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gorr the god butcher

  1. Quantu

    Necroverse Gorr vs Infinite Zamasu

    These two are so different yet so similar. Let's see how they fare off in their final forms. SBA. Gorr: Zamasu: Inconclusive: 3 (@NaturalDestroyer, @AwkguyDB, @Marvel_Champion_07)
  2. Planck69

    Battle of God Killers: Gorr vs Kratos (GRACE)

    After the events of Ragnarok and fall of Asgard, Kratos takes up the mantle of a protector and guardian of the remaining Realms. In his travels to right the past wrongs of divinities and mortals alike, he is made aware of the corpses of a pair of minor Vanir Gods by Freya and goes to investigate...
  3. Maverick_Zero_X

    Necrosword question (MCU)

    Can I see the scan that says the Necrosword can potentially move a star? It’s not really on the profile. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Gorr_the_God_Butcher_(Marvel_Cinematic_Universe)
  4. Comiphorous

    Gorr the god Butcher vs Soul of Cinder

    Gorr vs Soul of Cinder Both are 4-C Speed equalized Battle takes place in the kilin of the first flame 5 meters apart Neither have any knowledge on each other Butcher: 0 Protector of the first flame: 0
  5. The_one_you_least_expect

    Mcu Thor and friends upgrade to tier 3

    Now I know what your thinking, how could some 6-c lvl scrub god get strong enough to scale to the likes of celestials and other high tiers in the verse. While it’s simple, time skips! As clearly shown at the beginning of the film it’s been awhile since endgame, Thor’s gone on a lot of...
  6. OwenVaunman

    Symbiote Category

    Inside Marvel comics and now with the cinematic adaptations, as well as animations I think it would be helpful to add a Symbiotes or Klyntar category for characters like Venom, carnage, knull and etc. The best way to do this would be to put it as "Symbiote/users" as it would include the host...
  7. Oliver_de_jesus

    Asgardian Revision Part 1 (Marvel Comics)

    This is not about changing the tier of the characters, just adding hax and separating some profiles, this thread will only cover the Nordic pantheon, although i will include Gorr Note:Although some are scans of the universe 3515, this is an alternative timeline of the universe 616 direct where...
  8. WeeklyBattles

    Kill All The Gods: Gorr the God Butcher vs Demon King Nobunaga

    Full Power Gorr and Nobunaga powered by Maxwell Speed Equalized Gorr the God Butcher - 0 Nobunaga - 0 Inconclusive - 0
  9. Nitro90

    Godkiller vs Godkiller

    Goku Black Vs Gorr Speed Equal 4B VS 4B
  10. Ehnkr2beboh

    Human hating God vs God hating Humanoid

    Since Omega spammed Comics vs Dragon Ball for the past week or 2, I thought I do one too. Gorr: Infinite Zamasu: 2-C for both. Equal speed because Zamasu is Nigh-Omnipresent Tell me if I need to change anything.
  11. Gengar56

    Sayori (DDLC) Vs Gorr The God Butcher (Marvel Comics)

    Speed Equalized Both at 2C Both Bloodlusted Both are at their peak Gorr The God Butcher: 0 Sayori: 5 Inconclusive: 0 Who wins and why? Gorr The Godbutcher Just Sayori
  12. EnnardTrap1987

    Spawn VS Gorr the God Butcher

    Both 4-B Speed equalised Fight takes place in a street during night. Spawn: 0 Gorr: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  13. AshenCrow777

    Old King Thor

    Continued from here https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/3419265?useskin=oasis#34 please read it at the part we're King Thor is mentioned. So far 2-C is most likely going to happen but with the help of WeeklyBattles we are probably going to have 2-A the rating that King Thor is supposed to be.
  14. WeeklyBattles

    All Gods Must Die - Aatrox vs Gorr the God Butcher

    Homicidal murderers with living symbiotic swords that possess godlike power (But refuse to be thought of as a god) whose life goal is to bring about the death of all gods as a result of the actions of the gods dooming them and their people in the past. In-character, no prior knowledge or...
  15. Landon_Avery

    God Slayer vs God Butcher

    Kratos vs Gorr Rules: Fight ends in KO or death Both are Low 2-C Location: Mt. Olympus
  16. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    Gorr vs Galactus

    vs 3-B versions, speed equal Gorr The God Butcher: Galactus: tie: FIGHT!!!!!!
  17. LordWhis

    Key For Necro Thor ?

    So, I think we should have a key for necro Thor he is like the coolest character ever. I'm not sure about his tier but at least low 2-c is obvious. But I'm thinking he could be way higher. Potentially at least 2-A, maybe as much as high 1-B if not 1-A. Well 1st, Thor has seen Galactus at full...