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power star

  1. Omnificence

    Super Solar System Bros (Short and simple Power Star AP upgrade)

    Brief Summary This is just a short but straightforward thread I made for the sole purpose of upgrading the AP for the Power Stars and those who are capable of using them based on a certain calculation I did from the Mario Party series. This is a recalculation of Jasonsith's blog that attempted...
  2. Omnificence

    Super Revision Bros 2.0 (Mario and the Power Stars)

    This thread is a continuation and/or revision of the previous thread I made for the Super Mario Bros. In this thread, we'll be proposing Power Star keys for the characters as well as going over the power of the Power Stars. Seeing as how people had their doubts about the Power Stars being Galaxy...
  3. MintyBoi1

    Save Mushroom Kingdom (Sora vs Devil Mario) [GRACE]

    Mario has one Power Star Speed is equalized Win by death or incap Fight takes place in the Power Star Mushroom Kingdom SBA for anything else Multiversal Savior: (0.076 Tons of TNT) World Ender: (0.1275 Tons of TNT) Inconclusive:
  4. Omnificence

    Super Multiplier Bros (3-B key proposal for Mario Bros)

    Summary As the title implies, this thread is an attempt at giving the cast of Super Mario Bros. a 3-B key for their profiles. For this CRT, I'll be using evidence of the Power Stars acting as multipliers along with different talking points, implications, and assumptions I compiled to back up the...
  5. AStrangeverse

    Mario Bros: Profile Overhaul(s) #5

    Credit to Dust_Collector for generously allowing me to use a bit of their Sandbox. Straight to the point, there's quite a bit to unravel here. I reworked Bowser's profile and the Power Star's profile and decided to fuse the Power Star and Grand Star profiles, mainly 'cuz the Grand Star's profile...
  6. Flowerguy2

    Robotic Hedgehog after powering up with the Master Emerald VS Plumber with all of the Power Stars (Metallix (SpacePea) VS Devil Mario) [0-0-0]

    Rules 1. Both are in their 3-A keys, and are bloodlusted 2. Speed is equalized 3. The battle taken place in the middle of a destroyed Mushroom Kingdom 4. Both start 100 feet away Votes "Nothing, Nothing will ever able to come up against me at this point!!!" "You never stood a chance to begin...
  7. FoxySonicMaster108

    Devil Mario VS Turbo Mecha Sonic

    I just watched Power Star for the first time and I just wanted to make this match. Both are 7-A Both are Bloodlusted Speed is equalized The battle is won either by K.O or Death Who wins? Devil Mario: Turbo Mecha Sonic: Inconclusive: Then face me! ONE last time! I've let you live long enough!
  8. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    N64 Power Stars are not Galaxy Power Stars (and Galaxy Power Star/luma re-evaluation)

    Yes, you read the thread right, they are not the same. Yes in both games they function similarly in powering things and amping people, but if we look at the lore between the two games, we see that they are not truly the same. In Galaxy it is general knowledge that Power Stars are the mature...
  9. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    Attempting to debunk Super Mario 64 power star (yet again!)

    According to here Power Stars were used to create worlds in paintings, but if this thread hasn't made itself clear I'm hear to tell everyone that isn't really the case Now the points that I'm going to bring up were addressed in previous Mario CRTs over a year ago, but those threads became such...
  10. Foxthefox1000

    Super Mario CRT: Galaxy? I Think Not!

    This CRT will be focused on a particular phrase I've heard used throughout the Mario franchise and I just can't write it off as coincidence. This might impact the profiles somewhat in many ways but what I'm gonna be talking about is the fact that there's a general phrase/term thrown around a lot...
  11. Starsprite53

    Power Stars Low 2-C Upgrade

    This thread will explain why Power Stars are Low 2-C (thanks to datonedweeb btw) and please read all of the thread First we have this: - "Without a second thought, Mario jumps at the painting. As he is drawn into it, another world opens before his very eyes." We all know that bowser created...
  12. deonment

    Power Stars CRT

    So I once again prove to myself that Mario pages need all the Jesus, so in Super Mario 64 Bowser uses power stars to seal doors in Peach's Castle and it's inhabitants, Proof of Power Stars breaking Seals So what I propose to be added is that to the power star page and its users are Limited Power...
  13. Soupywolf5

    Small Mario Addition

    Apologies if a Mario CRT is already going on right now In Super Mario 64, Mario (As well as Yoshi, Luigi and Wario in the DS version) are completely unaffected by stopping or slowing/accelerating time in Tick Tock Clock. Now, you might say that all that's happening is the clock parts are...
  14. MicDaniel

    Power Stars Upgrade.

    I originally had this setup in the old wiki but due the transfer, I ended up scraping it for some time. 120-150 PowerStars = GrandStar Alright, This is going to be more brief then what I had originally wrote. Super Mario 64. The Giant star at the end of 64 is a GrandStar. In the SMG1 intro...
  15. LuckyEmile

    You were expecting Low 2-C Mario, but it was I, Mini Stars!

    Ahoy! How is everyone finding the new forum? It’s interesting to see all the CRTs that have been coming in now we’re able to again. I actually have something I’d like to bring up myself. In Mario Party: Island Tour, Bowser turns fun into bubbles, such villainy! The bubbles materialise as...
  16. Bobsican

    Toad Upgrade

    Some Toads can be seen giving Mario a Power Star every once and then in the Galaxy games This leads into that Toad should also be a candidate for the High 4-C to 3-C standard. And I thought I didn´t need to make a whole thread...
  17. Dust_Collector

    Possible Mario series lifting strength upgrade?

    So yeah here's a kind of Mario CRT y'all aren't used to, no new abilities or AP upgrades or anything major like that, but there's something from this calc that caught my eye a while ago. "Since the entirety of the black hole was condensed into a star, the mass of the black hole = mass of star...
  18. Bobsican

    Main Mario Bros cast upgrade

    I´ve noticed that we haven´t scaled all the "wielders" of the Power Star, which can upgrade their stats up to 3-C. For example, Toad still is just with the normal High 4-C key.
  19. MicDaniel

    Power Moons and Power Star.

    I Have recently just purchased Super Mario Odyssey and during my Gameplay of it, there appears to be a lot of simularities between the Power Stars And Power Moons, One of these are the fact Power Moons are used and seen as energy sources and Cappy confusing a Power Star as a Power Moon. Another...
  20. Zamasu_Chan

    Slight Mario upgrade

    Shouldn't Mario be 3-C as well? I understand not scaling him to grand star Bowser, but I'm talking about the bosses Mario defeated powered by power stars. Shouldn't he scale to them?
  21. Paleomario66

    Possible Power Star Upgrade

    The Power Stars are rated as High 4-C, likely 4-A, yet I noticed something interesting. On the Grand Star's profile, it says: "More powerful than Power Stars which the Lumas turn into. Lumas can also turn into galaxies." This is implying that the Power Stars are 3-C at their peak. If this...