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  1. DontTalkDT

    Death Mage CRT Part 5

    Only 5 of those by now? We gotta pump up these numbers! New Elemental Techniques (Chapter 268) No new abilities, but he can shoot parts of his soul as projectiles and has some new fire, lightning and light spells to put into the Notable A/T. For the latter, this trick using the ice walls is...
  2. DontTalkDT

    Death Mage CRT Part 4

    These CRTs will never stop. They're infinite! They're eternal! Limited Power Bestowal for Gufadgarn (Chapter 267) As mentioned here, Gufadgarn can regive her vessel skills that were stolen from it by re-inhabiting it later. (She already has power bestowal inside her dungeon, but this would...
  3. DontTalkDT

    Death Mage CRT Part 3

    After my time was eaten up by other stuff those past few days I should really get back to the more important threads... by I will throw a short revision of my characters in-between, because I feel motivated to do so. Will be a short one, though, as I shouldn't invest too much time, I guess. So...
  4. DontTalkDT

    Death Mage CRT Part 2

    Alright, so here is part 2 of me working through my feat dump. Amount of spirits around Vandalieu (Chapter 261) Van has more spirits around him than there are living people in the city Alcrem. There are around a million living people. (Chapter 245) So Vans charm skill keep a million spirits...
  5. DontTalkDT

    Death Mage CRT Part 1

    After I calculated that just reading through all my notes would take over an hour, I decided to separate this into lots of small CRTs that I post one after another. So here's part 1: Demon King's Silk Gland and Oviduct stuff for Vandalieu (Chapter 256) Vandalieu got two more demon king...
  6. Expectro2000xxx

    The Death Mage That Doesn't Want a Fourth Time General Discussion Thread

    This is the thread to talk about Death Mage, feats, new profiles, news and whatever related with the series. Long life to the The Demon Empire of Vidal!
  7. DontTalkDT

    The Death Mage that doesn't want two CRT's

    So, here is the big CRT that I have been working on over the last two weeks. This thread covers mostly just stuff that happened in the last 1.5 volumes/arcs, with a few notable exceptions. My full proposal of changes can be found by reading through my quote gathering blog. That thing has like...
  8. GokuBold

    Death Mage CRT

    So this is my first time doing a content revision, so there are things I might do wrong but bear with me. All of these are additions to things missing in the verse in general. Abilities: For Vandalieu: Absorption: Mana Absorption: Via Soul Devour, Magic Absorption Barrier, and...
  9. YungManzi

    Strongest 7-A Match 45 (Vandalieu Vs. Lain Tendou)

    Vandalieu Vs. Lain Tendou 1) Speed is always equal, unless the two characters fighting are in the same tier of speed naturally. 2) SBA applies. 3) Most powerful/resourceful 7-A versions Vand: (XDrag, Ricsi, DT, Goku) Lain: Inconclusive: Bracket
  10. ZephyrosOmega

    FIghting to the Death in another world: Vandalieu VS. Kumoko

    Two 7-A Isekai protags with powerful magic and prep time. Both of them possess full prior knowledge on eachother and their capabilities, and both of them are given one year of prep time. They have the same speed, so equalizing it isn't going to be necessary. Will Vandole put an end to the great...
  11. DontTalkDT

    Vandalieu vs Zonda

    Vandalieu vs Zonda Speed Equal Who takes it?
  12. DontTalkDT

    Knochen & Legion 7-A upgrades (The Death Mage that doesn't want a fourth time)

    Legio and Knoche should scale to Mountain level. The reason for that is the events from chapter 220. In it we get a statement about the power of Heinz & Companions: "The combination of attacks that we just used, we don't really want to use it outside of a Dungeon if possible… the terrain...
  13. DontTalkDT

    Vandalieu vs Mordekaiser

    Vandalieu vs Mordekaiser Infernal Mordekaiser Speed Equal SBA otherwise Who takes this?
  14. DontTalkDT

    5th strongest 7-A Bracket Round 7 (Vandalieu vs Caster (Merlin))

    Vandalieu vs Caster (Merlin) Speed Equal 7-A versions SBA Otherwise Votes: Vandalieu: 0 Merlin: 0 Hub, Table
  15. DontTalkDT

    Soul Manip Resistance for Vandalieu

    So in the last chapter of Death Mage Vandalieu goes to meet the gods of earth (our universe). I say gods, but in truth earth has only a single god that is the fusion of every god believed in by humans, including gods from fictional works, fairy tales and stuff. There the following conversation...
  16. Jemini42

    Are untranslated chapters an acceptable source for power calculations?

    EDIT: I thought this would appear for the Vandaleu page which is where I clicked to post this, but it wound up under a different forum heading. So, adding the clarification here. https://ncode.syosetu.com/n1745ct/397/ The narration in the latest untranslated chapter of the series finally...
  17. DontTalkDT

    Vandalieu Stat debate - How should I evaluate those feats?

    Vandalieu's current stats are from a form quite some time ago and where quite casual. Since, he has gained a few new feats which show that he should be vastly more powerful at this point in time. However, even though I believe the feats make it very clear that he should be way more powerful...
  18. fandom_42Jemini

    Correction about Vandaleu's stats write-up.

    I'm a reader of the WN this character is sourced from, and while it is quite accurate about his skills it sells some of his feats short. For one thing, he is rated 7-C, the ability to destroy a small town. While it did say "at least 7-C," acnowledging how this series has a growth theme and he...
  19. DontTalkDT

    Jericho Swain vs Vandalieu

    Jericho Swai vs Vandalieu Speed Equal Who wins?
  20. DontTalkDT

    Vandalieu vs Han Jee-Han

    Vandalieu vs Han Jee-Ha Speed equal, time acceleration restricted Town level versions.
  21. DontTalkDT

    The second coming of the demon kings: Diablo aka Sakamoto Takuma vs Eclipse Emperor Vandalieu

    Sakamoto Takuma vs Vandalieu Old Equipement for Sakamoto, both assumed to be supersonic. Otherwise SBA. Who takes this?