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Nether Star

Been having an uneventful discussion with someone about whether or not Nether Stars are actual stars. His claim is yes because it's called and shaped like a star, despite having no implication of it actually being a star, but I'm trying to tell him that it's just called a star because of its shape and that it's most likely the wither's soul given it has the same magic aura like enchantments and potions. Does anyone have a guide book that mentions the nether star?
Unless Steve / Whiter can contain a normal-sized star to an object of that size, I'm sure that wouldn't work.

otherwise Flash would have High 3-A via IMP
I don’t, but a good argument is simple. Throw it into Lava. When the Nether Star’s destroyed, does it form a Black Hole? No? Then it’s not accurate enough to be considered a Star and therefore isn’t a Star in a more reliable sense.