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World Trigger Discussion Thread

It has 154 Chapters currently, and given its numbers i guess we can expect A LOT more of it, and i want to make more people interested in this great shounen strategy-filled battle manga ^_^

now a question for the ones who have read this story already:

Bagworm http://worldtrigger.wikia.com/wiki/Bagworm and Radar http://worldtrigger.wikia.com/wiki/Radar

if we use Osamu(or anyone else who had this two triggers) in a verse battle than could they be "transformed" into abilitys that:

prevend the user from being sensed (like from narutos sensing ability)


allow the user to find enemys? (who are hidden thanks to various abilitys like for example invisibility)??

afterall via verse equal this should be the case right?
Is vs-battle-wiki the only forum with no WT readers? in any other place i see plenty of people :/ but maybe that will change :D

i have another thing to ask: Trion Bodys are stated to only be vulnerable against other Trion things, and so far nothing non-trion ever did any scratch on a trion body,

on the other hand even weak asteroids from osamu (which amount to bullet-strength due to his trion) easily pierced their bodys,

i doubt that osamus weapons are building-lvl,

therefore: Can we see the Trion Bodys inability to get injured by non-trion things as a form of hax? because it certainly isnt a durability feat since even weak asteroids easily go through their bodys but they easily survive getting shot into a building :/
Hmm...I'm no sure on that to be honest. At the same time, it was stated all trion bodies have the same durability as well. No, they can still be injured. Yuma's Body is a trion body and a Car Crash Damaged it (Not much) but it at least shows that suffient enough force can damage the body. So it'll be similar to like Juubi jins with Senjutsu. Under equalization whatever is stated to be equal to Trion allows them to easily damage the bodies. Otherwise, they need to hit harder. So if Trion Bodies are shown having for instance City-Block level durability, you have to at least be High City Block level just to Harm them without Trion Equalization.
^yumos "always used" trion body is a special case, it seems to have a lower durability and here you can see where he does a attack with his trion body (his speed only got increased by his seals not durability(as far as i saw)) and he wasnt even scatched: http://h.mfcdn.net/store/manga/11986/08-063.0/compressed/e021.jpg

and here was the neighbor-enemy showing trion body superiority: http://h.mfcdn.net/store/manga/11986/08-064.0/compressed/l015_3427.jpg

his trion body was unprotected and flew through a building and he was fine without a single scratch too :/

PS: what do you think about the Radar and Bagworm triggers from my opening post? could they be useful in vs-battle via verse equal?

PSS: YEYYYYYYY!!!!!! i finally got one person to comment on this thread, belief me, at the end of his year i will have 1 more person (i shouldnt put my goals to high :p ) ^_^
Well at the very least it does show that Non-Trion Related Abilities damage Trion Bodies. And I think The trion Bodies that are the same durability are Border issue Trion Bodies, but I digress.

About Bagworm and Radar, it depends on the abilities. So say for instance it's Yuma vs Naruto and Yuma vs Ichigo.

The bag worm would work to hide himself but not sneek attacks considering Naruto has "Danger Sensing" and even though ichigo is Invisible being a Ghost and All, if radar were to be used, It would locate Ichigo because he's still giving off a energy signature...or even if this was Muu from Naruto. If They are invisible but don't have anything to conceal their presence or Power, then the Radar words. Bagworg would work only if the opponent doesn't have other sensory types that are more than just sensing someone's power or presence, you know?
^but it only happened to yumas special body, i think you would agree if i say that his usual body isnt really the same as the ones used for battle right? afterall trion bodys showed enough strength to no-sell being shot into a building while kugas special body was harmed by a car (and it showed healing abilitys, normal trion bodys only stop the leak of trion while the wound still remains ), so taking yumas case as outlier doesnt seem so farfetched imo ^_^

of course, bagworm only prevents someone from being sensed, there is a guy from WT who can feel emotions, he was stated to be immune against snipers and snipers usually have bagworm on, so emotions should still be sensed even with bagworm, but bleach-reiatsu sensing shouldnt work there i agree :)

and yes to radar, now we would only need to know how far the sensing ability goes, would you say a normal radar covers a whole city or only a couple hundred meters? (maybe less?)
I can agree that Yuma would be an outlier but also, we do see that one boy with the super hearing get injured by the Rabbit as we see brusing on his face.

Man. I really i gotta reread WT. I forgot a lot of stuff from earlier chapters.

And I'd say the size of a County. I don't think their maps are that big. But if we assume county, the Radar should be able to cover the size of average Japanese counties like Shinjuku for example which is 7.039 sq miles. Enough that Nobody will be able to hide at least unless they were a city away.
^can you post the chapter? (and isnt it becuase of the rabbits punch? )

it is always a story where i can read 10 or so chapters again if i feel like it, and the fights are always pleasent too, the strategy part is without competition one of the best in the shounen genre...

but if radara was that big wouldnt the users immedatly spot the location of everyone? i think radar works for several city-blocks in range, otherwise anyone without bagworm would be insantly spotted :)
^mhhh, but radars of single fighters only showed dots(or triangles) without confirmation of who was who... i dont think we can compare the two :/
^ah, i thought you talked about the radars of the observation room, sorry, than yeah, 200 meters should be a good estimation for the radar length :)
Just read the chapter. Hyuse is a beast. Can't wait to see where he stands against Ikoma. And i'm happy he uses a Kogetsu, guns just don't seem right in Tomakoma 2 other than Chika.
I wished for them :( guns could have finally get the needed spotlight since it seems like they are downplayed, if we got MCs fighting with them we could get a lot of cool feats and insight into their possibilitys :(

But yeah, hyuse is a best :D
I can't wait for Hyuse to join Tomakoma 2 ibreally want to see him on the team in B-Rank Wars. I really am peeved though about it going on break next week.
^im really interested in his trigger-set, maybe he will use a gun but i doubt that if his main trigger is kogetsu,

mostlikely it will be kogetsu + hound/meteor as support :)
having read chapter 160 and reread some fights of the large invasion i cant stop myself from thinking thatr the profiles of the WT chars really need a mentioning of the "cant be hurt by conventional stuff",

because as it stands, trion weapons easily cut through/destroy steel despite being used by weak users like osamu, upgrading weapons because of that seems flawed :/
Is anyone able to show the link for the calc for the 8-C and/or 8-B standing?
Because I have one calc in working but it yields only 9-B+ to 9-A.