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High 4-C Tournament Round 1 Match 1 (Ultraman vs Perfect Cell)

So ye, the tournament begins now

First off, the rules
  • Speed is equalized
  • Both at High 4-C, of course (Perfect Cell and Ultraman's Showa era key is used here)
  • Both with prior knowledge of each other
Ultraman: 9.45038e43 Joules
Cell: 1.1293529e45 Joules

This gives Cell roughly 12x the ap, more than enough to one-shot.
What do they lead with?
Both of prior knowledge of each other
Cell is going to exploit ki blasts and hand-to-hand to instantly destroy him since he already has a massive AP difference over Ultra.

Though, if Ultra has prior knowledge then what kind of move he will try to use here?
Should contacting Mr. Cultery here as right now i've countering a problem here (pages in forum taking forever to load while in other sites it loaded fine)
With prior knowledge, Man would try to paralyze via Ultra Air Catch and the likes or go for Sealing since he'd know about the massive AP difference. Honestly there should've been a lot more he can do, but info on Ultraman is pretty scarce.

But I'm not voting yet.
I believe so. To reiterate, speed is equalized, knowledge is yes, and given the massive AP difference, Man was man.
Well guess Ultraman gets Vegeta'ed.

Basically a warm up for Cell to start the tournament.
Also gruntsman you made it possible for the SoC and Ashen One fight each other in the tournament what have you done-
I wonder how well Agito can do in this tourney

Anyway Cell FRA

Also maybe we can make Seven vs Cell in their 4-B version?
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Paralysis, sealing or soulhax beam, but since both knows each other's set, nothing's stopping Cell from ending it quickly, I believe.