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granny (character)

  1. TheShape03

    Granny and Slendrina's verse should be moved to FC/OC.

    Well, I was planning to make a CRT to update several characters from this verse but then I remembered something, Slenderman appears in some Slendrina games and has his own game made by DVloper in which Slendrina appears (Slender Man Rise Again). That's a problem because Slenderman is not a...
  2. HorrorHistory

    The battle of the Grannies (Granny Vs DGG Laurie Strode)

    Cannibalistic Grandma: Mentally Insane Grandma: Both of their hearts fail (Inconclusive): Fight takes place in a Warehouse, both are 25 feet apart Both have no LoS of each other Speed is equalized Both have 3 hours of preparation Both are 9-C First key Granny is used DDG Laurie is used Win...
  3. Comiphorous

    Granny vs Slender Man: The Consequences of His Actions

    Granny vs Slender Man Both are 9-C Granny has optional equipment Speed is equalized Battle takes place outside Granny's house Kidnapper: Grandma:
  4. jojo123

    a demonic granny against a teenager.

    granny vs sunset shimmer. granny: sunset shimmer: 1: version 9-B are used 2: Speed is Equalized. 3: granny has her baseball bat, and sunset has her Geode Necklace 4: both start 30 meters apart. 5: both have prior knowledge of each other.
  5. Peppersalt43

    10-A, 9-C with Weapons Tournament. Round 1 Match 7. Granny vs Brittnay Matthews

    "Adult" Cartoon Character : 7 "Horror" Game Character : 0 Incon : 0 Fight takes place in the Colosseum, 10 meters apart Speed equalized Granny has 2 hours of prep Both characters have no LoS Win via incap Everything above 9-C is restricted First key Granny used
  6. Kyleb79

    Granny Verse Revision

    Alright so I just got back into the Granny verse, and by looking at the pages I think they need some adjustments and even upgrades. Wall level Durability and Attack Potency. Granny/Slendrina Verse: Now there's no evidence it's the same person throughout the Slendrina and Granny games. Though...
  7. Kyleb79

    Possible more profiles for the Granny/Slendrina verse and some possible additions

    Additions: - On Slendrina's AP it should be noted that she can kill The Player instantly with a bite. - It should also be noted that The Spider can easily kill The Player in Slendrina in a few slashes and that The Spider can survive a few slashes from a steel sword. - On Slendrina's Illusion...
  8. Sans2345

    Granny Chapter 2

    Granny Chapter Two (Trailer)
  9. Walker21232123

    Nightmare granny vs nightmare nightmare

    Granny (Character): Nightmare (Five Nights at Freddy's): Inco Rule: Granny not got her Pet spider Granny got a baseball bat.
  10. Walker21232123

    Granny Discussion

    This the main thread Talk about feats, make joke, Post granny memes.
  11. Sans2345

    Granny Verse Page Discussion

    Because a verse page for granny (the game) might be needed
  12. Sans2345

    Granny vs Springtrap

    Both 9-C speed equalized win via by death, incap, or KO battle takes place in a abandoned factory and the doors are locked until one of them wins it's raining outside SBA Springtrap: 0 Granny: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  13. Roachman40

    Granny Vs Jason

    Speed Is Equalized Both 9-C Hockey Masked Killer: 1 Granny: Inconclusive:
  14. Sans2345

    Granny Nightmare Mode

    Every single area is retextured, adding copious amounts of blood to every crook and crevice of the house. There also appear to be strands of coagulated blood leaking from the Upper Floor in the Main Room. the Bear Traps left around the house are replaced with more fleshy, organic variants...
  15. Sans2345

    granny tier revision

    Her tier should be 9-C because baseballs bats are 9-C tier irl
  16. Sans2345

    A Old Lady fights A Robot

    Nightmare vs Granny Speed equalized Win via death or KO Battle takes place in her house both 9-C tier Nightmare: 3 (Christian Higdon) (Jackythejack) (Ennardtrap1987) Granny: 0 Inconclusive: 0 "I see you...." VS
  17. Frieza_force_soldier_100

    Granny update

    The 1.7 update of Granny has given her two new abilities: Resistance to Freezing and either full blown Resurrection or type 4 Immortality. There is a new weapon in the game, the freeze trap; a device that can be used to freeze Granny. She will thaw out after time passes. While she is frozen...
  18. Unoriginal_Memes

    Killer Mothers

    Mama Vs Granny Speed is equalized and the battle takes place in the house featured in Tattletail. Killer Furby: Cannibalistic Grandma:: Inconclusive
  19. Kyleb79

    Possible Upgrade for Granny?

    Should it Stay the same? I recommend At least Athlete level possibly higher. Or should we use this for Granny AP addition? Attack Potency: At least Athlete level possibly Street level (can knock the player out unconsciousons, who survived a small explosio) And in the future(If this even...
  20. Kyleb79

    Granny Tier Revision

    Newer Version of this https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/2059810 AP: At least Athlete level possibly Street level (Should be comparable to her spider who killed the player in 3 hits) Durability: likely Street level (Survived getting hit by a car which broke down a small garage door in 3 hits)
  21. Unoriginal_Memes

    Two Antagonists of Bad Horror Games

    Baldi VS Granny (Character) Both are bloodlusted and speed is equalized Baldi: Granny: Inconclusive:
  22. HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    Old gal vs a Piper dude

    Granny (Character) vs The Pied Piper of Hameli Rules The Piper has 10 rats Piper has the Teddy Bear so Granny is in rage mode Fight is in Granny's house To the death
  23. HeadlessKramerGeoff777


    Shouldn't she count as a fan character or OC?
  24. Sans2345

    Granny vs Freddy Fazbear

    -Both 9-C -Speed is equel -Granny has prep time to set up traps to try and trick freddy -Battle takes place at granny's house Freddy Fazbear: 3 (DatOneWeeb) (Kuroiha) (Jimboydejuan12) Granny: 3 (Jackythejack) (XxJellyXx) (Kyleb79) Inconclusive: 0 ()
  25. Sans2345

    You try to escape granny's house

    -You wake up not knowing what happened yesterday you wake up in a bedroom that is not yours you hear a door open and you hear footsteps they get closer you noticed you are not alone...
  26. Sans2345

    Granny Tier Revision

    Breaking down a door with a lock should at least be wall level she was able to break open a wooden door with a lock that should at least be wall level
  27. Sans2345

    Granny Page

    I guess i would pratice the granny page until it looks good enough to put on vs battles as always tell me what you think, also tiers and other things are likely to change so keep that in mind. Summary Granny is the main antagonist of the game of the same name, she keeps the player locked...