Martial Arts, Acrobatics, Vehicular Mastery, Empowerment, Supernatural Willpower, Weapon Mastery, Energy...
  9. Crabwhale

    Gurren Lagann revision

    Terrible ******' thread title Not much there to say about this, so let’s just get straight into the meat of this absolute clusterfuck. Calculations Simply put they’re a mess. Most of the calculations linked on the verse page are on Narutoforums, which I don’t think we necessarily have a rule...
  10. Theformofacast

    Mako Mankanshoku vs. Yoko Littner

    Both are 9-B. Speed is equalized. Yoko Pre-Timeskip is used and she is unarmed.
  11. ZacharyGrossman273

    Yoko Littner VS The Transcendence

    Seems 100% balanced, let's go. Both High 1-C. Yoko: Transcendence: Inconclusive: Read the Board:
  12. Crzer07

    Nono vs. Yoko

    Battle of the Best Gainax girl At Low 2-C Takes place in extra dimensional space Nono: 0 Yoko: 2 Inconclusive: 1
  13. DMUA

    Gurren Lagann revisions 2, Spiral Boogaloo

    Alternate Title: GIGA..... CONTENT..... REVISION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alright. Time to join the men of this wiki. I'm gonna write a wall of text to pierce the heavens! So, we're going to be looking at everything lower then Tier 2. Let's start of with the most agregious offense...
  14. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    Gurren Lagann: Yoko scaling

    I personally have rewatch Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann for myself and I clearly see that 7-B feat was done by Yoko's gun, not by Yoko herself. ÒÇÉAMVÒÇæ Yoko Ritona (Yoko Littner) ~ Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (TTGL) ~ fripSide only my railgun-1 This AMV may not be TTGL episode 12 but it shows...
  15. Mickey1940

    Yoko vs Goku

    Both Low 2C versions MUIS Goku Speed equalized Assuming that Goku mastered MUIS to the point that in MUIS his stamina is the same as SSGSS's (meaning basically no time limit so fight doesn't end immediately) Fight takes place in the World of Void FILLED WITH SAFE BREATHABLE GASES FROM EARTH...
  16. ZacharyGrossman273

    Yoko Littner VS John Egbert

    Speed equalized. Both at High 3-A.
  17. WeeklyBattles

    Tengen Toppa Yoko vs Dark Star Varus

    Powers and Stats Tier: High 3-A Name: Varus, the Arrow of Retribution Origin: League of Legends Gender: Male Age: Unknown Classification: Herald of Dark Star Thresh Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Expert archer, Weapon Summoning (Bow, Arrows), Dark Magic, Can...
  18. Muhammedmco

    Dante vs Yoko Littner

    Both at their 3-A versions. Both Bloodlusted. Battle takes place in a forest in night. Who will win?
  19. Gojira1234

    Mimori Togo vs Yoko Littner

    Two snipers who get way too much fanservice for their age. Fight takes place in the Jukai. Speed equalized. Both 7-B. Both holding nothing back Who wins? Togo: 7 (Kaltias, GoldenScorpions, DaFritzi, Monarch Laciel , Scarletmoon56, Paladinporter, Elione-Arisu) Yoko: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  20. Paladinporter

    Inuyasha vs Yoko Littner

    Both 7-B forms. Inuyasha can use Claws or Tessaiga, Yoko can use her sniper rifle. Speed Equalized. Both characters spawn 60 meters away from each other. No knowledge on each other Win by KO or Death Who wins and why? Tessaiga edited to block Yoko's gunfire.
  21. MarquisNYNJ

    Goku vs Yoko Littner

    Fight takes place on Beerus and Whis' Planet. Beerus, Whis, and Vegeta are watching from the side, plus Vegeta is eager to fight against Yoko instead. Round 1: 22nd World Tournament Goku vs Base Yoko Round 2: Saiyan Saga Goku vs Tenga Toppa Yoko W/Tank (Speed Equalized) Round 3 Super Saiyan...