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omega (mega man zero)


    Mega Man ZX: Fixing the Scaling to some degree.

    I made this really long and extensive album of images describing the way people talk about Aile's power growth and I don't really have the time to go into detail here about it so just read through this and tell me what you all think about my deductions in the album.

    Omega (Mega Man Zero) Revisions.

    Omega's True Form should be outright stronger than Zero even without the Dark Elf as he fought against End of ZX Aile who was stated to grow in power all throughout Mega Man ZX even despite Model ZX already being a fusion between X and Zero, meaning Omega scales to someone way stronger than Zero...

    Omega (Mega Man Zero) vs Garou (One-Punch Man)

    This is True Form Omega vs Awakened Garou, Speed Equalized and Garou has Prior Knowledge on Omega's AP. The fight takes place on Io like against Saitama. Omega : Garou : Incon:
  4. Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z version) vs Omega (Mega Man Zero

    Just because I thought of them, I mentioned which version of Vegeta so it's not a stomp

    Omega (Mega Man) vs Algol (Soul Calibur)

    True Form Omega and 4-A Algol is being used here, Speed is Equalized, Omega has Prior Knowledge on Algol's AP and Algol has Prior Knowledge on the Dark Elf. Omega : Algol : Incon:

    Omega (Mega Man Zero) vs Batman (Post-Crisis)

    True Form Omega is being used, Batman has 10 months of Prep Time, both have Prior Knowledge of each other as well as knowing they both have said Prior Knowledge and the fight takes place in Gotham. Omega : Batman : Incon:

    Cell (Toei) vs Omega (Mega Man)

    As the camera pans down to an arena in located in the middle of a wasteland, we see Cell standing at its center waiting for the day the Cell Games is officially set to take place. As he waits there his eyes suddenly snap open wide, sensing a powerful being approaching his location at top speeds...
  8. Migue79

    Zero (Mega Man) Ability + Misc. Revisions

    Hello, everyone. Migue79 here to give you all yet another Mega Man CRT after a loooooong time. This time, it's gonna be quite game breaking as I will be revising Zero's abilities section, as well as other stats. In the link here, this is how I propose we should revise Zero's abilities. There, of...
  9. Kazuma_kuwabara

    Magnus Opus, Flesh vs Steel (Omega vs Hikone Ubuginu)

    Creations made to be the best of their universes, the Robot destined to kill Megaman fights the Soul created to become the new Soul King Omega starts in his first form and can transform after his defeat to his other keys Hikone in his 4-B key Battle takes place in Ouroboros Speed equalized...
  10. TyranoDoom30


    So everybody knows, Omega has Zero's original body, but why he doesn't have all of Zero's abilities? since he is Zero's original body and has been shown using moves directly from the X Era, plus the profile having the resistances so why?
  11. Migue79

    Minor Mega Man X CRT

    So... In the spare time I've got, I found something a new ability that is pretty cool, will be useful and I feel should be added to the profiles. From the Compendium of Rockman X: So, Sigma's 2nd Phase takes place in another dimension, and the Maverick Hunters (X, Zero and Axl) can teleport...

    Aile vs Omega. (3-1-0)

    Aile with all of her Optional Equipment vs True Form Omega. Fight takes place in the same place you fight Omega in ZX. They both start 5 Meters away from each other. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Vent_and_Aile_(Mega_Man) : 3 https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Omega_(Mega_Man_Zero) : 1 Incon:

    Vent/Aile and Omega CRT.

    OK, so I noticed that Vent/Aile has Omega listed in their AP Justification but doesn't have Model O in their Optional Equipment despite having all the other Biometals listed as Optional Equipment, so if the reason why it isn't on their Profile is because of questionable canonicity then it really...
  14. TyranoDoom30

    Question about Omega and the Cyberspace

    so recently, we accepted Omega's creation of Cyberspace as a pocket reality feat which was calculated to be on the same level as Lumine and Ouroboros's dimensions but looking closely, i found something: one of the doors that are connected to cyberspace is in a orbital elevator alongside with a...
  15. M1ntyIc3CreamXZ

    Omega Zero's upgrade to 4-A

    Explaining why omega zero is 4-A Currently, many have decided that Omega Zero is 4-B because of Lumine's 4-B feat, but in fact it is much more than just 4-B. Omega BASE was already strong enough to beat two guardians (who scale to lumine's feat) and the four guardians are equal in terms of...
  16. The_real_cal_howard

    Omega vs Goku Black

    Firstly, stats equalized. Both are pretty much the same character, so it would make an amazing Death Battle. Both stole the bodies of the hero. Both have caused a post apocalyptic future. Both use energy swords as primary weapons. And both believe themselves to be dark messiahs. Which one would...
  17. The_Smashor

    Sephiroth vs Omega

    Swordfighters with iconic introductions and theme music that are supported by a powerful being that can basically control the entire planet. Perfect. Rules: Speed Equalized. Omega starts in his Golden Form but can go into further forms, and has the Dark Elf. Sephiroth is his Advent Children...
  18. The_Smashor

    Omega vs Omega

    Rules: Speed Equalized. This is Omega Weiss vs Omega Zero. Omega Zero starts in his golden armor form and has the Dark elf. Otherwise SBA. The Messiah: The Immaculate: The Janitor:
  19. BlastX

    Teen Gohan takes on a God Of Destruction

    SS2 Teen Gohan VS Omega Zero (True Form) Battle takes place in the Cell Games arena. Speed Equal Let's hope I don't regret this
  20. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    Sonic vs Omega

    Gotta go fast! vs 4-B versions, speed equal Sonic:7 Omega:2 tie: FIGHT!!!!!
  21. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    Broly vs Omega

    vs 4-B versions, speed equal Broly: Omega:7 tie: FIGHT!!!!!
  22. The_Smashor

    Omega vs Uranus

    People are going to spam Uranus. I just know it. That's how the internet works. And Omega is going to be the first of probably many to fight him. Rules: Speed Equalized if nessasary. Omega starts in his original Zero body, has full access to the Dark Elf and has the abilities from his Biometal...
  23. Plasmalucario

    Omega vs Sigma

    -speed equalized if necessary -both can acess all their forms(sigma virus included) -battle takes place in neo arcadia. Omega:1 Sigma: Inconclusive:2
  24. AguilaR101

    X, Zero and Omega's abilities additions

    I've been thinking about some abilities that should be added to their profiles 1- Information Manipulation with the use of Cyber Elfs for Zero and Dark/Mother Elf for Omega and X. Why?, because according to page (see the first picture in the gallery for source) Cyber elves operate by rewriting...
  25. Clyde_McReady

    Looking back at Megaman Zero, revisions and debunking.

    S'up, guys. See, I've been playing Megaman Zero a lot lately, I'm currently at 4. They're good games, though they went somewhat downhill and the plot got weaker because of the poor continuity with the X games at parts. What I need to address here is some possible issues with the scaling and...
  26. BruceTheBatman

    REMATCH Omega vs Hyper Sonic

    Who wins? Speed Equalized Omega has the Dark Elf and Hyper Sonic has no time limit
  27. BruceTheBatman

    Mega Man X vs Omega

    So, as of late I have wondered what would've gone down if X fought Omega in the Elf Wars without the aid of Zero and Axl, while Omega in turn didn't have an army of mechanaloids with him. Neither allowed the Dark Elf since it's more powerful than either of them individually and would make this...
  28. HokageKirby161

    Sonic The Hedgehog Vs. Omega (Mega Man Zero)

    No Darkspine Sonic