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hol horse

  1. Uchuma

    Italian Gunman vs Italian Doctor (Mista vs Gyro)

    A very aggressive projectile matchup IMO. Obligatory part 7 spoiler warning. Battle takes place in Rome with 10m starting distance. Gyro has no corpse parts. [Bonus Rounds] Starting distance is 30m R2: Gyro has scan R3: Gyro is mounted and has scan & golden spin, Mista is fighting with Hol...
  2. NekoMorgana647

    Leopardmon vs Hol Horse

    Same Japanese VA, who wins and why?
  3. CuteAnimeNekoGirl99

    Propane Salesman vs Best JoJo Villain

    Hol Horse trys to steal hanks truck to get to mexico but hank ain't having that Hank knows about emperor Hank has full arsenal Hol horse is by himself Battle takes place in a parking lot Speed Equalized Propane Nightmare: Emperor:7 Highway to hell:
  4. AdamGregory03

    Classic Cowboy Duel... With a twist

    After being scammed by one Ramsey Murdoch, Dio Brando hires an assassin to take him out. While going after him, he comes across a fellow western-themed assassin with unusual powers who's also after Murdoch's bounty, and has been playing cat and mouse with him for far too long for her to simply...
  5. Stalker_Maggot

    Time for a wild West showdown!

    Hol Horse vs Arthur Morga Arthur has his full arsenal Speed equalized Both have prior knowledge Hol Horse: Arthur Morga: Inconclusive:
  6. Arrogant_Schmuck

    Battle of the Most Cowardly JoBros

    One is virtually unable to function on his own and the other likely could've prevented at least a couple deaths Hol Horse vs Pannacotta Fugo Win via KO, incapacitation, or death. SPEED EQUALIZED They begin 10 meters apart (will change this if necessary)
  7. Seventy96

    Hol Horse vs Kenny Ackerman

    Hol Horse Kenny Ackerma I think, they are very similar, so why not? Speed equalized if needed In character Location: Stohess District
  8. Silentpixels

    One gun Jojo faces off against the other gun Jojo

    Hol Horse VS Guido Mista Speed is equalized
  9. Genericstickman

    Hol Horse durability upgrade

    Hol Horse was able to survive shooting himself with Emperor and was just knocked out by shooting himself and in the same day he was able to recover from it pretty quickly
  10. JohnConquest1

    Two Best Friends take on a Full Equine and his Sneaky Friend

    Was thinking of putting Hol and Geil against Johnny and Gyro because cowboys but this would probably better results wise. Fight takes place in Central Park Near the Bow Bridge. Geil is hiding in a bush nearby. other than that SBA. Team Complete Equestrian: 1 Team Pompadour: 1 Inconclusive:
  11. Eficiente

    Hanged Man vs Man in the Mirror

    Illuso and Hol Horse are in the Batcave, J. Geil is in the Wayne mansion. Speed = Hol Horse & J. Geil: 0 Illuso: 0 Inconclusive: 7 (Iapitus The Impaler, Xtasyamphetamine, The Smashor, JohnConquest1, ThePixelKirby, IvoryAS, Kyschan21) Despite everything, it's still you. It's only you.
  12. WeeklyBattles

    Jojo vs MHA: Hol Horse vs Snipe

    Something something cowboys who can control the trajectory of their bullets. In character, no prior knowledge or prep time, speed equalized. Hol Horse - 7 (Pixel, Smashor, Standuser, Uninown, Polarkid, Arrogant, Eficiente) Snipe - 1 (Stillwinston) Inconclusive - 0
  13. Stillwinston

    Hol Horse vs James Ironwood

    Hol is paid to end Mr Ironwood, can he complete the mission? Fight takes place in Central Park, both are 100 metres with speed equalised. Emperor is visible to James Cowboy - 2 Tin Man - 0 Inconsluive - 0
  14. Wokistan

    Aim assist vs Aimbot: Vindicare Assassin vs Hol Horse

    Vindicare only has an Exitus pistol and non weapon gear, using turbo penetrators Speed equal Start at 100m, facing away from one another Fight takes place in one of those classic western saloons or whatever Idk if this can be added but eh don't take it too serious Vindicare Assassi: 1...
  15. Eficiente

    Erron Black vs Hol Horse

    Battle takes place in the Batcave (from Injustice). Speed = Erron Black: 0 Hol Horse: 8 (TheJ-ManRequiem, Xtasyamphetamine, TacticalNuke002, DragonEmperor23, Gargoyle One, Arrogant Schmuck, Torlikoff, Starter Pack) Inconclusive: 0
  16. Dannysayan

    Can preparation Time help some characters?

    Okay, im curious about how this match will work, (ITS FUN AND GAME.) McCree vs Hol Horse. Speed equi. McCree got a month of preparation time.
  17. Arrogant_Schmuck

    Ryona vs Hol Horse

    Ryona can enter Frantic Mode if needed vs Hol Horse with Emperor Win via KO, incapacitation, or death. SPEED EQUALIZED and Ryona is bloodlusted
  18. Arigarmy

    Hol Horse downgrades

    I now believe Thoth's prediction on "killing" the crusaders is invalid for giving Hol Horse the Large Building stat. Here's why: 1. Thoth's prediction only mentioned Jotaro. No other Crusaders were ever mentioned in the original manga. 2. Jotaro wasn't killed, obviously. "Went through Jotaro's...
  19. The_man_with_the_Midas_touch

    Hol Horse Vs McCree

    Hol Horse vs McCree Speed equal Battle takes place in an abandoned city at 12:00 noon Standard Battle Assumptions Justice ain't gonna dispense itself.
  20. JustSomeWeirdo

    Hol Horse AP and Dura upgrades

    Hol Horse is currently listed as Street level for severing a snake, yet he should be much higher for the following reasons 1: Thoth predicted that if Hol Horse fired at the right time, he would have killed Jotaro 2: Thoth had also predicted that he would also be able to kill the rest of the...
  21. Notadeadguy

    Double Trouble Tag Team Matchup!

    This fight is a Tag Team Match-up between Guns and Bows! Gun Team: Guido Mista and Hol Horse Vs. Arrow Team: Green Arrow and Hawkeye ... The Match shall take place side a warehouse over at an abandoned pier. Their speeds are equalized... Whose coming out on top? (Oh and the Arrow team...