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Ultraman's abilities vs 682


VS Battles
Calculation Group
So after I closed my Ultraman vs SCP-682 thread, I was still curious about something,

is anything in OG Ultraman's powers and abilities able to do anything to 682?
But still, I wonder if Ultraman could do anything to 682 via hax
Not really, no. 682 simply grows out of any hax with evolution.

The problem is that Ultraman as far as we know is 3D while 682 is full-on higher dimensional and cannot be killed/effected for extended periods of time without affecting that higher dimensional body.

I'd say the best chance for Ultraman and co would just be open a portal to another universe and just chuck it away. Not their problem anymore.
WeeklyBattles said:
Except that wont help
Which is why I said "Not really, no. 682 simply grows out of any hax with evolution". The throwing them out of the universe thing was only a temporary solution that doesn't really win Ultraman any battles.
But can any of the stronger Ultras (like Mebius Infinity, King, Russo, Blu ect.) do anything to 682 other than just chuck it into another universe