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  1. koopa3144

    Wither vs Satan (The Binding of Isaac) (0-7-0) (Grace)

    I've been playing TBoI recently and this fight just came to mind The fight takes place in the Mega Satan boss room Mega Satan is being used Speed is equalized SBA for anything else Wither: 0 (38.500956 Tons of TNT) Satan: 7 (Massively upscales from 18.0097 Tons of TNT) Incon: 0
  2. Flashlight237

    The Heretic Faces The Nether's Ultimate Mob (Heretical Priest vs Wither)

    So out of pure curiosity thanks to the Heretical Priest vs Tricky thread (See here: https://vsbattles.com/threads/a-heretical-crusade-on-the-clown-kills-you-4-0-0.147245 )), I wanted to see if it's possible for the Heretical Priest to go up against the Wither. So from what I've read in the...
  3. V999

    Wolfram say hello to Wither (7-0-0) This can be add

    My Hero Academia VS Minecraft Wolfram started hearing with wither rumors. Wolfram decided to summon wither to help him attack I-Island After being summoned, the wither explodes Wolfram : Good now listen wither, you must obey me The Wither attacks with it's Wither Skull Wolfram summons an iron...
  4. GyroNutz

    Minecraft Lifting Strength Update

    So I've done this calculation which has been recently accepted. This would scale Steve to At least Class K lifting strength using Obsidian instead of Gold Blocks. I've laid out the logic in the calc blog (pistons can push 12 Gold Blocks at a time, but cannot budge Obsidian). And I suggest that...
  5. GyroNutz

    Minecraft - Abilities Addition

    Here are a few abilities that I believe Minecraft profiles are either currently lacking or would have due to the 1.17 update. Disease Resistance: Zombies turn villagers into Zombie Villagers upon killing them via infection, which is already accepted. However despite being able to be killed...
  6. Starter_Pack

    Minecraft Low 7-C Downgrade

    I refuse to let this stand. I'm not one to spark verse-wide revisions on the fly, but I am not allowing this verse to be wanked more than it is already. The one thing I want settled is this: Remove Low 7-C from the fodder of the verse. It makes sense for the boss characters to scale up from TNT...
  7. Naito-desu

    Tanjiro Kamado (Demon Slayer) vs The Wither (Minecraft)

    Tanjiro discovers the a cure to a demonism outside of Tamayo's medicine, he hears of a mysterious item called a Nether Star. Trading with a wandering trader, he gains enough materials to summon himself one, but may find out he's bitten off more than he could chew. Both are 8-B, Tanjiro in his...
  8. DeathstroketheHedgehog

    Minecraft Top Tiers Speed Upgrades

    Intro Youtube recommended was being weird, as usual, and it linked me to this little video. It made me remember that all jokes aside, Endermen do find arrows too easy to react to and avoid, no matter if it's coming from behind them or if it's moving at terminal velocity. For all intents and...
  9. Robot972

    Nether Star

    Been having an uneventful discussion with someone about whether or not Nether Stars are actual stars. His claim is yes because it's called and shaped like a star, despite having no implication of it actually being a star, but I'm trying to tell him that it's just called a star because of its...
  10. IchigoFanBoy

    Ichigo plays minecraft

    BoS Ichigo vs the ender dragon and the wither Speed has been equalized and the minecraft duo has to come down to attack ichigo for at least 10 seconds every minute Reiatsu crush is disabled for obvious reasons Who wins If this is stomp in ichigo's favor, add all full enchanted netherite gear...
  11. Jinsye

    Wither vs. Employee (LobCorp)

    i dunno, abnormality blocky skeledude. TETH Equipment Employee and High 8-C Wither Speed is = Who wins? Wither: 0 Employee (Lobotomy Corporation): 0
  12. StarSlayer666

    Talking cat meets Three Headed Skeleton

    J'zargo VS Wither both at High 8-C and speed is equalized
  13. Nemo212

    Minecraft: Upgrade for Explosive Mobs

    EDIT I: Blog post here. EDIT II: See DeathstroketheHedgehog's post at the bottom of this thread for better destruction values, as they take dropping the block into account. We have pulverization values for diamonds now. Diamond blocks have the same blast resistance as stone blocks (6). This...
  14. DeathstroketheHedgehog

    Minecraft Top Tiers Revision, Minor Ender Dragon Revision, Weapons Revision

    As shown here, the ender dragon and all who scales should be 8-A. Something to note is that this isn't some passive destruction aura either. When the ender dragon stops moving and the lava flows downwards, it pushes the enderdragon down as well. So not only does this prove that the Ender...
  15. ZackMoon1234

    [5th Round of 8-B Tournament] - Wither vs Terrarian (0-7-0)

    The 5th Round of the 8-B Bracket Hub The Tree of the 8-B Bracket Hub Speed Equalized 17 meters apart Location - The Eiffel Tower 8-B Keys used Wither - 0 () Terraria - 7 (Keeweed, Ionliosite, Necromercer, Strawboi, Overlord775, Walker21232123, Planck69) Inconclusive - 0 () Wither...
  16. BananaMan360

    2 Beings of Destruction From Hell that starts with "W" go bang bang with each other

    Wall of Flesh Vs Wither Battle takes place in The Nether, 20m initial distance, Speed is Equalized. 8-C Wither will be used. WoF: Wither:
  17. Starter_Pack

    Boss Monsters Of Pure Destruction (Malfestio vs. The Wither)

    Dangers come in all shapes and sizes within the world of fiction. Some creatures can breath fire, others can spit poison, and some are deadly simply due to their sharp claws and fangs. But those creatures that can absolutely destroy anything in their paths, with almost no exceptions, are truly...
  18. Kamekaizen

    Mob tries to exorcise a mob

    Mob vs Wither Both are in their High 8-C key. Battlefield: Ruins of Seasoning City Distance: 20 meters Speed is equalized
  19. Kringaling

    Minecraft wither explosion calc

    Hey so I have calced the wither explosion for the minecraft revisions. Simply i created a miners dream world and tunneled underground,spawned the wither and counted how many blocks were gone,+11 blocks because me and the wither took up that much space. I got 67 blocks of stone pulverized. If you...
  20. Ayewale

    All the problems with every Minecraft enemy mob page here

    Let the rage begin. Creeper Stealth Mastery should not be there. Period. Even if the Creeper was completely silent, which isn't, that's not stealth jesus christ. Intelligence should be Unknown, if not animalistic. It's based off Stealth Mastery, which I've debunked. Speed should be just Below...
  21. Jinsye

    Wither vs. Sayaka Miki

    I'm remaking this match because I think it was a thing. 7-C Speed = Who wins? Wither: 0 Sayaka Miki: 0
  22. Jackythejack

    Wither vs. Ice King (Fortnite)

    yeah yeah super simple don't care too much I just though this would be fun. Fight takes place on fortnite island. Speed is equalized. Who wins and why? Wither Ice King (Fortnite)
  23. ShockingPsychic

    The Wither (Minecraft) VS. Grovyle (Pokémon)

    7-C Vs. Low 7-B (close enough, right?) The battle takes place in a large, flat, field. Both are bloodlusted. They start 50ft. away from each other. Speed is equalized.
  24. Sans2345

    Wither vs Omnidroid

    both 7-C Omnidroid model v 1.0 is being used speed equalized battle takes place in the city SBA Omnidroid: 0 Wither: 0 Inconclusive: 7 (EdwardTruong2006) (Steven Pogi PaitaO) (Gyronutz) (Davidgumazon) (Spinoirr) (EMagolorSoul) (Stillwintson) VS
  25. StarSlayer666

    A TES wizard meets a Minecraft Boss

    Wither VS Faralda Speed is equalized
  26. EnnardTrap1987

    Venom vs The Wither

    Will Venom take down the Wither from Minecraft? Speed will be equalised and they will both be at 7-C. Venom: 0 Wither: 0 Tie: 0
  27. Sans2345

    Undyne vs Wither

    Both 7-C tier Speed is equal Battle takes place in waterfall Win via death or KO Undyne: 1 (GyroNutz) Wither: 0 Inconclusive: 0 "NAGHHHHHH!" VS
  28. Jinsye

    7-C Doubles: Ness and Wither vs. Terrarian and Slade (Teen Titans)

    THE FINAL MATCH! Speed is equal and all contestants are in-character. (Betrayal is not allowed btw) Victory via incap, ko, or death. Who wins? Ness and Wither: 0 Terraria and Slade (Teen Titans): 0
  29. Apatheticskell

    Sans vs Three headed skeleton.

    Sans vs The Wither Boss. 8-C and 7-C versions used. Sans is placed close to the Wither when it's about to spawn. Speed is equalized. Battle takes place above Mount Ebott. Both are in character. Sans: 0 () Wither: 0 () Inconclusive: 0() Stomp: 1(Risci Viragosi)
  30. Jinsye

    Wither vs. Gray Fullbuster

    After this match I am never touching Fairy Tail again Fight takes place in the overworld. Speed is equal, 7-C versions. Who wins? Skeleto: 0 Gray Fullbuster: 0
  31. Jinsye

    7-C Doubles: Ness and the Wither vs. Sakaguchi Hinata and Akira Kongou

    Semifinals! I got a bad feeling about this one though Speed is equal and all contestants are in-character. (Betrayal is not allowed btw) Victory via incap, ko, or death. Who wins? Ness and Wither: 3 Sakaguchi Hinata and Akira Kongou: 0
  32. Jinsye

    7-C Doubles Tournament: Sonic (Sonic Boom) and All For One vs. Ness and the Wither

    Round 1! Speed is equal and all contestants are in-character. (Betrayal is not allowed btw) Victory via incap, ko, or death. Who wins? Sonic the Hedgehog (Sonic Boom) and All For One: 0 Wither and Ness: 3
  33. Bowser-us

    Possible Wither upgrade (bedrock edition)

    In bedrock edition Wither can break a lot of blocks faster than Ender Dragon. Could it be higher than 7-ðí? Minecraft bedrock edition - Wither dash
  34. Jinsye

    Minecraft Non-Physical Interaction

    These bois are intangible Steve, the Wither, and I think the Ender Dragon can hurt them. All the above should get Non-Physical Interaction
  35. Jinsye

    Wither vs. Kirika Kure

    In a Minecraft mood Hits random page button until a 7-C shows up "Puella Magi" ...Do I still contribute to this... fine. I know Low 7-C dura and all but that shittily ranged time slow is going to be most useful Speed = Magical Girl Kirika Who wins Wither: 0 Kirika Kure: 0
  36. Apatheticskell

    Marie Korbel vs The Wither

    The Battle of everyone's favorite skull throwers Battle takes place in the Minecraft world 10 month Prep for both Both blood lusted Speed equal. Winner via death, BFR, incapacitation, knock outs etc. Marie has access to all her forms Marie starts of with base forms but she has time...
  37. Jinsye

    Yu Narukami vs. Wither

    Yu Narukami People can do it. As long as they can open their eyes and look around, they'll see it. They'll see the truth! ~ Yu Narukami, Persona 4 The Animatio Powers and Stats Tier: 7-C Name: Yu Narukami (Game) Souji Seta (Manga), "Sister Complex Kingpin of Steel" (P4A)...
  38. Jinsye

    Undyne vs. The Wither

    So somehow, a Wither has been released onto the underground, reeking havoc etc. It's up to one fish person to do the job! Fight takes place where Undyne fought Frisk. Both 7-C. Speed Equalized. Who wins? Wither: 1 Undyne: 0
  39. Jinsye

    Wither Boss Minor Revisions.

    Just some abilities to add to the Wither. Explosion Manipulation: Skulls explode and he explodes too. Nuff said. Summoning: In Bedrock Edition, when the Wither gets to half health, it causes a large explosion which summons 3-4 Wither Skeletons. I know this isn't Java Edition, but it should...
  40. Jinsye

    Wither Boss vs. The Ender Dragon

    I'm surprised this hasn't been done before. You could try this in-game via the VSM mod but the issue is, the Wither's AI is programmed to stay above his target. Ender Dragon in 1.5.2 can only ram people, so the Ender Dragon goes up and the Wither goes up aswell. Soon enough they reach world...