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agent 47

  1. James_Plays_4_Games

    Agent 47 Sabotages Physics Itself (Hitman)

    The homing briefcase, a classic bug in Hitman that was never patched only because it's funny, and IO Interactive knows this very well. This is actually canon, as explained in the description of the ICA Executive Briefcase MK Ⅱ! A briefcase is also stated to occasionally defy the laws of...
  2. LordGinSama

    Twilight Hitmen: Loid Forger vs Agent 47

    Yeah it's time. Both get roughly a week of whatever information they can manage to find on the other. Winner via death of the opponent. Speed is equalized and the battle takes place in a church. Both have full access to their arsenal including explosives for both parties. Loid: 0...
  3. DimeUhDozen

    The Ultimate Hitman vs The Ultimate Thief

    Speed Equalized Everything over 9-B is restricted Battle takes place in a warehouse Agent 47: Carmen Sandiego: Incon:
  4. H3110l12345I20

    CH vs 47, REMATCH (Composite Human (Real World) vs Agent 47)

    A long time ago in 2018, there was a match of 47 fighting CH. It was deemed a stomp since 47 is physically stronger, and outskilled CH. Now, CH has been buffed and debuffed massively 5 years later. I wonder if this match will be any different? Conditions: CH has full prior knowledge on 47 and...
  5. Crabwhale

    Wait, how has this match not been done already? (John Wick vs Agent 47)

    Wassup people, it's Crab here with my customary one single VS thread per calendar year. Fairly simple. Agent 47 vs John Wick. Speed equalized, standard equipment, nothing above 9-B though. No prep time, but they're aware of each-other's reputation. Battle takes place on the Burj Khalifa because...
  6. H3110l12345I20

    Battle of the Genius Stealth Masters (Agent 47 vs Joker (Post-Crisis))!

    2 dangerous genius stealth masters? LET'S GO! Conditions: Both opponents have a year of preparation & 47 has full prior knowledge on the Joker at the start of the prep time. Anything above 9-A is restricted, speed is equalized. Battle takes place at 47's house as a stealth match with both...
  7. Peppersalt43

    Rainbow Dash vs Agent 47

    ALTERNATE TITLE: A SPEEDY ESPIONAGE 2 This will likely go very similarly to Rainbow Dash vs Spy with minor exceptions. Let's see how well this will go ● ------------------------------------- ● No story here for now, can't really think of one Base Rainbow Dash used Speed amp means I can't...
  8. koopa3144

    Gordon Freeman vs Agent 47 (0-5-0)

    Fight takes place in an abandoned building. there's a distance of 24 meters between the two both start in each other's line of sight both have no knowledge of each other Both have all their Equipment Gordon Freeman: 0 Agent 47: 5 incon: 0
  9. RanaProGamer

    Someone Puts A HIT on John Wick

    Winston hires Agent 47 to take down John Wick, John knows that assassins are after him, but now he faces someone new. Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized. Both have access to their Standard Equipment (explosives restricted) and no prep. Baba Yaga vs The Ghost Who wins and why?
  10. ColonelSlyBanjo

    Agent 47 vs Sniper TF2 (Hitman vs. Team Fortress 2)

    Rules: Both are 9-B physically, but with 9-A potency/stats Speed is EQUAL = "Supersonic" speeds Standard Equipment is being used, anything Higher than 9-A is restricted for Agent 47 Starting distance is 90 meters the Location takes place in Sydney, Australia of the TF2 universe. - 47 starts...
  11. Agent 47 vs Nadeko Sengoku

    Good evening, 47. Your destination: Snake Shrine, within rural Japan. Your target: “Snake God”. Nadeko Sengoku, a fourteen-year old middle school girl, who disappeared December nineteenth and later located by authorities within the Kuronowa Mountains. Police discovered Nadeko after a search...
  12. Colonel_Krukov

    A Timely Contract (Agent 47 vs T-800)

    Greetings 47, todays contract takes place in Monterey, California. Our client wants you to eliminate researcher Miles Dyson at the Cyberdyne Systems headquarters, have all research data destroyed, as well as two key artefacts hidden somewhere inside the facility. Our client has provided some...
  13. Stillwinston

    V (Cyberpunk) vs Agent 47 - In My Sights

    Might as put V through the paces here, he's stepping up to take on one of gaming's greatest assassins. Plot: Agent 47 is hired by Arasaka to take out V. Speed is equalised. Both are 9-B with no prep time. Fight takes place in Central Park at nighttime with fog around. Both are 4KM away and...
  14. Doomguy vs Agent 47

    Yeah sure why not. Doomguy has all weaponry,and best 9-B equipment available.He also has the mega sphere too(which gives him an extra boost in health Irrc).Powerups except for invulnerability can be provided if necessary. Agent 47 has full knowledge and a few minutes of prep,as well as any...
  15. Dai1001

    Ajimu runs a gauntlet

    Ajimu Najimi will have to take down five opponents one after another. She will be healed between the rounds. Round 1: Adolf Hitler Round 2: Climb Round 3: Agent 47 Round 4: Reinhard Heydrich (Human) Round 5: Merasmus No bookmaker and feats only for Ajimu. Where does she stops and why?
  16. Buttersamuri

    Frank West Tournament Arena Round 1 Frank West vs Agent 47 (Grace)

    So in my attempts to make fights for Jim Bob. I found that finding many fair fights was really quite difficult. And it was even more time consuming to even get people to vote on it was even harder since many didn't care to. So instead of keeping my Tournament waiting. I'll push that aside for...
  17. TheArsenal1212

    Definitely done before but oh well. John Wick vs Agent 47

    47 killed Wick's dog accidentally during a mission and John finds out. They have a day of prep and speed is = 47 is 9-B and has only 9-B equipment Otherwise SBA John Wick: 0 Agent 47: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  18. DestinyDude0

    Hitman versus Spymaster

    Agent 47 Motoharu Tsuchimikado Speed Equalized Fight takes place in Academy City. If one side stomps, the other will receive 1 day of Prep time, and vice-versa.
  19. Legion350

    Battle of the Killers: Kuroko vs Agent 47

    Kuroko: 0 Agent 47: 0 Inconclusive: 2 Speed is not equalized Wall level weaponry for each Small Building and Building level weapons restricted No prep time
  20. Buttersamuri

    Battle of the Hitmen

    Agent 47 took several people while in the Ace Attorney world. Phoenix Wright while in court has proven that an Agrnt know as Agent 47 was responsible for the kills. Shelly hearing this, decides to deal with this threat. However, similarly, Agent next target was Shelly himself. Speed is equal...
  21. The_Wright_Way

    The Golden Turnabout

    The Golden Temple of Truth and Justice 8:46 AM Sermon Hall The sweet smell of sented candles permeated the temple's hall as legions of men bowed in holy prayer, kneeling as a golden statue of Phoenix Wright Himself stood over them, held up by chains. Before them stood a robed man behind an...
  22. Buttersamuri

    An Agent vs An Assassin

    Sniper is assigned to kill Agent 47. And he is also assigned to kill Sniper. Basic fight Speed is equal Full arsenal They start 6000 meters away from each other Takes place in a city Who wins and why, The Sniper dude: The Agent dude: Inconclusive/Draw:
  23. The_Wright_Way

    The Dark Knight Turnabout

    Scenario: Agent 47, while disguised as Bruce Wayne, murderes billionaire Albert Kingsley while alone with him in the Wayne Mansion library during a party. Bruce is arrested for the crime, as Peter Parker, who got dragged along by his friend Harry Osborn, saw "Bruce" enter the library with...
  24. StarSlayer666

    Aiden Pearce VS Agent 47

    Aiden Pearce VS Agent 47 Speed is equalized. 47 has 10 min prep The lovechild of Batman and an alcoholic who smokes a pack a day
  25. TheArsenal1212

    Agent 47 versus an Agent

    Pre Upgrade Agent (Standard Agent) vs 47 Speed is = Otherwise SBA Hitman: 0 Agent: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  26. Stefano4444

    The Joker (Arkham Series) vs Agent 47 (Hitman)

    The scenario will take place at Gotham City, before Arkham Asylum but after A Matter of Family. Agent 47 is contracted by Amanda Waller to kill The Joker, all necessary funding will come from her. He had be given only one month of time to complete his mission, otherwise he contract will be...
  27. TheArsenal1212

    Spy vs Hitman RE-DO (Grace)

    Since the last time these two fought, James Bond (Composite) has gotten more abilities and gadgets which can even the playing field against his arch nemesis on this website, Agent 47 Both at 9-B Both have extensive prior knowledge on each other Takes place in a deserted Motel The Spy: 0 The...
  28. ABoogieYesSir

    Batman v.s Agent #47

    Both are their Tier 8 key/verson! Speed is equalized Both starts at 5 kilometers. Takes places at Arkham City Who wins and why?
  29. Jacktheuser1122

    neo vs agent 47

    speed is equal both are at 9-B
  30. Hunterzillas

    And so the hunter becomes the...hunter - Agent 47 vs Michael Myers

    Agent 47 is tasked with tracking and elimating Laurie Strode at Hillcrest school from H20: 20 Years later. He arrives at the school, but by now Laurie has gotten the kids to safety, and decided to leave the school entirely. Michael Myers becomes aware of someone else is on the school grounds so...
  31. The_Wright_Way

    Names are for friends ~ Agent 47 vs SCP-076

    "Good evening, 47. You're target is an unnamed man codenamed SCP-076, or as some have labeled him, Able. We've been contacted by a private military and prison organization called the SCP Foundation to eliminate or capture him after his most recent escape from one of their maximum security...
  32. MrKingOfNegativity

    Agent 47 VS Spider-Man Noir

    I owe Schmuck a favor. Speed is equalized. Battle takes place in the Museum of Natural History, with both combatants starting off behind cover at 60 meters. No preparations. Winner by any means. (I'm not debating on this, btw.) Agent 47: 0 Spider-Man Noir: 8 (KLOL, Zark...
  33. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    47 vs Duke

    vs 9-B versions Agent 47: Duke Nukem: tie: FIGHT!!!!
  34. Ricsi-viragosi

    Hitmen are against the law, Agent 47 vs Law Enforcer

    Agent 47 Law Enforcer 1 hour prep speed equal
  35. TheGodAboveMarvel

    Agent 47(HITMAN) speed upgrade

    This is a request to upgrade 47's Combat speed and reactions from Supersonic to Supersonic+. Why? Because Hayamoto can apparently dodge a M4 5.56 Carbine rounds from 47 at close range(https://streamable.com/i91rg https://imgur.com/a/gqr9ldG Blame the shit Camera angle on the feat as to why the...
  36. StarSlayer666

    Agent 47 takes on Mr X

    Agent 47 My client has asked to bring him your head, please comply Mr. X Speed is equalized and 47 is limited to 9-a weaponry . Battle Theme: X gonna give it to ya
  37. Hans0l013123897

    Sam Fisher vs Agent 47

    9-B forms Speed equalized
  38. StarSlayer666

    Agent 47 fights some Ugly Supernatural Monster

    Agent 47 VS The Creeper 47 is equipped with a Shotgun and his Silverballers. Speed is Equalized.
  39. Stillwinston

    Agent 47 vs Arthur Morgan

    Well here we go. Speed is equalised, both are given prior knowledge but aren't allowed to prepare the battlefield. Fight takes place in the streets of New York, standard battle assumptions otherwise. Hitman - 0 Outlaw - 0 Inconclusive - 0
  40. StarSlayer666

    Two Hackers team up to kill Agent 47

    Blume has hired 47 to deal with two hackers. Agent 47 VS Aiden Pearce and Marcus Holloway 47 has 10 minutes prep Speed is Equalized Location: Alcatraz Battle Theme