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green arrow (cw)

  1. ByArrow

    Arrowverse CRT: Intelligence Revision (Part 1)

    This thread is to upgrade the intelligence of almost everyone in the verse and add more explanation. Since there are many characters in the verse and this thread is really long, this CRT will be published in two parts. The Spectre Nigh-Omniscient: As the Spectre, Oliver displayed deep...
  2. BEYONDER19999

    Green Arrow | The Spectre (CW) Tier Upgrade

    The Specter should take scales from it for killing The Speed Force. It should be increased to High 1-C.
  3. Greenshifter

    Green Arrow (CW) vs Gojo Satoru (JJK)

    SBA Both are in character but willing to win. Base Oliver but he gets 1 day of prep Oliver Queen: Saturo Gojo: Inconclusive:
  4. Oscar

    Green Arrow vs Hawkeye (Arrowverse vs MCU)

    Surprised no one has done this Rules: -Speed= -Both in 9-B -Fight in: An abandoned warehouse -Death match -Anything above 9-B is restricted Oliver: Clint:
  5. ByArrow

    Green Arrow (CW) Tier Upgrade

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Damien_Darhk_(CW) Damien Darhk has magic ability at the at least low 7b level Oliver is learning how to use the light magic to counter Damien's magic When Oliver learned to use the magic of light, he managed to defeat the magic of damien Darhk and threw him...
  6. Deagonx

    CW Green Arrow Speed Downgrade

    Long story short, many of the non-superpowered fighters in the CW verse have Supersonic speed based on scaling to Green Arrow, who is tiered based on alleged bullet-dodging feats. I think these feats are being interpreted very very generously and being used to apply a pretty outrageous upgrade...
  7. ByArrow

    The Spectre (Arrowverse) New Ability

    Summoning (Spectre summons the other heroes to help nora and bart) i'm not sure if this success was a teleportation or a summoning, but it felt like a summoning to me
  8. Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan

    CW Green Arrow vs Nolan Batman

    MCU street tiers are too strong for Green Arrow but I didn't realize this was a perfect match AP wise. Idk if the arrows would give Oliver too much of an advantage, I'll change it to someone like Deathstroke if so. Speed equalized, they have knowledge of how each other fight but not sufficient...
  9. Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan

    MCU Daredevil vs CW Green Arrow

    Have been rewatching both shows 9-B, speed equalized, standard conditions Daredevil: 7 (UchihaSlayer96, Mariogoods, Maverick_Zero_X, Transcending, Coolboy6, Rez, Peppersalt43) Green Arrow: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  10. ArthurCurry89

    Spectre a KILLER OF SPEED FORCE ?!

    If u still watch S6 Flash. Thoughts ? + transcending Spectre Antimonitor etc.
  11. Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan

    Hawkeye (MCU) vs Green Arrow (CW)

    Finally they can fight now. 9-B versions obviously. Speed equalized Hawkeye: Green Arrow: Inconclusive:
  12. Andytrenom

    Tier 2 Green Arrow

    The wait is getting ridiculous So as all of you who have watched the recent Crisis crossover from CW may know, Oliver Quee became Spectre, a powerful cosmic entity who fights the Anti-Monitor and even restores the entire multiverse after it was erased (with help) Now this obviously needs a new...
  13. ArthurCurry89

    Book of Destiny revived the Multiverse ?! I disagree, to me this was Spectre's doing. Book got destroyed by Antimatter but Lex managed with will power

    Where was it stated or shown ?! I remember it was Oliver Queen and 7 paragons doing ( majority was Spectre's doing where 7 paragons destiny was to forge creation with their subconciousness to help save multiverse ). Not trying to lowball and believe Book can be above Low 2-C lvl but lmao this...
  14. ByAsura

    Arrowverse Revisions

    Scales to Season 1 Flash, Arrow's cast, Mirakuru Soldiers, etc. Lifting Strength In Three Ghosts, Slade Wilson broke a rifle in half. Context is important here because this is Slade's main lifting strength feat, but he was amped with Mirakuru and clearly not at his normal level of power; before...
  15. Superray06

    bow vs bow (Hanzo) (green arrow)

    = speed battle at Hanamura Dragonz: Colours: Ryuuga wagateki wo kurau! Green machine
  16. PapiSavitar5025

    Battle of the Archers.

    Green Arrow vs Green Arrow! Smallville vs CW! Smallville: CW: 2 Fight takes place in Star City. No prep time. Both at 9-A.
  17. Xtas

    Green Arrow vs Scarecrow

    Green Arrow (CW) vs Scarecrow (Post-Crisis) Speed Equalized. Green Arrow is made aware of Scarecrow's abilities. Green Arrow has a day of prep time. Scarecrow is in 8-C key. Who would win?
  18. Callsign_Castle

    CW Character Revision

    Oliver Queen and Barry Allen should have "Book of Destiny" keys for swapping lives with each other, thus having each other's powers. Oliver was Barry in regards to being Barry, but physically looking like Oliver, and everybody affected by the reality change not knowing the truth, and vice-versa...
  19. ArthurCurry89

    Should Arrow be high Hypersonic+ lvl in reaction speed scaling to John Diggle ?

    Just look at this: John without even expecting a gunshot avoids bullet shoted from aproximately 10 meters distance.+ Arrow can keep up with him in combat. Can we upgrade Oliver now in speed or this is only Spartan's feat ?
  20. LordGriffin1000

    Arrowverse Discussion Thread

    Decided to make this. Spoiler Alert!: Just finishing up the Elseworld Crossover and it was awesome!. We got a new feat of Supergirl and The Flash running around the world incredibly fast to stop the Earth's rotation. Circling it multiple times in few seconds. Though it nearly killed them moving...
  21. Dargoo_Faust

    9-A Brackets: Round 1 (Finished)

    First Round of the 9-A Brackets begins! Our contestants for this round are Atreus, and Green Arrow (CW). Click here to see current standings. This is Pre-Realization Atreus, Speed is Equalized. Oliver - 6 (Mand, Ant, Paulo, Overlord, Apies, Spino) Atreus - Incon -
  22. Twisted_Little_Raven

    Green Arrow (CW) vs Tyrannosaurus rex ( The Real world)

    Green arrow t-rex Green arrow with no bow and just physically. speed equal 😂
  23. Twisted_Little_Raven

    Arrow CW Oliver speed

    He does not dodge bullets.. the opponents can't aim. They have trouble hitting everyone in the series, even after they already fired, they miss their first shots, and the person moves making it even harder to hit them. That's all it is, dunno why he is supersonic. Doesn't even say his run speak...
  24. Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan

    Flash (CBS) vs Green Arrow (CW)

    A version of Flash is only as fast as Oliver...I'm dead. Rules Oliver has all of his standard equipment. 40 arrows for him. Win by any means In character Fight at Star City In character Otherwise Standard Battle Assumptions Votes Barry: 0 Oliver: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  25. Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan

    CW Arrow Lifting Strength Revision

    Noticed this when I was performing a sweeping upgrade. All the High-Mid tiers (except Atom) and Mid tiers all currently scale to Green Arrow. However their lifting strength are all different. Green Arrow (CW) is Athletic Human to Peak Human Deathstroke (CW) is Peak Human Vixen (CW) is...
  26. TeenAngel101

    About the Arrow 6x01 Ending

    I just wanted to bring up a flaw in Arrow (As if there weren't enough). Now, don't get me wrong, I thought the show was getting good for a second with Season 5, after Seasons 3 and 4 sucked. This guy pretty much sums up what I feel about the series: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Rq6990GC5jg...
  27. Meosos

    Spy vs Hero: Kingsman vs Arrow

    Conditions + Speed is not equalized (But I can if neccasary) + Standart Equipment + they fight in a major city + Starting 50 meters away from each other + win only by death + both are in character with the intent to kill Eggsy: 7 (RinkakuKagune, Sir Ovens, MrKingOfNegativity, God-King...
  28. LordGriffin1000

    Small Green Arrow (CW) change/addition

    So Sara Lance (CW) has Superhuman Physical Characteristics but Green Arrow (CW) has Peak Human Strength, Speed, Durability... Isn't he capable of going at her in combat?, That means it should be changed to Superhuman Physical Characteristics. Also Green Arrow's profile only has his stats with...
  29. Riptide240

    Arrow (CW) vs Batman (DCEU

    Season 5 Oliver vs Batfleck Standard Equipment Morals on Random encounter Why're pretty evenly matched in terms of stats on this wiki so what do you guys say?
  30. Aceraspire

    Ragman's nuke feat

    So in yesterday's episode of Arrow 5x12 : Ragman survived & contained explosion & radiation from nuke that would destroy everything in 50miles radius.And it was his second time doing this,first time he survived ravenrock So can somebody make profile for him? I can help with it
  31. Green Arrow (CW arrowverse) vs Daredevil (MCU)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Green_Arrow_(CW) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Daredevil_(Marvel_Cinematic_Universe) Both have 2 days preparation,battles takes place in random warehouse
  32. Legion350

    Green Arrow vs Captain America

    They both have their standard equipment and are bloodlusted.
  33. TakatoBlue

    Green Arrow (CW) VS Legolas (LOTR)

    Regular arrows only. Both can use sword/knife. Distance: 50m Bonus round: The one who you think is the winner VS Hawkeye (with regular arrows)
  34. TakatoBlue

    Green Arrow (CW) VS Daredevil (MCU)

    Location: Hell's Kitchen Distance: 12m Restrictions: Just regular arrows to GA. The blind dude who could kick your ass