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the walking dead

  1. King_Dom470

    "You Win Some You Lose Some" ahh match (7-0-0)

    Rules: Speed equal CRM Rick is used Battle takes place in Alexandria They start 10 meters away from each other and out of their line of sight Rick has a hatchet Dexter has a knife SBA for everything else Richard Grimes: (ThePrimalHunter, Renitr, King_Dom470, ReaperAndBlues, MarkGoldbridge...
  2. Renitr

    TWD sad downgrade and reworks

    Press F to Wall Level The Walking Dead Let's take it in order Main Calculations It all started with them https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:MarkGoldbridge/Daryl_tackles_Beta https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:MarkGoldbridge/Rick_Grimes_Survives_Bridge_Exploding...
  3. Renitr

    TWD mid tiers upgrade

    Accepted calc https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Jason_Courne/Glenn_survives_a_grenade_explosion Glenn can harm Merle 2:57 Glenn can withstand blows of Merle 3:11 Glenn can harm Nicholas who can harm him 1:13 Pearl Thorne can harm Rick Michonne can harm Pearl Michonne can...
  4. Renitr

    TWD LS downgrade and suggestions

    Everyone knows this feat We use it to scale the LS of TWD characters who can struggle, wrestle and resist against Walkers. But there are LS anti-feats in TWD. Here is one of them (You can add anti-feats in this thread) Daryl and Rick struggle to lift vending machine I don't know how much...
  5. Renitr

    The Walking Dead overall verse separation

    In current main page of TWD; comics, games and tv series are all together. Also in Walkers profile one feat from comics. And some calcs from telltale games and tv series are together I think is incorrectly And that's why As you know, comic book history has long been very different from TV...
  6. MarkGoldbridge

    The Walking Dead Discussion Thread

    This is a general discussion thread for anything relating to The Walking Dead; whether its TV shows, comics, or games.
  7. Renitr

    Possibly Chance in TWD upgrade

    SPOILERS TO THE ONES WHO LIVE Context of feat: Calc of Pearl Thorne durability https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Jason_Courne/The_Walking_Dead:_Michone_and_Rick_blow_up_a_base,_Thorne_survives_it Rick and Thorne can harm each other and should be comparable...
  8. Renitr

    Massive TWD Upgrade

    All calcs by Jason_Courne [The Walking Dead: Onslaught] The events of the game have been confirmed to take place between "Wrath"-ending of TWD season 8 (8x16) and "A New Beginning" -beginning of TWD season 9 (9x1) and is considered canon to the television universe...
  9. Renitr

    TWD Speed Upgrade

    This calc was accepted. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Jason_Courne/TWD_Daryl_dodges_gunfire Suggestion: Upgrade combat and reactions speed of TWD characters who comparable and scales from Daryl (like Rick Negan Beta Cordon Merle Governor Shane) to subsonic. Jesus should be at least...
  10. Renitr

    TWD Revision

    Ordinary Walker broke soldier neck Neck breaking is class 1 LS Rick kills walker like this Additionally: Rick struggle with group of walkers. Starts 0:35 Walkers can tear apart humans Season 10 Episode 16 Starts: 1:55. Walker tear woman leg 1:57, walker tear woman arm 2:00, walker tear...
  11. Renitr

    Possibly TWD Lifting Strenght Upgrade

    Lifting Strenght: It is already known that a group of walkers can overpower a tiger and horse Starts 2:07 Walkers kill horses: FTWD Starts 0:24 TWD Starts 7:53. I didn't find this scene on YouTube, so I found a reaction Also Walkers can tear apart humans Season 10 Episode 16 Starts: 1:55...
  12. Renitr

    The Walking Dead Speed Revision

    Well. It's time to finally increase speed of this verse. -Rick avoided gunfire. Starts 00:17 -Aaron dodge savior attack and kill him. Starts 00:26 -https://youtu.be/GjmPMurwKMY?si=cgYLPrOAKhEq-ihR -Rick dodge gunfire. Starts 00:38 and another dodge 00:50. And Daryl dodge 00:55 -Carl manages to...
  13. TheJokerNG

    Clementine VS Alvin Jr. (3-1-0)

    Another student vs master match-up with a twist or two: Season Two Clementine is used. Battle takes place in the streets of Savannah. Both combatants are bloodlusted. Clementine has a Glock 17. AJ has his revolver and a knife. They start 10 meters away and out of each other's line of sight...
  14. TheJokerNG

    Comic Rick Grimes VS TV Rick Grimes (4-0-0)

    Battle takes place in the streets of The TV Commonwealth. They start 10 meters away and out of each other's sight. Both Ricks have a Colt Python and a hatchet. Speed is equal. TV Rick is at his lower limit, which scales to 22KJ. For reference, Comic Rick scales to 48KJ. SBA for everything else...
  15. TheJokerNG

    Lee Everett VS Clementine (0-7-1)

    Mentor and disciple fight each other. Both are blood-lusted. Lee has a Glock 17. Clem gets the same gun and a knife. Battle takes place in the streets of Savannah. They start out 10 meters away out of each other's line of sight. Stats are not equalized. SBA for everything else. "I'll miss...
  16. MrKerf

    Ash vs. Walking Dead

    Let's have some fun on this cold snowy day. According to Google, the ratio of walkers to humans is 5000 to 1. Now the 5000 walkers are surrounding a familiar hospital building. The Chosen One: The Walkers: Inconclusive:
  17. TheJokerNG

    TWD Comics Lifting Strength Upgrade to Class 1

    Alright, so we've got three characters with a page in the comics (Rick, Jesus, Negan), all of whom only have an Above Average Lifting Strength. Thanks to being in the same universe as Telltale's The Walking Dead, I believe Rick and the others should all be upgraded to Class 1 for the following...
  18. MarkGoldbridge

    Comics Negan vs Project Zomboid Player (0-0-0)

    I'm just gonna keep using PZ Player in these type of debates until I find another character similar to him. Rules; Negan has his standard equipment, and The Player has a crowbar, a hammer, and a smoke grenade. The Player has the "Fit", "Graceful", "Adrenaline Junkie" and "Brave" traits, and has...
  19. MarkGoldbridge

    TWD Comics Small Speed Upgrade

    Well currently there is one character that has a page in the comics, Rick Grimes. I'm planning to make pages for Jesus and Negan too when I finish the comics. Anyways since the telltale games and the comics are in the same universe (Through both Jesus and Glenn making appearances, and Glenn...
  20. MarkGoldbridge

    Rick Grimes vs Ethan Winters (0-0-0)

    Rules; Ethan doesn't have access to his flamethrower and his 8-C guns. Carl (Rick's son) just died. Speed equalized. Rick has his optional equipment. They start 20 meters away and out of each other's line of sight. Battle takes place in The Sanctuary. Look at my eyes sir, you tell me: () My...
  21. MarkGoldbridge

    The Walking Dead TV Show P&A Additions + Small Change In The Scaling Chain

    Summary Just a few things that caught my eye while I was rewatching the show. All Characters Resistance to Disease Manipulation (Characters in the show are all infected with the Wildfire virus but none of them turn until death. Dr. Edwin Jenner told this thing to Rick privately and later on in...
  22. ThePrimalHunter

    Walter White vs Rick Grimes REMATCH (GRACE)

    I made this match 481 days ago. Rick has since gone through a few revisions, so now we're having this match happen again Ground Rules: Walter gets 3 hours of prep time & his Season 1 equipment Rick has his standard equipment Both have decent prior knowledge Speed is unequal Rick's high-end AP...
  23. King_Dom470

    Daryl Avenges Rick (0-7-0) GRACE

    Rules: Speed equal Battle takes place in Jackson Daryls at his upper limit Daryl has his optional equipment (Besides the rocket launcher) Daryl has prior knowledge SBA for everything else Daryl Dixon: Tommy Miller: (ThePrimalHunter, AThe1412, MarkGoldbridge, King_Dom470, noninho...
  24. MarkGoldbridge

    The Walking Dead TV Show Speed Upgrade

    Only "Athletic Human reactions and combat speed" doesn't match with the feats of the characters, I'm leaning more towards higher ratings. I already added a few feats to the pages (Didn't change the ratings) but I got some more stuff. I'm going to list all of it here. Feats Rosita tracking a...
  25. MarkGoldbridge

    Project Zomboid Player vs Negan (1-0-0)

    Rules: The Player is a Construction Worker Base player is used Both 9-B Both are armed with baseball bats Silent protagonist: (Sans2345) Scales to 43 KJ "I'm gonna beat the holy hell out of one of you": () Scales to 22 KJ Incon: ()
  26. MarkGoldbridge

    Rick Grimes vs Joel Miller (0-7-0)

    Rules; Rick has his optional equipment Speed equalized Rick is at his upper limit Rick Grimes: () Joel Miller: (ThePrimalHunter, King_Dom470, Silvervigilant, XSOULOFCINDERX, AThe1412, Mariogoods, MarkGoldbridge) Incon: ()
  27. MarkGoldbridge

    The Walking Dead TV Show massive revisions (GRACE)

    Scaling Chain Beta > Negan >= Shane >= Rick = Daryl >= Governor > Abraham = Jesus = Glenn Everyone down to The Governor downscales from Beta's fall, with Rick's explosion feat being "possibly much higher" justification. AP Upgrade to 9-B Negan crushes Simon's neck, which would be at this level...
  28. MarkGoldbridge

    Comic Rick Grimes vs Lee Everett (0-7-0)

    Rick fights Lee Battle takes place in the streets of Savannah Rick has a Colt Python and a hatchet, Lee has a Glock 17 and an axe They start 10 meters away and out of each other's line of sight Speed equalized We are (not) the walking dead: () You know what? **** you Larry! Eat up...
  29. King_Dom470

    Daryl Dixon vs She-Hulk (0-0-0)

    Rules: Speed equal Battle takes place in an abandoned school They start on opposite ends of the building Daryl has prior knowledge SBA for everything else Daryl: Scales to 20,920,000 Joules She-Hulk: Scales to 60,720,000 joules Incon:
  30. King_Dom470

    Walter white fights a toddler (0-7-0) GRACE

    Rules: AJ has his revolver Walt has his Smith & Wesson Model 442 Battle takes place in Alexandria SBA for everything else "I liked it. I was good at it": "I liked killing her, it made me feel strong": (AThe1412, Peppersalt43, Accelerated_Evolution, TauanVictor, MarkGoldbridge, King_Dom470...
  31. MarkGoldbridge

    Shane Walsh vs Tuco Salamanca (0-0-0)

    Tuco is high. Battle takes place in Hershel's Farm Both start with no direct line of sight of each other Both know that they are being hunted WHY IS IT STILL COMING?: () I'm relaxed...: () Incon: ()
  32. MarkGoldbridge

    Rick Grimes really small change about stamina

    I just think Rick's "Athletic, possibly Peak Human" stamina rating should be removed and just be called Peak Human. I added the feats to the page
  33. MarkGoldbridge

    Rick Grimes vs The Joker TDK (1-0-0)

    Rules: Both 9-C and any equipment above 9-C is not allowed Speed equalized SBA for everything else My mercy... prevails... over my wrath: (King_Dom470) Why So Serious!?: () Incon: ()
  34. King_Dom470

    The player goes 3 for 3? (2-0-0)

    Rules: The player has his peak human speed Rick and the player have their Medical equipment The player is desensitized and has the adrenaline junkie trait Battle takes place in in the prison Both have baseball bats SBA for everything else You knocked down my ******* wall!: (MarkGoldbridge...
  35. MarkGoldbridge

    Two Peak Antagonists Fight (Negan vs Lalo) (0-7-0) (Grace)

    They both don't have any matches, I might as well do one for them. Rules: They start 15 meters away and out of each others line of sight They both have a Glock and a baseball bat covered in barbed wire They fight in Alexandria Fight to death SBA for anything else Negan: () Lalo...
  36. Amon.vl

    Ayanokoji vs Rick

    both 9-C. ayanokoji has access to all optional equipment speed= Ayanokoji:RoggerReggor,DeltaStriker22,XxZetsuxX,MarkGoldbridge,Peppersalt43,Amon.vl,Brogeefrong Rick:Dinozxd,Fezzih_007
  37. King_Dom470

    "You're Glenn right? I'm Negan" (0-0-0)

    Rules: Battle takes place under the context of Negan having killed Maggie instead of him killing Glenn (Basically Glenn is bloodlusted) Both have Knives Battle takes place in Alexandria They start one meter away from each other SBA for everything else Negan: Glenn: Incon:
  38. King_Dom470

    Rick Grimes fights a fellow survivor (TWD vs PZ) (7-0-0) GRACE

    The Rules: Battle takes place in the streets of louisville The streets have small groups of Walkers Both 9-B The player has a hand axe, beta blockers and pain killers (They do not have any of their special traits on) Rick Grimes has his Hatchet Last one standing wins SBA for everything else...
  39. King_Dom470

    Ellie vs Clementine (0-0-0)

    The Rules: - Season 4 Clementine and 19 year old Ellie are used Clementine is equiped with a hunting knife Ellie has her switchblade SBA for everything else "I am still. NOT. BITTEN!": “I can make it quick or I can make it so much worse”: "Hey its me goku!" (Inconclusive):
  40. King_Dom470

    Homelander gets bullied by a roblox character (2-7-0) (GRACE)

    The Rules: - The Player has access to their smoke bombs, C4, Kunai and Stamina splash The Players main weapon is a Greatsword Both 9-A SBA for everything else The player has prior knowledge Speed equalized Guts but Roblox: (Greatsage13th, ShionAH) Not Superman: (YoutubeForKing, AThe1412...