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black hole

  1. Massively Pain (Nagato) AP/Range revisions

    AP/Tier Revision First, let's look at the black hole page. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Black_Hole_Feats_in_Fiction alr, now let's come to the feat; Pain creates a black hole and Naruto destroys it. Let's look at the AP rating issue on the page. So Pain and Naruto must be Star level...
  2. Gendolfgg1

    Upgrading the Swampfire's Level

    Swampfire is escaped from the Null Void portal - an obvious feat that requires a new analysis. So, we know that the portals in Ben 10 work like regular portals, which you can go out and enter at any time (it seems that there is no gravitational influence). But there are also exceptions, such as...
  3. CNBA3

    Collapsing into Singularities

    Question if this is either stats or abilities, a character when defeated collapses into a singularity, but still projects gravitational disturbances before being defeated. Would that make the character durable (based on mass) to withstand collapsing into a singularity or a resistance to...
  4. CNBA3

    Question about energy for Black Hole Collision?

    I was wondering, there are articles that says that it gave an energy value of 3.2e+49 watts, I was wondering, what calculation gave that amount? https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Black_Hole_Collision_Event
  5. Zeinx1

    Black Hole (Battle for Dream Island) Hax addition

    Since it is a black hole it should normally absorb everything passively anyway. and this ability is shown in (9.40). It absorbs everything as it approaches the earth. I see the addition of passive absorption as correct but i see selective passive absorption as its absorption is selective
  6. CNBA3

    Different Metric System/Planck Constant Values?

    We usually use the metric system to help us find values for calculated feats right? My question is, how would that work if the verse in question acknowledges that metric values and even Planck constants varies between different universes? Example: Black Holes We know that they are difficult...
  7. Seventy96

    What tier is closing black hole in the size of jupiter?

    Black hole is the size of a jupiter. Charatcer close black hole in 1 second: 1. Physically with hands 2. With telekineses
  8. psuedo black holes question

    Can psuedo black holes do anything for attack potency? This is something i started wondering about today
  9. CNBA3

    New ways to destroy a Black Hole?

    I was wondering, I just watched this video that was recently uploaded about different ways to destroy a black hole. I found it interesting with the last 3. 1. With destroying a BH’s Event Horizon. 2. Overfeeding a BH. 3. Breaking physics all together. these are very simplified as the guys in...
  10. Cyber_VERGIL

    Ultrakill: Black Hole of Minos.

    I noticed that in the profiles we don't call these attacks black holes. However, in discord, Hakita refers to this attack by King Minos as a black hole. So it's officially considered a black hole. At a minimum, we can add "creation of a black hole". V11 can survive these black holes for a...
  11. CNBA3

    (TF2) Do Apoco-Fists create Black Holes?

    This is for those who have extensive experience with Team Fortress 2, who knows about “Apoco-Fists”? Is there any lore about them creating black holes with punches? https://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Apoco-Fists
  12. SODAKU

    Lifting strength question

    If a character A creates a real black hole 3 meters in front of character B and character B is stated to largely resist the pull of gravity physically, how can i calculate the lifting strength? For example should I use the Gravitational force formula ( F=GMm/r^2) or something else?
  13. KingArthur561

    zogratis singularity gravity

    Hi, this is my first cr. I wanna justify that Dante's singularity magic is a real black hole so that singularity can be applied as attack potency "A black hole is a region of space in which the gravitational field is so powerful. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Black_Holes In theory, any...
  14. Bruh

    Regeneration from Black Hole and Absolute Zero

    How high of a High Regeneration do you need to regenerate from: A. The singularity of a black hole B. Absolute Zero Would the ability to regenerate from 1D strings and foams circumvent these 2 abilities?
  15. Oliver_de_jesus

    Move, Resist and escape from a black hole capable of collapsing the universe (even it's dimensions and time)= LS immeasurable?

    Then During the Dark Surfer vs. Impossible man fight, they teleport to the Negative Zone, DS launches an attack that cuts through space-time itself and becomes a black hole powerful enough to collapse the universe even though they were in another Dimension. Surfer was thrown there and Imp used...
  16. Bringing back DBS Pretty Black Hole Legitimacy

    Okay, first off the pretty black hole feat by Goku was here because the staff didn't feel it behaved like a regular black hole. I'll show why it's valid boy addressing all the counter points and adding a few of my own. I'll be as brief and concise as possible. Here is the official Black Hole...

    Let's talk about black holes (Mashle)

    Right, I noticed that the current Top-Tier to God-Tier scaling chain is very fragile. It's based 100% on multipliers, which I hate, but are somehow legitimate. But I think it is possible to change that This is Lance, and he creates black holes. Now, whether they are legitimate or not I don't...
  18. Robo432343

    Finn Creates a Black Hole (Adventure Time)

    wtf is this
  19. CNBA3

    A Way to calculate the speed inside Black Holes?

    Normally it would require Faster-Than-Light Speeds to be able to escape from inside a Black Hole as light itself cannot escape, I think there can be a way to calculate the speed escaping a black hole with finding the number of bits of information from a BH, then you can convert that to velocity...
  20. Robo432343

    what is the speed of outrunning a black hole that traps time?

  21. ShionAH

    Question how much AP would this give?

    Basically character kicks a blackhole so hard it goes flying and even changes its shape because of the force exploding inside a supernova and destroying all of it all together. It is a real blackhole and the only reason it doesn't suck everything near is because of the scientest makes a gadget...
  22. Amost6x

    Jujutsu kaisen's Black Hole

    Based on this calculation, I have a question. Although the calculation has already been accepted. But we are still stuck with the problem. The question is, is this really a black hole? We will refer to the law of black holes on this page. Which, of course, I've read. and think that it meets...
  23. CNBA3

    Mass vs Size Black Hole Calculation

    There have been cases with there being black holes that are considered valid in being considered real black holes, but it becomes difficult to use since real black holes would have crazy AP or affects with gravity that one normally goes by it's Schwartz Child Radius, however there is another...
  24. CNBA3

    Reaching inside a Black Hole?

    I was wondering, if you reached inside of a black hole to grab something with a non physical method, would that give you a measurement for stats such a durability or what?
  25. Kulf_Boba

    destruction of black holes

    If a character moves a galaxy at FTL speeds, they get 3-C, even if their feat violates the laws of physics, why don't feats of destroying black holes count towards a rating? I mean, most of the time writers portray them as impressive feats, there's no point in writing them off.
  26. Dark-Carioca

    Black Hole Power Chart

    A while back @Hagane_no_Saiyajin made this chart for the various energies from differently sized black holes. @Antvasima suggested I made a thread about it so apologies for taking so long, I had completely forgotten about it. @M3X @Jasonsith @Executor N0 @Antoniofer and I believe @DMUA were all...
  27. Can this be considered a feat?

    And then So is this a feat, what tier would it be? (Btw they are fighting out of the universe where the creation(expanding of universe, big bang) hasn’t arrived yet)
  28. TyranoDoom30

    How much powerful is the M87 Black Hole?

    So did some research for curiosity and found out that the M87 Supermassive Black Hole (AKA the only one that has a real photo) can big enough to eclipse in total, 5 solar systems entirely So thanks to this, how much energy would be required to this Black Hole?
  29. Setsuna_tenma

    How many foe is this?

  30. Mr.Cutlery

    Pseudo Black Holes

    A rather simple question; can pseudo black holes be treated similarly as real ones and if so, when? A little context on how this black hole is created with a statement: "(character) will eat anything, organic or otherwise - what it eats is highly compressed, and a sort of black hole is created...
  31. FRIMI

    more info on the Black Hole Feats in Fiction (BHFIF) page

    There is a lot of useful information on this page about the relavent implications of characters interacting with black holes as well as what about them in fiction tends to be unrealistic. A lot of this info can be used to disprove something as being a black hole. However, there doesn't appear to...
  32. CNBA3

    Black Hole Criteria

    I know this was discussed a while ago, but here is a list that I think can meet a certain criteria for real Black Holes: Black holes cannot be destroyed with brute force, because they will simply absorb all energy/matter thrown at them, and grow larger, nor can they be physically interacted...
  33. Psychomaster35

    Four's Black Hole feat

    In BFB 1, Four was able to move Black Hole, and he is known to have the mass of 20 suns, which translates to 3.978e+31 kg, meaning it would be a possible KE feat. Now, you may say "No, thats done physical force, which breaks the rules of a Black Hole!" Well, yes, that would break the rule...
  34. GoCommitDi

    How strong would you need to be to be able to lift a black hole?

  35. Psychomaster35

    Shrinking a Black Hole

    Is there a calculation formula for shrinking a black hole? I am trying to do this particular feat where it was crushed so hard, it shrunk in size.
  36. Enderlucario

    If you could get past the gravity problem could you touch/move a black hole?

    I am currently working on a little personal project and I have a character that falls in whatever direction is "down" relitive to them at a rate of 10mss (I just chose that at random. It's subject to change.) And they are unaffected by any gravitational force except the one from their ability. I...
  37. Blackcurrant91

    How do I calc this.

    How would I calculate the AP of a blackhole with a 4km radius? I want to make a profile but maths is not my strong suite in anyway. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  38. Jasonsith

    Questions on Captain Marvel and her Black Hole feat

    Captain Marvel converted at least 81% of a black hole into energy and kept going. According to our site, it takes 10^69 years to disintegrate the smallest black hole actually found in our universe. That is way to long and of course would also hardly be a durability feat, given that we would...
  39. Eficiente

    Let's talk about Black Holes

    Black Hole Feats in Fictio I believe this^ page could make a better work on explaining what are the minimum requirements to consider a supposed black hole to be one, which should be done clearly. I have heard that are A) warping light or B) being called black hole, but this is apparently not...