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ultraman (character)

  1. DimeUhDozen

    Ultraman Confronts The Furry Allegations

    Ultraman vs Minerva Mink Speed Equalized New Generation Era Ultraman will be used. Both are High 3-A. Ultraman: Furry: Incon:
  2. jojo123

    Rod (ice scream) vs Ultraman (Rise of Ultraman)

    Both 10-A versions is used. Shin Hayate ultraman is used. Speed Equalized. ultraman will not be able to use his blasters. Votes rod: (https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Rod_Sullivan) votes ultraman: (https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ultraman_(Rise_of_Ultraman)
  3. WanderingGecko

    Ultra Series Upgrade: Low 2-C Space Rock

    Hi there everyone, it's your friendly neighborhood Gecko. In this occasion, I'll revise our favourite space rock, Bullton to a Low 2-C rating. Enjoy~ First things first, here is Bullton's official description given by Tsuburaya: Translation: Here we are given information that Bullton is...
  4. WanderingGecko


    SIKE. BAITED YA~ In all seriousness, this thread will be focusing on Mebius’s insane speed feat in the Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy movie. In said movie he flew from planet Dent to the Land of Light in what seems to be just a few seconds/minutes. I made this calc using 3 presumptions...
  5. WanderingGecko

    Ultra Series Revision: Little Mebius Flies Fast

    G’dday everyone. In this thread, I will be upgrading Mebius’s speed from MFTL+ to Infinite based on this scan: In all seriousness, I will be upgrading the verse’s speed by adding another MFTL+ feat that was performed by Mebius, it was calculated by me on this blog and it was pretty...
  6. Peter1129

    Higher Dimensions

    Since I’m really bad at comprehending higher dimensions and stuff I thought might as well make a thread. So I was wondering what tier would this warrant for a cosmology or a character?
  7. Peter1129

    Ultra Series Showa Downgrade/Multiverse Upgrade

    Showa Downgrade So first to start it off I was thinking we should remove Jack scaling to Zetton which caused everybody in the Showa Era to scale to 4-B Ultraman Ace onwards. Reasons being Jack most likely got an Empowerment boost right before his battle with Zetton II. Right before the battle...
  8. Peter1129

    Showa Ultra Series Revision

    Tier Changes So basically as it turns out Zetton II was actually the strongest monster of Return of Ultraman so only starting EoS should Jack be 4-B. BoS Jack should be downgraded to High 4-C scaling from Ultraman's High 4-C feat. And since BoS Jack no longer scales to Zetton the next best feat...
  9. TechPrime0920

    High 4-C Tournament Round 1 Match 1 (Ultraman vs Perfect Cell)

    So ye, the tournament begins now First off, the rules Speed is equalized Both at High 4-C, of course (Perfect Cell and Ultraman's Showa era key is used here) Both with prior knowledge of each other Ultraman: Cell: Inconclusive:
  10. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Ultraman vs Moon

    My first ever Ultramans matches in the wiki (celebrating the massive clean up and revisions this verse faced), so i'm gonna use Man against a kaijus from other franchises Hmmm...yeah, the beasts from Toriko, hopefully this would turned well Anyway let's get to the match! Summary would be added...
  11. Arceus0x

    Height in profiles revision/discussion

    In the profiles of Darling in the franxx we have heights written down, even for the pilots. Idk why but we do. Is this something we need to have or is it unnecessary? Because if it's unnecessary then let's remove it, if it's not then let's begin slowly adding the heights of different monsters...
  12. Willam_Weber

    Ultraman (Character) Vs Ultra-V (War Of The Monsters)

    Battle of the Ultra Characters
  13. Kamenriderblaze

    why is there too many naruto fanboys ???

    i have seen a lot of fanboys some claim naruto can take on goku some even down play goku i have seen people said him to be universal heck i even saw people down play other
  14. SunDaGamer

    Ultraman's abilities vs 682

    So after I closed my Ultraman vs SCP-682 thread, I was still curious about something, is anything in OG Ultraman's powers and abilities able to do anything to 682?
  15. Antvasima


    I noticed that several Ultraman characters seem to have "At least 4-B" statistics, simply due to being stronger than regular 4-B characters, despite the enormous difference in scale between the lower and upper border of the tier. I would appreciate if somebody could help me out by checking...
  16. Jared1111

    Ultraman (Japan) vs Superman (Post-Crisis)

    Japanese Super-Hero vs American Super Hero. Speed Equalized. Ultra Galaxy Legends Movie for Ultraman. Ultraman - 0 Superman - 8 (Mr. Cutlery, PostmodernD, Oloserian, Larry.z.eta, Marco Shark, ThunderofHiatus, Starryknight200, Js250476) Superma
  17. Numbersguy

    Ultraman vs Composite Godzilla

    The Kaiju battle to end all battles! Godzilla (Composite) Ultraman (character) First key Ultraman (Aka the one from his own series) Both are bloodlusted Both fight on Tokyo, face to face
  18. Woodgod

    Ultraman (DC) vs Ultraman (Japanese giant)

    Ultraman vs Ultraman. Win by death or KO. Both at 4-B version and speed equalize. Ultraman (DC) (post crisis): https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ultraman_(Post-Crisis)_(DC_Comics) Ultraman (Japanese): https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ultraman_(character) The battle take place on Earth...
  19. Mr.Cutlery

    Ultraman Victory content revision (redo)

    Okay, first off, I'm not sure if you guys would care but I'd just need a little 2 cents on this matter. If it's a no-go, that's it. Just close the thread afterwards. In this, I will once again attempt to give "proof" to Universal Ultra Series. First, an introduction to the new characters that...
  20. Mr.Cutlery

    Ultraman v.s Cell

    Due to the recent upgrades given to Ultraman, I figured I might pit him against someone on his level. Preferrably one from the DBZ verse, Cell. Speed Equalized because otherwise it'll be a speed-stomp in Ultraman's favor. Round 1: Ultraman (Showa Era) v.s Cell (From Imperfect up till' his...
  21. Infrared_Toa

    Ultraman vs Dark Gaia

    Invented Story: Dark Gaia rises from the ground,and is going to destroy Earth,but is the job of Ultraman to stop him,the battle will be on 2 rounds: Ultraman vs Normal Dark Gaia Ultraman vs Perfect Dark Gaia All rounds are speed equalized.
  22. Infrared_Toa

    Kirby (Normal state) vs Ultraman (original)

    The pink puff ball against the first Ultra that visited earth. Who wins? Rules: Kirby will be in his normal state,no copy abilities, Ultraman 1966 will be considered to fight Kirby Durability equalized Fight to the death