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atsuko kagari

  1. DimeUhDozen

    Wendy Marvell Vs Atsuko Kagari

    But they're both island level this time. Akko has everything except the Grand Triskelion Wendy is in Key Of The Starry Sky Arc key. Wendy's AP is 10.8 Gigatons. Akko's AP is 9.01518 Gigatons, and the Shiny Rod should be 7.5 times that for one-shotting stronger enemies. Wendy's speed upscales...
  2. Stillwinston

    A student witch fights a student soldier. Atsuko Kagari vs Squall Leonhart

    This is probably a bad idea, but it just came to me so lets try it I guess! Speed is equalised Both are High 6-A SBA Otherwise Luna Nova: 0 SeeD: 0 Incon: 0 https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Atsuko_Kagari https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Squall_Leonhart
  3. Peppersalt43

    A witch meets the CLOWN KILLS YOU!!!

    The LWA matches disappearing because of AP changes is getting kind of old. This one should hold up a little better Akko vs Tricky the Clown Speed is equalized Both characters have prior knowledge Akko has the Strange Notebook Post-Auditor Tricky used Starting distance is 50 meters The Little...
  4. DimeUhDozen

    Danny Phantom vs Atsuko Kagari

    Both are 6-C. S3 Danny is used Danny scales to 16 gigatons and Akko scales to 9 gigatons. Speed Equalized Danny: Akko: Incon:
  5. DimeUhDozen

    Tart Fights A Different Kind of Witch

    Tart is in her Magica Record Key SBA Akko has her optional equipment and starts off using the Shiny Rod Battle takes place in the Canopus Ruins in the Horologium Chamber. Tart: Akko: Incon:
  6. DimeUhDozen

    LWA Upgrade

    The Shiny Rod and Noir Rod: The Shiny Rod when overpowered is capable of performing the Moon feat that got Chariot rejected from using the rod, a High 6-A feat. That much is already accepted. But this was still used with an incomplete Shiny Rod as Shiny Chariot never unlocked the final word of...
  7. DimeUhDozen

    Finn Vs Akko

    Finn is 2.112468 Teratons. Akko is 2.39006e-22 Teratons. Speed Equalized Finn only has his standard equipment and the Demon Blood Sword in his base at his third key and Akko only has the base Shiny Rod and the Blessed Robes. Battle takes place outside Finn's Treehouse. Both combatants start ten...
  8. DimeUhDozen

    Akko Vs BoBoiBoy

    Akko is 396 megatons. BoBoiBoy is 137 megatons. Original Key for BoBoiBoy. Both at 7-A. Akko only has her standard equipment. Speed Equalized SBA Battle takes place in the Time Void Akko: BoBoiBoy: Incon:
  9. DimeUhDozen

    Akko Vs Rias

    Alrighty. Akko with the Base Shiny Rod will be used Base Rias (Post Volume 14) will be used Speed Equalized Akko is 396 Megatons. Rias scales above baseline Mountain Level. Battle takes place in the Chamber of Time’s Time Void Rias: Akko: Incon:
  10. DimeUhDozen


    It's her first 7-A thread and she's getting pitted up against Johnny. I'm sorry, Akko. Anyways. Akko has the base Shiny Rod and her optional equipment Speed Equalized Johnny is in Johnny X key with his sisters' inventions besides the portable black hole Fight takes place in Final Destination...
  11. DimeUhDozen

    Little Huntress Academia

    Akko ends up at the wrong academy, and Glynda ends up giving her a lesson she won't soon forget. Both are Low 7-B Akko only has the base Shiny Rod Fight takes place at Beacon Academy Speed Equalized Akko is 2.358 Megatons, but higher with her Blessed Robes and the Shiny Rod. Glynda is 1...
  12. DimeUhDozen

    Akko Vs Lucy Heartfilia

    Another LWA x Fairy Tail matchup. Both are Low 7-B Lucy is about, but weaker than, 2.6 Megatons, but is more comparable to it with her spirits. Akko is 2.358 Megatons, but higher with her Blessed Robes and the Shiny Rod. Speed Equalized Akko has her optional equipment. Akko is not angry...
  13. DimeUhDozen

    Wendy Marvell Vs Akko

    Two young magic-users with adorable smiles you want to protect are forced to fight to the death. Both are Low 7-B Wendy is about, but weaker than, 2.6 Megatons, but can increase her attack power with Enchantments. Akko is 2.358 Megatons, but higher with her Blessed Robes and the Shiny Rod...
  14. DimeUhDozen

    Another Akko Upgrade

    EoS Akko, with enough magic absorption and the Grand Triskelion manages to recreate the Yggdrasil, which is the source of all magic in the LWA series. Would it be fair to say then that with that power-up, she should have the potential to use all the magic previously shown in the series?
  15. DimeUhDozen

    Low 7-B Magical Girls

    Sailor V Vs Akko Both are Low 7-B Akko is not bloodlusted enough to use the overpowered Shiny Arc nor does she have the Grand Triskelion Minako is in her Partially Awoken Sailor V form Speed is equalized
  16. The_Impress

    Little Sorcerer Academia: Atsuko Kagari vs. Doctor Strange (MCU)

    Atsuko Kagari (Little Witch Academia) vs. Doctor Strange (Marvel Cinematic Universe) This is Akko without the Grand Triskellion and Post-Infinity War Doctor Strange (Or Pre-MoM if a new key is added) Speed equalized, in-character, and battle takes place in Luna Nova courtyard at 2 AM (Make up...
  17. Alexander

    yggdrasil tree(little wich academia)my first post

    I will summarize them for you, it is my first post and I decided to simply do it about one of the animes of studio trigger. LITTLE WICH ACADEMIA. For that I decided to talk about the yggdrasil tree (it already has many versions in many stories) and this is almost similar to the normal tree...
  18. SpiteBattles

    Atsuko vs Asta

    Two main characters of (one of) the most popular magic anime go head to head! •Low-7B Atsuko is used •Pre-timeskip Asta is used •Eye of the Midnight Sun Arc Asta is used (7B) •Atsuko has Prior knowledge •Both are in-character but want to win •Speed equal Akko: Both talk about not having...
  19. SpiteBattles

    Atsuko Kagari vs Spamton

    A Little Witch fights a [BIG SHOT] •Low 7-B Atsuko is used •7-B Spamton Neo is used •Speed equal •Both start 10m apart from each other •This is the Music [HYPERLINK BLOCKED]: Akko:
  20. DimeUhDozen

    Little Witch Academia General Discussion

    Since no one else is making it, I will lmao.
  21. DimeUhDozen

    Meliodas Vs Akko

    Funny Witch fights the captain of the Seven Deadly Sins. Sealed key Meliodas is used. Wrath Meliodas is also applicable. Speed equalized. Akko: azontr (1), Veloxt (2), Jamesthetaker (3), Delta333 (4), Cloozuma (5), Armerish (6), Epsilon_R (7) Meliodas: Incon:
  22. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    Star Butterfly vs Atsuko Kagari 3 VOTES LEFT

    Star's profile Atsuko's profile Rules Low 7-B and low 7-c for star. Both are Bloodlusted Speed is not Equalized (they're both Sub-relativistic) Also star gets to keep her FTL attack speed. Battle takes place in the plains Star has her wand and atsuko has her or shiny rod.
  23. DimeUhDozen

    Atsuko Kagari Upgrade

    Since the Shiny Rod is part of Akko's equipment in her profile, I think she should have 6-A, or at the very least a possible 6-A. As shown here, Atsuko is capable of performing the Shiny Arc attack. The very same that Chariot used in her moon-scarring feat. The difference here is, Shiny...
  24. DimeUhDozen

    Little Witch Academia

    Current stats are fine, but I'd like to cement the current abilities I've posted. This site has some pretty useful information on the different types of spells that are usable by the main cast, and more specifically, who's learned what. The video game abilities should be applicable since powers...
  25. ShrekAnakin

    Little Witch Academia massive upgrades

    Basically, the plan is to make the new Akko stats the ones mentioned on here https://versus-compendium.fandom.com/wiki/Atsuko_Kagari They seem to check out, and the video game should be 100% useable as it's canon and all that.
  26. Theformofacast

    My Little Hero Academia

    All Might vs Atsuko Kagari Both at Low 7-B and speed is equalized. All Might: 8 (Phoenks, Ayewale, DragonEmperor23, Ionliosite, Strawboi, Listentomyrhytm, King Ezran, Oliver de jesus) Akko: 1 (AsianAntics)
  27. Luciano_esporas

    Harry Potter vs Atsuko "Akko" Kagari

    A magical battle between 2 young chosen ones
  28. HyperNepsy

    Another one

    Idk here's another akko match. Mother 3 Pokey Minch vs Atsuko Kagari Both at Small city level Both in Character Speed Equalized SBA in effect but the range is like the two are a few meters apart or something.
  29. HyperNepsy

    Let's see if this is fair

    I've been looking for Akko matches for like forever so I hope this is fair. I swear there isn't any small City levels on this wiki. Besides that here's the match Atsuko Kagari vs Gray Fullbuster Small City level Speed Equalized Both in character SBA is in effect.
  30. ZacharyGrossman273

    Atsuko VS Mind Flayer

    Speed equalized, both Low 7-B Waifu: Tentacles: Inconclusive:
  31. Arekusuripa

    Atsuko Kagari Revision

    Is it possible to merge or remove Akko's keys, because she is only one character in the verse who has this and base on fact that it's only exists for justification of Dragon statistic, possibly would be better do somthing like this: Low 7-B. At lest 8-B with Shiny Arc, possibly far higher or...
  32. MisterKtheKoala

    Friendship is magic

    Natsu Dragneel Vs Atsuko Kagari Low 7-B versions speed is equalized Akko- 1 (ZacharyGrossman273) Natsu - 0 Incon - 0
  33. Yobo_Blue

    Atsuko vs Nadakahn

    Atsuko Kagari vs Nadakha SBA Speed Equal Who wins?
  34. NuclearPixelemental

    Little Witch Academia Inconcistencies

    Akko's page is inconsistent. The calc linked in her speed stat puts her at mach 12,861 but the calc linked in her Durability (which i'm inclined to think is more accurate) puts her at only Mach 4205.971. This should be fixed.
  35. Ryukama

    Akko Upgrade

    In this officially licensed poster she is shown able to fight on par with Ryuko Matoi :^)
  36. GoldenScorpions

    Atsuko's Toon Force (Little Witch Academia)

    What are the aspects of Atsuko's Toon Force and how is it presented? Can it effectively used in battle? Or is it limited to 4th wall awareness and nothing beyond?
  37. Numbersguy

    Little Witch Academia's characters possible upgrade in durability

    TTGL made a calc in naruto forums, about the shooting star (The broom that goes around the planet) Here it is archived and live The results would make Little Witch Academia characters that scale to Akko have either Small City level or City level durability. No idea if it would scale to AP...
  38. ZeedMillenniummon89

    Guilmon vs Atsuko Kagari

    Both at 8-B. Speed equalized if it needs to be. No BFR. Who wins? Akko: 1 (Numbersguy) Guilmon: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  39. ZeedMillenniummon89

    Atsuko Kagari vs Izuku Midoriya

    Both at 9-A. Speed equalized if it needs to be. Who wins? Akko: 4 (Shadowbokunohero, Numbersguy, Elione-Arisu, Kaltias) Izuku: 0 Inconclusive: 0