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  1. H3110l12345I20

    The Cure fights an Amalgamation (SCP-049 vs Composite Human (Real World))

    Conditions: 049's article canon key is used and speed is unequal. VBW SBA conditions and standard VBW thread rules otherwise. I. Am. The Cure: I'm an amalgamation of a human that will kick your [REDACTED]: 5 (Undylan, JustANormalLemon, Lemongifted101, Keeweed, Javenplayz253, ) Incon: (This...
  2. DeltaStriker22

    The Perfect Human vs The Cure (7-0-0) *Grace*

    Ayanokoji Kiyotaka vs SCP-049 Rules: Speed is equalised. Starting Distance: 10 meters Location: Random Empty Field No prep time. No prior knowledge. ANHS Key Ayanokoji. Ayanokoji has his baton. Article Key SCP-049. SCP-049 has all equipment. Fight till KO or death. Ayanokoji AP: 12.2...
  3. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    a Plague Doctor vs a Vtuber (SCP-049 vs Suisei Hoshimachi)

    scp-049 Suisei Hoshimachi Rules: speed equalized Base/first key scp-049 used battle takes place near the eiffel tower they start 2ft apart Victory condition: Death Note: If the rules have any bias. feel free to point it out and i'll correct it to make things more fair. (Just in case)...
  4. Comiphorous

    SCP-049 vs William Afton

    SCP-049 vs William Afton Speed is equalized Both are 9-C (049 is in his first key, William is in his third) fight takes place in the hallway of site 19 SBA otherwise SCP-049, "the Plague Doctor": SCP-5106 "William Afton":
  5. ThePrimalHunter

    Deadly To The Touch (SCP-049 vs Piggy)

    SCP-049 (SCP Foundation) vs Piggy (Piggy) Article Canon 049 will be used for this fight Speed is Equal Both are fully aware of the other's abilities and how they work Fight takes place in a 10x10x10 meter containment cell Who Wins? Bird: 0 Pig: 0 Incon: 0
  6. Comiphorous

    SCP-049 vs Saitama

    SCP-049 vs Saitama 049 is in his first key Saitama is High 6-A Speed is not equalized Both are in character Start 6 meters apart Bird: Bald: so like, this was originally going to be called 'Deviantart vs bald people' but not sure that would attract many people seeing that shit...
  7. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    Red (pokemon) vs scp-049

    Red SCP-049 Incon: 2 Rules: Base for both (9-B red vs 9-C base 049) Speed equalized 4 feet apart Knowledge of each other battle takes place inside a Warehouse
  8. Peppersalt43

    Plague Doctor fights an android

    Speed equalized 9-C versions used Fight takes place in a research lab SCP-049-2 aren't present 5 meters apart and ends in incap I am the cure : 0 You can't kill me, I'm not alive : 7 Incon : 0 Story : Connor was brought in to test out the use of androids for containing entities which exist...
  9. Uniasha

    scp 049 vs voldemort

    both bloodlusted both 20 meters apart win via kill or incap
  10. Uniasha

    The cure vs The boy who lived

    scp o49: Harry Potter: inconclusive: both bloodlusted battle to the death both 50 meters apart equalised speed
  11. Maestro46

    A plague doctor deals with death

    Death (Folklore) vs SCP-049 Speed equalized and SBA Death: Death: Incon:
  12. GodzillaTPP

    Two bird bois duke it out.

    SCP-049's immortality may be a little bit of a bummer for Fumikage over here... I have no clue. Killer bird: 0 Hero bird: 0 Incon: 0
  13. ExSENNA

    Touma fights Death again

    Kamijou Touma vs SCP-049 Both 9-C Speed equalized Battle takes place in Site 19 starting distance is 30 meters Win via SBA Imagine Breaker: Death: Idk dude:
  14. GenericGamerName

    049 gets into a bar fight with Filthy Frank

    both are drunk and can use any liftable object in the bar (beer bottles, stools, ECT)
  15. GenericGamerName

    SCP-049 (Euclid) and Composite Human VS Naruto and 2 Mutants (Saga of the dead)

    So SCP-049 is his Euclid Variant and is teaming up with Composite Human, and is pissed off because Naruto stole his doctor bag while he was eating salted crackers, Naruto decided to call up a few friends and by that, he got 2 Mutants from Saga of the dead. 049's Friend is wearing standard...
  16. Diinou_HotHead

    Death's beloved kid VS Death incarnate

    Just curious. SCP-049: 1 Yogiri Takatou: Inconclusive: 2
  17. Stalker_Maggot

    SCP-049 punches a geek

    SCP-049 vs Dwight Fairfield 9-C versions used Speed equalized SBA SCP-049: Dwight Fairfield: Incon:
  18. Stalker_Maggot

    Two 9-C Death Manipulators

    SCP-049 vs Thunder McQueen (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure) Both are 9-C SCP-049 knows how HtH works Speed is equalized
  19. Sans2345

    SCP-049 vs Springtrap

    Both 9-C speed equalized win via by death or KO battle takes place in fazbear fright win via by death or KO SBA I always come back: 4 (Jackythejack) (Christian Higdon) (Robot972) (Dusty Raider) I am the cure: 0 Inconclusive: 0 VS
  20. Stalker_Maggot

    Composite Human fights a plague doctor (GRACE)

    Composite Human vs SCP-049 Both are 9-C Speed equalized Both have prior knowledge and a hour of prep Composite Human the following: A AK-47, A Katana (Real Life), A Thompson Submachine Gu, A Fire Axe, A Kukri (Real World), and a AK-308
  21. Sans2345

    Skinny Boi vs Plauge Boi (SCP-049 vs SCP-966)

    Both 9-C speed is equalized win via death or KO battle takes place in a large empty containment chamber SBA both are bloodlusted Plauge Boi: 1 (Stalker Maggot) Skin And Bones: 0 Inconclusive: 0 VS
  22. DarkPeasant2017

    SCP-049 is mentioned in the page about The Brothers Death.

    Can somebody please explain why SCP-049 is mentioned in the "Powers and Stats" area of the page of The Brothers Death?
  23. Sans2345

    SCP-049 vs Barney Calhoun

    Both 9-C tier battle takes place in the half-life universe speed equalized win via death or KO SBA Barney Calhou: 4 (Dusty Raider) (Steven Pogi Paitao) (Roachman40) (Modernrmidon) SCP-049: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  24. Stalker_Maggot

    Jason Voorhees vs SCP-049

    Rules: Both at 9-C Speed equalized Profiles for both: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Jason_Voorhees https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/SCP-049 Machete boy: Plague Boy: 7
  25. Starter_Pack

    The Empty Child vs. SCP-049 ("I Will Make You Better") (Voting Completed)

    A mask can be a very unsettling thing indeed. It imbues a sense of separation from the wearer of the mask from others around it. You can't know what that person is thinking, because you can't see their face. And these people are even more terrifying when they can affect you in the most...
  26. Kisaragi_Megumi

    The plague doctor vs Ultimate bullshit luck student (Nagito Komaeda vs SCP-049)

    Alright,seems like this match can be fun or maybe not.....lets see then,lets go!!! -Place located in the abandoned asylum midnight time -Komaeda is waken up in one of bed room with no prior knowledge,while 049 is preparing the surgery in surger doctor room -Komaeda must survive the sneak game...
  27. EMagoIorSouI

    SCP Revisions, again.

    So. Let's proceed to this shall we? Some of these revisions are minor and some can be considered somewhat important. SCP-096 - His Range. ( SCP-096 is stated to have Standard melee range, though his limbs, especially his arms, are fairly long. Presumably they're longer than, or at least as...
  28. Jinsye

    Composite Human vs. SCP-049

    An SCP that isn't 1440 or 682? Composite Human has a Baseball Bat, Glock Pistol, and M16 with a large amount of ammo but has no prior knowledge or prep. SCP-049 has 3 SCP-049-2s, this can be lowered to heightened to make it fair. 049's 1-B Immortality is of no use, because the Brother's Death...
  29. Starter_Pack

    SCP-049 vs. The Puppet (The Masters of Death) (Voting Complete)

    The power over the dead has always been feared in many cultures. The thought of people being pulled from the coldness of death to live life once more is quite chilling to many people, to the point of it being considered taboo. However, these two necromancers have managed to practice this art...
  30. MrKingOfNegativity

    Davy Jones VS SCP-049

    The captain who doesn't die VS the doctor who kills with a touch. Speed is equalized. Winner by death only. Battle takes place here. (The ship is at sea.) Davy Jones: 5 (DMUA, Starryknight200, ElMagolorSoul, ApiesDeathbyLazors, Hellbeast1, Starter Pack, VersusJunkie54) SCP-049: 0...
  31. TheLuffyPlayer

    SCP-049 vs Gon Freecss

    Gon is just walking during the 4th phase of Hunter Exam hunting Hisoka until he smells someone close to him and hears someone saying: "I am the cure". Then he turns back and sees 049 doing "surgery" in another guy from the exam. 049 spots him and says: "Oh my, yet another victim of the disease"...
  32. EMagoIorSouI

    Hunter VS. SCP-049

    The Hunter seems to of somehow got into the SCP facility, basically killing most Human beings it see's. However, the first SCP it encounters is SCP-049. The battle takes place outside of SCP-049's containment cell. Speed in unequalized. SCP-049 - 7 Hunter - 0 Inconclusive - 0