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VS Battles
I noticed that several Ultraman characters seem to have "At least 4-B" statistics, simply due to being stronger than regular 4-B characters, despite the enormous difference in scale between the lower and upper border of the tier.

I would appreciate if somebody could help me out by checking through, and if necessary adjust the pages.

Oh right, that. I think, with what's happened lately, they should be adjusted to being simply 4-B. I planned to do that after getting multiple notifications and warnings but I... got distracted.

So yeah, apologies for all that. I'll start with it after you can give me a go. You know, before I go ahead and go on an edit spree without an admin or someone with higher rank's knowledge.
Given how low they land on that tier and the method of which they acquire the tier, all of them should be adjusted to just 4-B.
I could help with revising it then. That is of course, if you want to.
Ha, well i believe it would be fine to start adjusting the profiles now

I would appreciate help with this, yes. Thank you.
Okay. Thanks. Did you remove "At least" from the tiers, the attack potencies, the striking strengths, and the durabilities?
Okay. Thank you. I suppose that I should close this thread then.
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